How To: Get a Blow Out to Last

I like to save money whenever I can, but my one splurge is getting my hair done every now and again. And here's how I try to preserve my blowout as long as possible:

You'll need:
  • hair pins or elastics
  • teasing comb or brush
  • dry shampoo
  • satin pillowcase
How to:
  1. Whenever your hair doesn't need to be seen, like in the car, at home, or when you're asleep, put your hair in a high, loose bun. This serves two purposes: it helps to hold the curl in your hair AND keeps volume. 
  2. Another way to help keep volume is to use a teasing comb or brush to tease/back comb roots.
  3. Dry shampoo is a great product to have too! Use it to keep greasy hair at bay and to add volume. See my post here on how to use dry shampoo correctly.
  4. The more you mess with your hair, the quicker your blow out will fall out. Keep frizz at bay by using a satin pillowcase. I use one nightly and swear by this tip. Your hair will stay smooth. Bonus: you won't have sleep creases on your face! See more benefits here.
Do you splurge or save when it comes to your hair?

Any hair requests, need hair advice, or have questions? Leave a comment or email me.

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  1. Timely advice! I'm getting one soon :)

  2. Cool!!!! ;-)))))))))))


    Ps. Follow each other on Gfc & Bloglovin????

  3. Cute! Love the first picture. So fun. :) I don't think my hair can survive the blowout. It does whatever it wants whenever it wants.

  4. Great tips! I use a satin pillowcase during the summer and love it. It's so soft and cool against my face.

  5. I definitely save when it comes to hair, but then I'm afraid that it shows! Thanks for the tips. :)

  6. I envy how talented you are with your hair! My hair would love to have you around to save it from that evil hair straightener..every.single.morning. hahaha

  7. You hair looks amazing. Thank you for the fabulous tips.

  8. Ooh I have a couple questions! Do you use/like the round barrel brushes (sorry if you've posted about this)? and I'm trying to get some lift in my 'bangs' around my face, any tips?

  9. You look great in that picture! And those are great tips. I'll miss you on twitter tonight when I'm watching jersey shore!

  10. I have to cop to never having gotten a professional blowout. My stylist just gives me a cut and color, then I throw my hair up in a wet topknot! :)


  11. I don't get blowouts but I definitely use dry shampoo anytime I straighten my hair. I've heard it's actually good to put some on the roots right away as a protective layer from oil.

  12. I'm so bad at doing my hair! So thanks for this!

  13. Cute! I love this look! It looks gorgeous on you! Thanks for the tips!

  14. Fantastic! I always love your hair tips!!

    Stay FABulous,

  15. Thanks for the hair tips!! I really need them.

  16. There is no product I love more than Oscar Blandi's dry shampoo–I don't know what I'd do without it!

  17. These are great tips for saving! I do tie my hair up when I am at home, and you are right, it holds the curls in place. Must try the satin pillow.

    Thanks for sharing!

  18. Great tips. Do you have a tutorial on how to use the hairpins?



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