Elle's Quick Tips: Cheap Zit Zapper

quick tips pepto-bismol cheap zit zapper

How was your weekend/Memorial Day? I enjoyed my annual beach trip with 12 friends (hi Tiffany & Kim!) and now need a vacation from my vacation. I'm exhausted and am still getting rid of sand. I hope you didn't mind it & that you enjoyed seeing some new-to-you posts in my absence.

Anyway, while at the beach, I overhead a conversation about skin/zits and was instantly thought of the Pepto-Bismol trick! It's easy, cheap (I love cheap!), you probably already have it, and it works! Simply dab some Pepto-Bismol on the zit. There is salicylic acid in the pink stuff that helps banish those blemishes. After 30 minutes, wash off. I use this as a drying facial mask too, but be warned, Pepto-Bismol requires some 
scrubbing to remove the pink! I can't wait to hear how well it works for you!

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  1. wow I have never heard of that!! thanks for sharing

  2. I NEVER knew this before! Thanks for the tip!


  3. Get out of town! Wow! Definitely trying this next time I get a massive zit!

  4. No way. I'm definitely trying this the next time one of those pesky buggers pops up!

  5. Let's do a trade... I can't find this here.. man I love the pink stuff!!!


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