Summer Week! Inspired by Popsicles

Inspired by Popsicles

I decided to take a break from posting my Remix Outfits (still going on btw, just posted a week later) and wanted to repost this outfit, since it fit in with my Summer Week theme. This outfit was inspired by Popsicles and lots of color. I tend to use a pop of color now & then while wearing basics, but this took it to another level for me. And since readers always ask me for more dresses, here ya go. Click pic for more info.

  • I never wear florals, except as accessories, so this floral dress was surely out of my comfort zone.
  • A wooden necklace and bangle tone down the color. This one is sold out, but here's a similar one.
  • These teeny floral earrings pick up the tones in the dress (though revisiting this a year later, I'd skip them...or just wear them and not the other jewelry).
  • I love a hat. Do you? 
  • Ah, most of my shoes are just brown, black, grey, etc, but these wedge sandals are oh so colorful.
  • Coral polish and lipgloss are my summer color staples.
  • A straw tote holds an Ipod, shades, Cherry Blossom fragrance, and this delish-smelling sunscreen.


  1. Great collection! I never wear strapless dresses, but this one is so cute, and with that straw bag. I love it!

  2. oooh that dress is so pretty! and seriously, who doesn't love popsicles?

  3. Love the collage you put together, great picks too!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!



  4. I love that dress its gorgeous. That is not a hat I would have thought of if I had seen it sitting in a store but when I see it paired with the rest of the items I can see how it would be cute. I love hats, I wish I had more occasion to wear them, usually only on vacation but I love how easy they make doing your hair for the day ;)

  5. Adorable! I love summer minus the heat :)

  6. I have been into coral super heavy lately- nails, lips, jewelry, etc. Love it!


  7. I love that dress, such a purrty floral!


  8. Oh - i LOVE florals. And I can see why that dress would grab even someone who doesn't normally go for florals. Darling!

  9. Great collage. Would love a straw bag like that


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