Outfit of the Week: Sour Cherry by Holly

Do I look different? Ha. Last weekend my Lil Sis got to spend a few days with me. We're closerthanthis despite our many years apart in age. She's 16 and I'm, um, olddddd. And she's taller than me!!

I took her to a Greek restaurant for the first time, we went to the movies, played with hair/makeup, and most importantly, we shopped. Since she had a concert later, she wanted an outfit that would transition from shopping to show. And then she requested that I post it on here! Note: she has never read my blog. 

W h e n, W h e r e, W h y: Last weekend, the mall, shopping
H e a r d: Sour Cherry, The Kills (this song makes me wanna dance/get on an elliptical)

Sour Cherry by The Kills on Grooveshark
W o r e:
  • red tank over a black tank with red/white flowers
  • black cardigan
  • skinny jeans
  • black Tom's
  • butterfly necklace (she said she's over the butterflies though and is now in a nautical phase. Typical fickle 16 year old, right?
A p p l i e d:
  • She has gorgeous red hair--she's a natural red head.. Don't you love it? I did a side fishtail braid for her.
  • Red lipstick, black eyeliner, mascara...she did her own makeup
What was own favorite outfit of the week? Post your link below & I'll add it here, if you'd like.

S H A B B Y  A P P L E   G I V E A W A Y !
Enter here.


  1. Your sister is so cute! I love red hair :). I'm still trying my best to learn how to do a fishtail haha

  2. How cute! My sister and I are the same way, but thankfully only a 3 year gap. Tell her we love her outfit!

  3. super adorable! i'm an only girl and always wished for a sister:-)

  4. It sounds like you had a great weekend with your sister!

  5. Your sister is adorable! I think I am having a love affair with her hair.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. I love that you spend such great quality time with your little sis. She's adorable. Have a great weekend Elle.

  7. I'm obsessed with her hair. I definitely thought it was a great dye job. Tell her it's gorgeous!

  8. Hahaha you're um old?! lol Love that you two are so close! My sister and I are finally starting to get close (and we're 3 years apart). Happy Friday, Elle!!!

  9. Aw, sounds like a great time with your little sister!

    (Don't you hate it when younger siblings grow taller than you? It's no fair, haha.)

  10. That's awesome that you're so close with your sister! :)

    and I lovvveeee Greek food. Yum!

  11. aw, how wonderful! She's adorable. :)

  12. Your sis is gorgeous! Love her red hair!

  13. How awesome are The Kills?! I cant get enough of this song.

    Stop by and enter my Vedette giveaway!

  14. What a lovely outfit! I love the necklace!



  15. How awesome that you got to spend time with her! I personally think the butterfly necklace is so cool.

  16. How cute is she! Seems like it was some good girl bonding time

  17. she is so adorable :) i love her red hair! my baby sister is 17 and i'll be 26 in may but we have a lot of fun together too! im happy you two got to spend quality time together. hope she had fun at the concert!!

    love, jamie

  18. Aw she's so cute! Sounds like you all had a ton of fun!

  19. She's so cute and I love the makeup!! Have a great weekend!

  20. Her hair colour is amazing! Sounds like so much fun, I love greek food! :)


  21. Your lil sis is so cute! Love the top.

  22. How neat that you got your sissy to do the outfit of the week! Love that sweet idea :) It sounds like y'all had a blast together. I would love to do all those things y'all did with my own sister! :)
    No way!? You're going to Disney?! I'm jealous!! :P Have fun, Elle! Ride the Rockin' Roller Coaster a couple of times for me please and scream extra loud ;)


  23. it's so cute that your little sis wanted to be posted on your blog. and i like her butterfly necklace...don't think i'll ever get out of that phase. :)

  24. Your sister is so cute and pretty, so lucky to have such an amazing hair colour! Its really sweet of you to feature her on your blog.

  25. Aw, she looks lovely.. and that hair colour is NATURAL?? Jealous!

  26. Ooooo...the great hair runs in the family:) Love her hair colour.
    Have fun in Disney!

  27. Awww...your baby sister is only 16?? She is too cute, I love that necklace she is wearing!

  28. Back in the old days, styles for redheads have been practically unknown and unseen. I love how fashion has evolved and it definitely looks like your sister has mastered it :D


  29. She's such a cute natural red-head girl!:))


  30. I love her outfit and her hair! I love spending time with my sisters too.

  31. I love your tips. You are so great to spend your time to help us gals out. I love your hair in the last post, great job, it's a very good copy. Take care,


  32. Major hair colour envy! Awesome shade of red

  33. yay for sisters :)
    i have 2! :P



  34. She is beautiful and what a great choice in outfit. Now I miss my sisters (I'm the eldest and all my siblings, including my brother are taller then I am!) Hope you had a great weekend! <3

  35. Oh, her red hair is just gorgeous!! Me & my sis have seven years between us, but she's still my bestie and has been since she was like 10. =)

  36. She's so cute! I love how you did her hair.


  37. love her red hair. i spent many, many years as a red head! my sisters and i are 7 & 8 years apart and we are pretty close.



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