What's In Elle's Bag?

The uh, contents of my bag. Excitement!!!11one

I currently have 317 blog drafts sittin' in the ole Edit Posts section, 52 ideas on my phone, 7 on my paper notepad, and 1 I just found on a napkin. And one of those ideas is the old stand-by; What's In My Bag? I can't believe I've never done one of these (I've done my Carry On, Summer Beauty Bag, Autumn Beauty Bag posts before). I GUARANTEE to have at least something you don't. Ok, maybe not. I like aubergine--have a drink every time I mention that color. It's time to play WHAT'S IN ELLE'S BAG!

ROW 1:
  • The striped case from F21 holds oil blotting sheets in the spring/summer and tissues in the fall/winter.
  • My teeny LV wallet from a trip to Paris
  • A pen for ideas or writing addresses on packages (the aubergine notepad is in my car...I hope)
  • Hand sanitizer...always...random: I had this brand that smells like FROOT LOOPS but can't find it. Anyone have any idea what I'm talking about?
  • EOS lip balm...or I use Softlips
  • Purse hanger; tacky but it works!
ROW 2:
  • New Trent charger--it charges anything with a USB cord! A lifesaver!
  • Mint/floss/toothpick holder
  • Aubergine business card holder--also great for holding ID/card/cash for the occasional Night Out
  • Bliss hand cream
  • Le Gloss by L'Oreal...it smells/tastes/feels good
  • Hair clip that I don't like 
ROW 3:
  • DIY solid perfume--random fact: I've put this right under my nose for those stinky cab/subway rides
  • Odor Away drops--because using public bathrooms makes me nervous, and uh, trust me, these drops work.
  • Ipod--this case is on my Christmas Wishlist
  • Droid Bionic--with an aubergine (ok, purple) case. I love my Droid and don't want an Iphone. Don't hate! ;)
  • Germx Soft Wipes--because hand sanitizer isn't enough
  • My Lil Sis gave me this yellow butterfly hair clip when she was 3. I don't know why. You don't ask these things of a 3 yr old. You just say thanks. She's 16 now, thinks she's all grown and ish, but when she laughs it still sounds like she's 3. When I miss her, I look at the clip. And then call/text her obnoxiously until she answers ;)
  • My Lil Bro asked my Mama for a quarter at the gas station when he was 5. "I want to get a present for Nan (my family nickname)," he said matter-of-factly. He went to one of those quarter (are they still a quarter?) toy/gumball machines and out came a plastic ball with 3 pairs of earrings. I carry these teeny earrings to remind me of how close we were when he was little. I miss that. He's 21 now; taller than me, a man, a Daddy, and an almost-husband, but he'll always be my sweet baby brother.
What crazy items do you have in your purse/bag?


  1. cute post! youre so organized! right now my purse is a mess.. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  2. i've never done it either, so you're not alone ;) i think you are well prepared with the things you carry!

    about your question of the language in Spain.. well, my first language is Spanish, so I understood perfectly what they were saying!! hehe their Spanish is a bit different from mine, but it's like every culture, right?

    kisses dear,

  3. Love it. I'm afraid my bag post would be too boring. I'm old school and still carry a planner! That and a wallet and some lip balm are about all that is in my bag. And yet it still feels like it weighs 200lbs...

  4. Ooh, your LV Wallet is adorable!

    I keep Marc by Marc Jacobs Lipstick Pens in my handbag - they are actual writing pens made to look like red lipstick tubes. LOVE! :)

  5. I did one of these posts ages ago - they are so much fun! I use EOS or Softlips too! You are super organized!

  6. the contents of your bag is much more interesting and neater than mine .-).



  7. I love your little wallet - all my stuff would so never fit in there!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  8. Fun post, darling!
    Love that LV wallet!


  9. Aww the sibling gifts are cute.
    And that's a lot of stuff, I'd never find anything in there! Haha I pretty much use small purses for that reason, I'm always losing stuff.

  10. A true city gal with the perfume under the nose trick - I've been doing that for years. :)

  11. i love your little mint holder! so much cuter than the plastic container i haul around!

  12. I love What's In My Bag posts! I should do one soon myself. And 317 blog drafts? You rock, girl!

  13. Woah that is a lot of posts waiting to go! :p
    And I love all your stuff, my bag is so boring, haha

  14. Impressive posts-in-waiting list! I can only manage to stay a day or two ahead! But a post about my purse would probably be hilarious.. toddler undies, trains, matchbox cars, pacificers...o and a wallet. Love the stories about your siblings!

  15. How cute - lucky items in your purse!

  16. Wow, you must have a big bag! I usually just have my keys, phone, wallet, sunglasses, lipgloss/stick, and maybe some tampons :)

  17. aww, how sweet of you to carry it around! :)

    I'm really liking your wallet!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  18. I love looking into other bloggers bags. Yours is so organised!!

