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Every Monday I feature a Quick Tip. This Monday, I'm featuring the style/beauty tips from some amazing bloggers. This week is Kristyn Burtt from RedCarpetCloset.She's an awesome celeb interviewer, web series host, & a great gal! Read more about her here.  Enjoy! --E L L E

How to be Red Carpet Ready: The Undergarments Edition

by Kristyn Burtt

Ladies, we have to discuss something delicate today, your undergarments.  Please watch the 13 second video above to see what I am talking about.  The days of Madonna with her cone bra, Britney with her thong above her jeans, and Carrie Bradshaw with her black bra under her white tank are over.  I want you all to look classy and elegant from the moment you walk out the door; whether you are going to Whole Foods or hitting the red carpet.  Here are a couple of amazing and affordable tools to keep your undergarments in check:

Tape it up!  From L to R:  Fashion Forms, Hollywood Fashion Tape, TOPSTICK.
1.  Tape:  Whether it is the classic men's toupĂ©e tape called TOPSTICK (A favorite of Rachel Zoe.), Hollywood Fashion Tape, or Style Solutions by Fashion Forms (Dress Tape), it is time to tape it all up!  Use the double-sided tape on your DVF wrap dress close to the top of the slit so you aren't flashing your undies coming in and out of the car or tape that shirt to your bra, so we don't have to look at the lace on the latest Victoria's Secret fashion.  It's easy to use, easy to remove, and it's affordable at less than $10 for any of the three products mentioned above.  As an avid user of tape every time I am on-camera, I prefer TOPSTICK or Fashion Forms because their adhesive won't let you down.  For those of you who are SAG members, Naimie's sells TOPSTICK for a 30% discount with your membership card.
The absolute MUST-HAVE in your wardrobe:  Fashion Forms NuBra Ultralite.
2.  Adhesive Bras:  Oh, it sounds really weird, but once I discovered this genius invention, I haven't looked back.  Think of it as cups with adhesive, no straps, but they attach together at the center for additional support.  These bras are amazing with strapless, backless, or red carpet dresses.  They offer the support that pasties lack and they gently stick to your skin without a worry.  They are easy to wash, the adhesive lasts a long time, and I don't fuss with the adhesive bra the way I do with a regular strapless bra.    The best part?  They also work with chicken cutlets if you smaller-chested ladies (Like Moi!) want some additional cleavage.  Also, Fashion Forms has taken the chicken cutlet/adhesive bra one step further and combined it them into one amazing product.  Target carries Fashion Forms beginning at $24.99.
This little piece of plastic is all you need.  From L to R:  Strap Perfect in clear, black, and nude, and Fashion Forms in black.
3.  Strap Perfect: Okay, it's time to seriously put those bra straps away.  You've seen those commercials on TV.  Strap Perfect is affordable and a terrific solution to hiding those straps when you are wearing a tank top or a racer back shirt.  The pack includes clear, nude, and black pieces to accommodate the most common colors in your undergarment wardrobe.  It will pull and tighten those straps so you aren't pushing them up as they slide off of your shoulders and the ad is true, they give you a nice lift.  The ads on TV charge you $18.95 plus $7.95 shipping.  Skip that route and head to Bed, Bath, and Beyond armed with one of their 20% off coupons and get a smaller pack for under $10. 

Okay, those are just a few quick and affordable solutions to pulling yourself together for a big night out without pulling a Britney.  I just want you to look your best and I prefer not to know the color of your underwear.  If you don't believe me, check out my interview with lovely CEO and founder of Fashion Forms, Ann Deal, at the Reality Cares gifting suite.  Not only is she a hoot, but she understands the importance of dressing from the inside out: 

reprinted from redcarpetcloset.blogspot.com 

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  1. Great post, I always wondered about those strap holders and those backless bras, I always expect weird/new things to malfunction for total embarassment at work or a public event but maybe I will give them a try.

  2. I've always been curious about the tape and whether it actually gets the job done. I guess it does, because some of those celebrity really take the "plunge", if you know what I mean!

  3. i agree with her! no panty lines!

  4. Fashion Tape is definitely one of my faves!

  5. Strap Perfect rocks. When I first saw those little pieces of plastic on tv, I thought it was the silliest idea ever, but now I can't live without them! Definitely one of those "I wish I thought of that!" products.

  6. Thanks for all of the feedback, ladies. I promise you all of these methods are well-tested on the red carpet and in everyday life.

    Thanks for the opportunity to post this, Elle. I appreciate it, :)


  7. all great tips! thanks for sharing elle :) xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  8. Your blog is looking marvelous! Which of these products did you use to make it look so good? Ha! Have a great evening :)

  9. All good tips. I could seriously use some double sided tape and those bra thingys.


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