January MyGlam & Birchbox

Because I'm a beauty-product-obsessed kinda girl, I subscribe to both MyGlam and Birchbox. Instead of Tweeting my monthly goodies, like usual, I thought I'd share a quick post showing what I received.  Which bag did I like best? Read on to see! 

January MyGlam:
  • Shady Lady by The Balm Shadow (some bags had polish)  (see pics/review below)
  • Sheer Cover Concealer by Sheer--creamy, light. I like it.
  • WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner--deluxe sample. I LOVE this stuff.
  • Freeman Cucumber Facial Peel-Off Masque--An old-school favorite.
  • Cute bag--Each month MyGlam delivers the products in a cute bag. I use them!
Velvety, copper shade. Can be used wet or dry. Shown without/with flash. 
I liked it, but similar color to other products I own. I'd try their other shades.

OVERALL: Loved this bag, which always features full or deluxe samples, and the theme was earth-friendly.

January Birchbox:
  • Birchbox Magnet--I'm using it, so I guess it's useful?
  • Algenist Firming and Lifting Cream--Liking it so far
  • FIX Malibu Immaculate Complexion Advanced Antioxidant Serum--I like it, and it feels like a face primer. I could see how some would break out with this.
  • Juicy Couture Perfume--I'm super sensitive to scents, so this smelled good, but I had to give it away.
  • Zoya Polish--LOVING this polish and doubt I will buy any other brand. I love the pastel lilac color.
  • Witchcraft Granola--Mine tasted burnt, but other reviews liked this.
OVERALL: Birchbox has been hit or miss for me. I realize the products are expensive, luxury items, so it's been fun to try them.

Winner? MyGlam! I love the size of the samples and find them useful. Check out what I got last month from them. 

Need more details on a product or service? Let me know in the comments!

PS: There's another post today! Click here to read about my Beauty Organization.


  1. everyone has these birch boxes!! They look so fun.

  2. My Glam sounds great, they had me with those cute bags. How wonderful is that? A girl can never have too many little bags.

  3. I don't really enjoy Birchbox. I have a 3 month subscription (One month to go) from a friend from my birthday. I find the samples to be small and twice, my products have been broken on arrival. To their credit, they have always replaced them.

    Since I get free samples in gift bags all of the time from events, I also find it is the same products that do gift bags that are doing Birchbox. I imagine there is a service that is parceling these products out to the same places.

    Will I renew my Birchbox subscription? No. I might try My Glam though. :)



  4. Sooo weird, but last night that cucumber mask caught my eye in the pharmacy. It was practically screaming "buy me" but then I decided against it. I'm famous for buying stuff that I think stinks and storing it in my stink drawer. Now I regret my decision since you said it's an old time favorite. Oh well, next time!

  5. anything that comes with burnt oatmeal is going to loose.

    anything that comes with a shampoo endorsed by alyssa milano is going to win.

    get with it, birchbox.

  6. I love the polish too. My fav I this month's selection.

  7. I've been hearing good things about MyGlam so I signed up but won't be getting a bag until next month. But yeah Birchbox is hit or miss :/

  8. Yeah I'm not sure I will continue using Birchbox...I may need to try this other one out.


  9. Wait...so you subscribe and they send you beauty samples every month? Where to I sign up? To MyGlam of course.

  10. That gold shadow from MyGlam looks really nice.

  11. What is this MyGlam you speak of? Googling now!

  12. I'm really tempted by My Glam. Everything I've seen points to it as being better than birchbox and for only $10/month... Of course, it's sold out right now, but hopefully someday soon.

  13. I really want to sign up and try either one - but they're both sold out for now!

  14. I've never heard of MyGlam! Thanks for the intro!

  15. I subscribed to MyGlam but haven't received my box yet! There's no where on their site to check the shipping. But I can't wait to get it! It looks sooo much better than Birchbox.

  16. I've never heard of MyGlam, but I will check it out? I hopped over to Birchbox a few days ago and the site said they were out of boxes and to sign up by email and they would let mr know hen the boxes were available. It was just weird.


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