BEACH WEEK! The Ultimate Beachy Waves Guide--With Heat!

Yesterday I posted Part 1 of the Ultimate Beachy Waves Guide, without heat. Today's methods focus on using heat, so there's something for everyone. Before you use any of these methods, spray hair with a heat protectant spray. Also, once you've curled your hair, leave it alone! Wait until the waves have cooled before styling.
It seems like they only show blondes with beachy waves, so here's a non-blonde.

METHODS 6-10 With Heat
TIME: 5-30 min
·         Wave barrel curling iron
·         Clipless curling iron
·         1-2 in curling iron
·         Hair clip to separate sections
·         Hair spray 
       Heat protectant spray
      Optional: texturizer or mousse

My hair is naturally wavy, so the no-heat methods work well on me. But what if your hair is super straight? Ladies, fire up your curling irons! These next methods are easy but take a little time. If you want waves often, I’d suggest investing in a wave iron. You can get them cheaply (the one pictured above is ancient & borrowed) and they work the same no matter the price. Take a 1-in section of hair, and holding the wave iron horizontally; clamp a small section at a time. Start at your roots, clamp a section & hold for a few seconds. Then move another inch or two down and repeat the process. It takes time, but it does work! Set with spray. Use a little pomade/texturizer to define certain pieces. Other options via Amazon.com:
Use a clipless curling iron. Wind hair around the barrel as pictured above. Hold for a few seconds and release. See how you can see the curling iron in the pic above? This creates a looser wave. Wind hair closer together for a tighter wave (meaning no space would be showing). Mine is from Conair (they've recently modified it & I like the new version better), I really recommend Remington TStudio (which comes with a glove), pictured below. There are plenty of more expensive brands, but these are the two I've tried and I'm cheap frugal!

If your hair does not hold curl well or is very fine, apply mousse to give hair some texture before using a curling iron. While a clipless wand makes beachy waves easier, it's not necessary--get out your curling iron. To achieve beachy waves, simply curl 1 inch sections of your hair AWAY from your face. You will want to use the clip on your curling iron. Let the waves cool before gently separating and spraying with hairspray of choice. I don't start at the roots when I curl my hair, but if curl falls out of your hair, just try it.
Using a 1-inch curling iron, wrap 1-inch sections of hair around the barrel. Don’t use the clamp and make sure the cord is pointed toward the ceiling. Hold for 5-15 seconds, depending on thickness of hair. Once all hair has been curled and cooled, separate waves and hold with spray. I've also tried this with my 2.5 inch curling iron for barely-there waves. You can also pin & spray your waves ala Method 4 and allow them to cool.
In the pic in Method 9, the waves look all the same. To get a more natural-looking wave, use the same method as mentioned above but mix up the curling direction. In other words, wrap some pieces clock-wise around the iron and other pieces counter-clock. Once cooled, separate/shake out and use a texturizer or pomade to get that "piecey" look. Notice how I just wrapped hair around the entire iron, but you can also open the clamp, wrap hair, and leave the clamp open. I've found the results are the same.

Additional notes: I've tried every method and they all work. I've also had friends with very curly and stick-straight hair try these methods. I promise that at least one (probably more) will work for you!
If your hair is hard to curl, prep it beforehand with a product such as a pomade, texturizer, mousse, or curling enhancing spray. I would also recommend twisting hair before using the curling iron or no-heat methods. If your hair is hard to curl, the tighter the waves the better, as the wave will naturally fall out a bit. Additionally, do not touch those waves until they've completely cooled. Pinning them once "waved" will help too, of you just have to touch your hair. Good luck! 
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  1. I've always been interested to try a multi-barrel iron but I'm worried waves would look too uniform in my long, unlayered hair. I might break down and try it though, I hate the time it takes to use my clipless iron with my thick hair!

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  2. Great tips! I have that exact clipless curling iron and love it!

  3. I've been loving waves and curls in my hair recently because it's summer!

    I think the product you use before and after is SO important in healthy looking and long lasting waves! beautiful pictures!

  4. My hair has some natural curl to it, but it always looks better if I add some as well. Thanks for the tips on what tools to use!

  5. Oh my word! Love this! I am definitely going to need to try this out!


  6. Love the final product here. So pretty.

  7. I lovelovelove that you posted this because it seems like I have spent so much time and money trying to get the perfect beachy waves lately. It's hilarious because my hair naturally does the wavy, beachy thing without any help, but I guess I keep trying, anyway?? Which doesn't make any sense. So you see my dilemma.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  8. I use the Babyliss Curling Wand and find it pretty foolproof- loving these tutorials by the way xx

  9. ooh i've been wanting to try the clipless curling iron for years but i'm a little weary of it. thanks for the review!


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