(More) Fall Trends

more fall trends

Last week I shared my first round of FALL TRENDS. In addition to the usual sweaters, cardis, and plaid, I thought I'd show you a few things that have made my Autumn Must-Have List. As always, all pieces are completely attainable! Enjoy.

  • Stripes--I admit it--I will love stripes forever and ever, amen. I'm featuring a striped sweater from Old Navy that's under $30.
  • Navy--If you saw my outfit yesterday, you noticed I rocked some navy polish. The trend continues into fashion as well. This top is only $20!
  • Leopard--While shoes are always on my list, wear leopard as you see fit--rock the shirt or leopard tights, if you're slightly more daring. These shoes are only $16! 
  • Colored Denim--Pick a bright color, any color! I'm loving red, myself. I got some some Old Navy but these pictured are from Forever21 and are $27.
  • Remember--don't let trends intimidate you, try them as accessories instead! 
Ooh, and completely unrelated, but here's my embarrassing story: I was invited to a brunch for bloggers and other peeps this weekend. I actually turned down another event to go (and I never go to the stuff I'm invited to...I'm too shy!) I got all dolled up, showed up, and no one was there. I WAS A DAY LATE. So um, yep...
    Spill it: what are your AUTUMN MUST-HAVES?

    Ps: I was featured on One Pretty Thing. Go check it out.
    Fall Beauty Trends tomorrow!


    1. Stripes are a classic!


    2. I strongly think stripe should stay in trend forever!

    3. The only thing I'm missing is some colored denim...and I must remedy that!

      xoxo ~ Courtney

    4. Stripes are really an all year round thing, lately it seems anyways. I think I want to definitely work the navy and the colored pants.


    5. All of these items are must-haves for me! Great choices! I especially love the striped sweater and leopard shoes!

      xo, gina


    6. I desperately want a pair of hot pink jeans. Strange considering I rarely wear pink, but it is such a fun trend!


    7. I am loving stripes! I need to pick up a nice sweater for fall :)

    8. LOVE striped sweaters! Great fall trend. Would love if you linked up tomorrow for my Fall 5 Series! :)

    9. can i have one of each?! i also really want some new brown boots. yay for fall!

    10. Not sure I can rock the colored denim, but I love the striped long sleeved shirt.

    11. I will definitely be doing the leopard. Always :) Just wore my leopard scarf today in fact. Love colored denim too. I bought a pair of red ones back in the spring but I've yet to wear them. Hope they fit after my summer of indulgence! LOL

      Ugh an oh no, can't believe about REM! Booo :(

    12. I am totally becoming obsessed with striped denim too. I'll have to check out ASOS or Zara since I don't shop at Forever 21.

      p.s. J. Lo's old line was called Sweetpea but she closed it. I guess this line takes up less time?!

      Chic 'n Cheap Living

    13. I need to find a pair of leopard flats for my red pants!

    14. I have most of these items and I love em to death. Sadly though my leopard print flats did actually die on me two months ago :(

    15. I'm loving all of these trends right now. I especially love that striped sweater from Old Navy--I might have to go pick that up!!

    16. Leopard is always a favorite of mine! Perfect for fall and works with everything!

    17. Leopard, fur, boots-can't wait for the temps to drop and the leaves to fall!


      Erin @ http://www.trufflesnruffles.com/

    18. I need a lot of shoes for fall...I am still searching for my penny loafers, a pair of bordeaux pointy pumps, and brown booties :)

    19. capes and boots are my fall must haves! i love navy! and again, you've picked out some great stuff here!


    20. I'm adoring all of them!

    21. yes, yes, yes, and yes! xoSHelly


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