Outfit of the Week: Day Off

Outfit of the Week: Day Off

Song:  This song is so pink & yellow to me.

When: July 29
Where: Atl
Why: Purchasing items for my sister's care package, hanging out with friends

For my Outfit of the Week, I usually post the best outfit. But Imma keep it realz (did I really just type that?) and show what I wear when I'm keepin' it casual. Ok, that's nearly every outfit I post...so in other words, this is my outfit I wore on my Day Off (aka Fridays). I was inspired by my pink polish and the fact that I never rarely wear pink. Click the pic for shopping info. Here's what I wore (and what my friends thought):

  • I started off with a pink button-up shirt. Since it's so hot, I made it wearable by rolling up the sleeves. And I left it untucked (escandolo!). My friends didn't understand why I was wearing pink and pink, despite my explanation of color blocking. And you wonder why I never show pics of myself.
  • I've been in a crazy thrifting-making-my-own-cut-off-shorts mood lately. Take some faded pink jeans (probably red at one point), cut 'em off, and voila. I posted some similar, so no, I didn't pay $86 for these. Next time maybe I'd wear white shorts, but I wanted to mix it up.
  • I didn't wear a necklace but opted for some white bangles instead. Next time I'd wear a turquoise necklace, I think.
  • My toes were already adorned with pink polish, and that inspired the outfit. 
  • While shopping for my little sister's back-to-school care package, I picked up some cream shadows for myself. Only $1, so why not?
  • This pink blush from Forever 21 looks neon pink, but it looks so natural on. I ended giving it to my lil sis in the care package, but wish I'd kept it for myself! And now she knows I tried it before I gave it to her...um, oops.
  • I love these sandals from F21. Mine were $12.80 and I have them in 2 colors. Comfy too.
  • I had these grand plans to change into something nicer before meeting up with friends, but time wasn't on my side. Instead I wore this casual outfit and my knotty hair up do, which is really easy & fast to do. Just divide your hair in half. Tie in a knot. Tie in a knot again. Pin, pin, pin forever, and that's it. Or click the link for a tutorial. Your pick. I'll wait.

What do you wear on your day off?


  1. love this tonal color blocking! specially with the pink!!

  2. When I am home (and not going out anywhere) I wear dog-proof clothing that can withstand drool and dog hair. Glamorous? Yes, indeed!

    I love those F21 sandals!


  3. Cute post, I have been wearing white bracelets so much this summer and pink polish too. That pink top your featuring is really cute too.


  4. haha I love the idea of an all pink outfit!

  5. Nothing as chic as what you wear, that's for sure :) I wear denim on my days off, just because I can. Since I wear business clothes at work, it's nice to slip into a pair of comfy jeans (or jean capris this time of year) when I'm out of the office.

  6. I tried that tutorial from Kandee Johnson too! This is my new go-to hairstyle. I'm so terrible when it comes to doing my hair so something quick, cute and easy like this really made my year!

  7. My off day includes a t-shirt and ripped jeans :D


  8. I love all the different shades of pink!

  9. I like how cool and comfortable but pretty it is. And I could use those sandals!

    xo Mary Jo

  10. day off outfits just make me want to weekend to come sooner, yours is adorable!

  11. My day off outfit: denim shorts, flips, and a tank. I'll accessorize depending on if I'm lounging around the house, or if I'll be out in public. :) Adding a fun belt, changing up the flip flops to something like a gladiator or a wedge works, too.


  12. I love this head to toe pink look! I'm sure you looked great on your day off! Lately I've been dressing to stay cool during my days off, it's hot here!

  13. so much pink! i love it. button downs are one of my favorite items of clothing.

  14. OMG I just saw your tweet about blush and bashful. Steel Magnolias is my FAVORITE! I can quote that entire movie. Looks like the sanctuary's been hosed down with pepto bismol. :) P.S. I like the pink on pink.

  15. Genius idea how you made your pink shorts!


  16. A day off means no make up! Hahahaha

  17. Good read. Thanks for posting this outfit idea. The rose-colored jeans seem understated with the brighter pink tones of the blouse and makeup.


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