  19. My bag used to be like a crazy black-hole with bunch of stuffs that I don't even use, but now, it's just simple with keys, wallet, and my iPhone. Trying really hard to keep it simple. lol. xoxo

  20. I try to keep my purse organized, but I'm always guaranteed to find at least one weird thing lol.

  21. Elle I love to see others bags and what they hold. Oh yes I have to clean mine out first! ha!

    Please Come and enter the 1st of Twelve Days of Holiday giveaways! It is stunning!

    Art by Karena

  22. You sound incredibly organized. Can I have your brain, please?? That's awesome, though. No wonder we are friends.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  23. I've got a Bionic too, and I'm OBSESSED with it. Seriously amazing. :)

    Great minds think alike! ;)


  24. thanks for the fun little drinking game, haha! you sound like me: i have 40 drafts in the edit posts section, and full list in my paper note pad, and also one's i haven't writtten down but i really need to - i recently found my old notebook and i had so many idea's for blog posts that i forgot about lol.

  25. great post - i love seeing stuff like this.

  26. you have so many fun items in your bag! I love these types of posts :)

  27. I love posts like these! I've done one as well. Perhaps I should take your lead and do one when we travel on what's in my carry on :)My bag always has so much in it!

    PS Elle I've changed my blog url, please update your bookmark or GFC, it's now http://vanishaslife.blogspot.com

  28. Love a peak into your bag, mine is boring.

  29. My Pure Barre socks. They are black and I can never find them!

  30. What a fun post!

    If I posted the contents of my purse, one would see 100 receipts. Why I hold on to receipts so long is a huge mystery.

    I need to organize clearly!

  31. I've just found your blog and I really like it. I like that you post on so many different things!! Now following :) Stop by my blog some time and say hi, and follow back if you're interested.

  32. The last two items are so sweet. I have a stuffed toy given by my sis years ago that I still have

  33. haha we have the same lipbalm, only I keep mine on the coffeetable that I work from in the evenings. My bag is just filled with all the practical stuff--I'm afraid of losing anything too special.

    xo Mary Jo

  34. I'm team droid too!! Down with the iPhone. lol

  35. I loved getting a peek into your bag! SO funny about the solid perfume. I do something similar. I'm so sensitive to stinky smells! LOL :) xoxo

  36. I like all the purple things you have in your bag. Everything's so neat.

    I passed on a Kreativ Blogger Award to you. Check it out on my blog!

  37. You have such a well organized and prepared purse. I inevitably have a notepad without a pen, three chapsticks but no lotion, etc. Definitely need to check out the blotter paper case and that Trent charger, since mine is falling apart!

  38. Froot Loop scented hand sanitizer?? NEED!

  39. Besides a million receipts that need to be tossed I have several tubes of lipgloss, baby mum mum crackers, tissues, and random pairs of earrings. How or why I put them in my purse is beyond me!

  40. Gorgeous items, love the LV wallet, Thanks for sharing, visit my blog sometimes =)

  41. My purses are all a mess. I don't know why I can't just keep them clean!

  42. I don't have a purse hanger! My handbag is very minimal, I carry just the essentials :)

  43. Love this. And ditto on the fruit loop. I have way to many receipts and baby toys in my bag at the moment.

  44. Thanks for sharing. I love seeing what others carry around with them!

  45. The hand sanitizer sounds like my cup of tea and now I'm going to need to look into this DIY solid perfume!

  46. That charger is BRILLIANT! I love taking a peek in peoples' bags... I think it says so much about who they are!
    xo Josie

  47. The sentimental items are too sweet! Oh the simple times when we were kids!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  48. too cute - you seem to have hygiene issues :) I have the exact same hand sanitiser :) a pink note pad and many girlie bits - thanks for coming by the third :) best le xox

  49. I love "What's In The Bag" posts. for some reason, it's great seeing the contents of someone else's bag.

  50. I love that you carry those lucky items around with you, that's so sweet!

    P.S. I'm having a mystery box giveaway - the only way to find out what it is is to WIN! Come enter if you're curious ;-)

  51. HAHA! We pretty much carry the same things. LOL Love it girl! Thanks for giving us a peek inside. I did this awhile back and everyone loved it. :D

  52. Ooooh I love seeing what's in other people's bags. Such a snoop!

  53. three hundered seveenteen blog drafts?! wowo! :O

  54. this is cool post! i would love to make this though inside my bag is most of my bab stuff hehehe.. xoxo, Haus of Gala

  55. aww I so wanna do one of these posts!

  56. I love my purse hanger! Anyone who hates has never tried one. Return new follower alert!!


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