Quick Party Makeup!

quick party makeup

And just what are you up to this weekend? Any holiday parties coming up? I have one (and I'm throwing one too! Details soon.) that's on a weeknight (!!!). Due to lovely Atlanta traffic, I won't have time to drive home, get dolled up, and drive to the party. Here is my tried-and-true Quick Party Makeup--I can do this in 5 minutes, and you can too. Here are the steps:

  1. If needed, put some HD Powder on your face. It's great for minimizing fine lines, hiding imperfections, and adding a little brightness. Mine's from ELF for $6, and rivals the expensive brands.
  2. Looking a little tired from that long day at work? Try a little highlighter, like this one from Benefit. Apply it under brow bones, above cupid's bow, or along cheeks. Highlighter is available in liquid, cream, or creamy stick form, so choose the kind that's right for you.
  3. Ok, so the highlighter isn't your thing? A bright blush (I like pink) is great for night, adds color, and is wearable by anyone. The one pictured is from Stila and adjusts to you!
  4. I like to play up my eyes at night and keep my lips neutral. One tool I swear by is the mascara curler. I curl 5 seconds at the base, 3 seconds in the middle, and one last crimp at the end. 
  5. Make a little cat eye or increase the drama with liquid liner. This one is waterproof too! TIP: depending on your dress, try a different colored liner, like plum.
  6. A volumizing mascara, like this one from L'Oreal, is essential to any party look.
  7. I mentioned earlier it's all about the eyes for a party look, so I usually go for a clear or light gloss. 
  8. EXTRA TIP: Chapstick is one of my party clutch essentials. I use a little on my eyelids to make them shiny (ex: if I don't use eyeshadow, like with a cat eye). I also use it on my heels to prevent blisters. Zipper stuck on your dress? Try some Chapstick. I seriously have over 50 uses for it (one day I'll post them). Not a makeup fan? Dab on some bright lipstick and go!
Are you hosting or attending any parties this month? What makeup or outfit are you wearing? Leave me links in the comments!


  1. Great ideas for Chapstick uses! Have fun at the party!

  2. No outfit is complete without chapstick!

  3. I'm always so bad at makeup, so I loved this post!

  4. glitter, glitter, glitter. as in glitter eyes! they make allll the difference! that and a red lip!

    have a happy weekend!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  5. Wonderful essentials Elle! They should be in every girls makeup bag. Have a great weekend! :D

  6. Thanks for the tips! Five-minute makeup is my kind of thing!

  7. Wow I had no idea chapstick had so many uses! I am actually using that mascara right now and am very much liking it!

  8. Such great party makeup essentials! I've been wanting that benefit highlighter for a while now so it might be time to snag some up before the holidays. And chapstick on your heels sounds like a brilliant and easy way to take care of those pesky blisters!

  9. i need to get back to using my eyelash curler. it really does make a difference.

    i'm all about pink blush and shiny lips!

  10. oh i'm loving everything on here. i haven't used a highlighter before, but i have recently become a fan of blush!

  11. i always use an eyelash curler!

    been wanting to try that benefit high beam... i hear a lot of good things about it!

  12. It's amazing what curling your lashes does. It's a must!! I look dead until that's done. lol Have a great weekend!

  13. i'm hosting a holiday boutique and "Naughty or Nice" Bunco party. it's so much fun!!! though it's a lot of work putting everything together.

    love your reviews on the make-up. i soooo love trying out new products!


  14. Those chapstick uses are very unique! Can't wait to hear the other uses.

  15. love all these items and tips! High Beam is my faveeee <3

  16. I've been really wanting to try High Beam...now I think I need to go and get it! x

  17. Great tutorial!!! I definitely want to try that highlighter. Have a wonderful weekend!

  18. Great post! Keep those make up tips coming!

  19. glitter and chapstick. yessss. Can't wait to hear more about the party ;)

  20. Love it and I'm sure we'll be looking absolutely FAB after this tutorial.

    <3 Marina

  21. i have no parties lined up yet, but i still love these tips! i'll keep them in mind. :D

    p.s. i look forward to learning about the different ways you use your chapstick! :)

    <3, Mimi
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  22. You've got some great products in there! Loving the chapstick tips. Genius!

  23. So concise, So true! Thanks for the tips x

  24. cute ideas :) had our work xmas party last night - all good :) party hard dear one :) le xox

  25. love the HD powder! and highlighters are one of my faves! I use Prescriptives. Also, obsessed with my chapstick so I'm def going to try it on my eyelids!

  26. I love ELF stuff! I have found some really great stuff from them lately! I need to get that HD powder!

  27. I really want the High Beam by Benefit - looks like such a great product!

    Love your collage, so cute!

  28. I'm saving this one for sure! I have a few holiday parties to go to, and I hate having to totally redo my make up. I can just spruce up my day look a bit!


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