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Hi everyone! My name is Jackie and I'm a co-writer for my blog, An Enchanted Evening. I'm beyond excited about doing a guest post for Elle. She has been such a sweet and encouraging blog buddy to me, that when she needed some help this week, I was more than willing. Remember to keep Elle in your thoughts as she is going through this difficult time. Shower her with lots of love and sweet comments.

So before my post, feel more than welcome to read more about us, Suzie and I have just been blogging less than a year, but already we are so grateful to get to share with each and every one of you.

Now onto the good stuff!

If you're like me, then by Thursday, you are dying for a little pick-me up. The weather here has been gloomy, which has put a serious damper on my mood. I know we all have those moments where we just need something to make our days a little better. So here are a couple of my tips/tricks to turn that funky mood into a fabulous one.

1. Take a couple of minutes and meditate. Now I usually use this time to pray and listen. No sounds, no music, no TV, no distractions. Just sit by yourself and enjoy the quiet. Breathe deep and try to focus on something positive [even a good memory will work].

2. Listen to your favorite song. Something that has a bit of an up beat vibe. I love "How sweet it is" by James Taylor or "Mamma Said" by The Shirelles. Or a song you just loved as a kid, a little N*sync can go a long way. [shout out to all you 90's fans]

3. Treat yourself to something. Go get a mani. Go eat something you love [red velvet cupcake for me please!]. Stop by starbucks and get your favorite drink. Make that batch of tea that you can't get enough of... something that puts a smile on your beautiful face.

4. Exercise. Now, coming from someone who finds working out a pain in my booty, let me tell you... it can make you feel pretty dang good. We've all heard the little rumor about those endorphins but the rumors are true! Working out helps you to feel better about yourself. So get out there and go do that zumba class [my personal favorite] or go for a hike in your local park. Getting off the couch might be a great way to get out of that funk.

5. Last but not least, surround yourself with people who make you smile. It seems cheesy but this might be the best way to change your day from negative to one you won't forget. Whenever I feel horrible or seem to be having a rough day, I go to the people who love and support me. The people who make me feel great no matter what! Somehow I always end up laughing and forgetting about whatever was stinkin' up my mood.

So that's it! Five easy tips to pick-you up this Thursday. So what is your favorite way to change those bad days? Have you spent some time this week encouraging others? Remember even a smile, can make someones day a little bit better. Thanks for letting me a guest Elle, hope you all enjoyed!

C'est la vie, Jackie


  1. Hope you're doing ok Elle and being surrounded by people that make you smile!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  2. These advices are so sweet and nice. Good people make life pretty :).

  3. let's see..what makes me feel better when i need a pick-me-up?

    seeing something REALLY funny always does the trick...so....go buy a pie (you can find cheap ones)...go visit a friend....and BAM-TO THE FACE.

    just kidding. that'd be a terrible thing to do. i really mean more along the lines of renting a romantic comedy.

  4. I am definitely with you in regards to exercise...it makes you feel incredible! :)

  5. My Thursday pick me up is a tub of ben & jerrys while drooling over Ian Somerhalder in the Vampire Diaries.

    Ok, so maybe I should meditate and exercise instead. My hips would thank you :P

  6. great guest post! nice to read great post like this!
    my thursday is full with baking and sweet stuff :)
    take care. xoxo, Haus of Gala

  7. Hi Elle dear, hope that you are okay, thinking of you during this difficult time.
    Hi Jackie, great guest post, I agree with all your points!

  8. Love the pick me up tips! Tonight I'm getting my eyebrows done and that always makes me feel a little more put together to tackle the weekend.

  9. what a great guess post! thanks for the tips!

  10. Here in our home with six children, I find myself sometimes saying, "more positivity please!" It's actually been really nice here in California, but we do hope for more rain. Today I am taking my children to really fun place called Happy Hollow, it has a small zoo and some low key rides, super fun. This is how we brighten up a day! Take care,


  11. Great tips for a rainy Thursday here!

  12. What a perfect guest post, these are some great pick me ups.

  13. Great tips! An empowering song always lifts me up!

  14. What wonderful thoughts! Been praying for your family Elle!

  15. Welcome, Jackie! Great post. :)

    My love to Elle!


  16. Oooo love this pick-me up, I know I can use one or two by thursday!

    xo mary jo

  17. Good reminders and tips! Exercise always works the best for me!

  18. I'm going to try some of these next week

  19. I always get a pick up after going for a good, hard, run...great suggestions! I love what you said about Elle at the beginnning of this post, so very sweet and thoughtful.

    (And Elle, I appreciate your comment...I would have LOVED to have met your Sugar. Maybe one day in heaven I will, that would be SO grand. Till The Storm Passes By is a beautiful hymn. I haven't heard it in a while but I know it must have sounded so pretty. Love you, Elle.)


  20. Love all the tips, Jackie:) I tend to do #2 a lot when feeling kinda blue.

  21. seriously meditating and exercising- i'm totally with you! great guest post!


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