Summer Bucket List: Conclusion

Earlier in the summer, I posted my Summer Bucket List of things I wanted to do. Now that fall is here, let's see what I accomplished:
  1.  Movies Outdoors--Instead of finding somewhere to watch movies under the stars, I decided to do it myself! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED
  2.  Beach--I didn't go, but went to West Virginia instead.
  3.  Homemade ice cream--This one didn't happen either!
  4.  Trashy or funny novels--I've been reading lots and lots, especially since it's my resolution this month. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED
  5.  Master the fishtail braid—I don't know why I didn't do this sooner! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED
What was on your SUMMER BUCKET LIST? Did you achieve everything?


  1. I wanted to paint my bedroom. Check
    Paint the inside of the garage 1/2 check did the door and trim.
    Most of the summer was spent planning and working on my daughter's wedding. Wedding was Sept 4 and one of the best days of my life.

  2. At least you crossed a few things off your list! That's something.

    I didn't complete my summer list either, but that's okay. Berry-picking was one I didn't accomplish. Instead I just did the next best thing...picking up fruit at the farmer's market!

    p.s. Outdoor movies...that's a good one! I'll have to remember that for next year.

  3. You had a productive summer - all I had on my list was to finish my dissertation...and I did, so I'm pretty pleased with that.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  4. hahaha sounds like a fun Summer! I may be guilty of reading one too many trashy novels!

  5. congrats on accomplishing some of your summer bucket list!

  6. Glad you mastered the fishtail braid - it's gorgeous!

  7. Great list! I totally mastered the fishbraid...not sure what took me so long, it's now my go to hairstyle :)

  8. I love your list of fun things to try. I think you're inspiring me to make one up for fall/winter!

    xo Mary Jo

  9. I didnt make a list, but maybe I should have!

  10. Well I made it to the beach for a week, enjoyed some pina coladas, flounced around barefoot--and that was most of my wish list.

  11. I didn't make a bucket list but it's great that you got so much done from yours!


  12. Yayy for you accomplishing so much on your list! I think sometimes people make resolutions with no intention of keeping them, so yay for you accomplishing so many of them! :) I'm so jealous you've mastered the fishtail braid - I keep trying, but with no luck (or patience!).
    I should make more lists/goals for myself - good way of keeping myself on track! xo

  13. I didn't even make a list, but will most definitely make one next year!

  14. I didn't create a list but I am definitely going to make one next year. Perhaps I'll make a list over things I want to accomplish throughout 2012..

    And kudos for that fishtail braid, it looks so good but I have no skills doing that whatsoever! xx

  15. Awesome post, darling!
    Love fishtail braids!


  16. Nice work! I didn't accomplish everything on my summer bucket list...I guess it gives me something to look forward to next year?

  17. Great list! I never make them because I swear I never get anything accomplished. Ha.

  18. Ah you mastered the fishtail braid!!! I so need to do that. Can you give me a lesson? :) xoxo

  19. Cool, you did a couple of them, I love the braid! I wanted to go to Las Vegas and I did! I had lots of other things on my list that I didn't get to do though :/

  20. I STILL haven't mastered the fishtail! No excuses, I'm determined to learn it this weekend!

  21. I didn't have much of anything going on this summer. But I just really enjoyed the R&R.

  22. Making a bucket list for each season makes so much sense

  23. this is such a great idea! i am always inspired when i come to your blog =)


  24. Home-made ice cream sounds amazing!

    And how hard is it to learn the fishtail braid, by the way? I've been wanting to learn how to do it for quite some time - but it has always looked too hard!

  25. Elle,

    I love bucket list. I didn't make one this summer but maybe I can try one for Fall :).

    Thanks for volunteering to guest host. I will email you this weekend with details.


  26. Trashy/Funny novels are my favorite. The more entertaining, the better!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  27. great list! i so need to master the fishtail braid. i love that look!

  28. I love that mastered the fishtail braid. Now I need to learn how to do it. Yours looks great.


  29. This is a super cute post. I found myself going down your list and saying, check did that, check did that, oh no, did not make homemade ice cream ...

    i just finished or mastered the fishtail braid so i feel accomplished after reading your post!

    Thanks :)


  30. I love love love fishtail braids!


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