Elle Entertains: John Hughes 80s Party

It's no secret I'm a movie fanatic and I love to entertain. I was brainstorming for a way to marry the two while talking to my little sis about how she's never seen classic movies from the 80s. I was instantly struck with the idea to have a John Hughes Party! I haven't had a big party since NYE, so I wanted this one to be memorable I just want to see my friends dressed up.

What exactly is a John Hughes 80s party? For those that don't know, Hughes was a prolific writer & director (among other talents) of some of the greatest teen movies in the '80s. If you've seen Sixteen Candles, Ferris Buller's Day Off, Pretty In Pink, and The Breakfast Club, you've seen a JH movie. But I wanted something different than a typical 80s party. Those have been done & done. I'm having a "prom" with a twist. So tease (and crimp) your hair, because you're invited!

For my party, guests will dress as any character from a John Hughes movie. There are so many great choices. I'm going as Andie from Pretty in Pink--outfit tomorrow. Outfits can be made or purchased cheaply, just remember to wear a hat! I never realized until recently how every movie of his has characters donning hats.
Here are just three of many options for the girls: Sixteen Candles, Pretty In Pink dress, Breakfast Club 1, 2, 3
For the guys, Cameron Fry, John Bender, & Steff. source Other options: Duckie, The Geek, Jake Ryan, Ferris

pics via partycity.com
Since proms/dances are heavily featured in his movies, I used that as my inspiration for the party. I'll decorate the party table with a tablecloth, streamers, glitter/confetti, from the Dollar Tree.
The other decoration will be the photo backdrop, because if you're at a dance, you gotta get your picture made! I'll use a tablecloth from the Dollar Tree on the wall and use these cut out stars, balloons, lanterns, and streamers. Hopefully it will look as cheesy as possible, like my inspiration photo above. I also plan on showing a movie or two, just to further influence the ambiance.

I've got a few ideas to keep the party interesting. Jogn Hughes movies will be playing on the tv. There will be a costume contest to see who looks most like their character. Since lip synching was so popular in the 80s, we'll definitely have that (see music below). I've collected various 1980s music and trivia board games, so those will be set out, who those who don't like to dance or lip synch. Also, John Hughes trivia will be done for various prizes.

Random hors d'oeuvres based on movie titles or characters are listed below:
The Geek's Guacamole & Chips (Sixteen Candles)
Ferris Buller's Bruschetta (Ferris Buller's Day Off)
Sixteen Canolis (Sixteen Candles)
Duckie's Deviled Eggs (Pretty in Pink)
Weird Science Sushi Rolls
Some Kind of Wonderful (lettuce) Wraps
The Breakfast Club Sandwich (just kidding...remember that scene?)

I like to have a featured drink at every party, so this one will be no different. Pretty in Pink Spiked Punch (because punch was always spiked in movies, right?) will be the beverage of choice. Of course there will be sodas and water.

I took music from various Hughes movies, and of course I threw in some slow songs. It's a dance, afterall!

I can't wait to have this party! Have you ever been to an 80s party?
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  1. Now that is a party I am sad to miss. I would have to have an Andrew McCarthy date if I went though.

  2. Wow, this sounds awesome! Great plans, i bet it will be a great success...

    ♥ kisses ♥


  3. You always have the most fun party ideas!

  4. SO FUN! i love 80s movies, and john hughes was the best. my faves were weird science and the breakfast club. i also loved ferris buellers day off.. so fun! xoxo jcd:: cornflake dreams

  5. I love John Hughes movies! The party sounds awesome! And anyone that was a fan of the 80's would appreciate all the thought and details that you put into it :) I've never been to an 80's theme party, but I would love to attend one myself someday!

  6. oh I want to fly over and join THE FUN!

  7. Elle I LOVE this idea! John Hughes films are the best and I am sure this party will be a huge hit :)

  8. What an amazing idea for a party! John Hughes films are the absolute best.

  9. The only thing better than a theme party is an 80s themed party! That sounds so awesome - take lots of pictures!

  10. holy smokes! i'm book marking this - definitely an awesome Halloween Party idea.


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