Outfit of the Week: Cranberry Crush

cranberry crush

It's been a while since I've posted a dress, and figured why not dress it up this week (I have a tv show premiere I'm attending...more later this week)? And that's exactly what I did. I look best in jewel tones with my dark hair, so cranberry it is. In fact, I've worn the color twice this week. Yikes!

  • I'm loving the entire line of Chanel polishes. 
  • I took this cranberry jersey dress from Victoria's Secret
  • And paired it with a grey cardigan to make it a little more casual
  • I cinched my waist with a black belt
  • And added black boots
  • Accessories include an armful of bangles to rough it up a bit
  • Not pictured: "Kate Middleton" hair. Tutorial coming soon!
What's your go-to color?


  1. Love those bangles. I have an obsession lately.

  2. Hi DEAR, how was your NYE party? I didn't think I want to wear cranberry but after seeing this, I want one too!


    Happy, Happy New Year!


  3. Great post, I love that dress! I think I look best in jewel tones too and certain lighter colors. My go-to color is definitely bright royal blue, its a color that you actually dont see a whole lot in th realm of fashionable clothes so when I find something I snap it up.

  4. I love the color of that dress. In fact I bought a Zara bag in a similar color. :)

  5. i love that dress! what a great color xoxo jcd
    ps loooooving the new layout! it looks great--the birdies are so sweet :)

  6. I am all about the cranberry crush! LOVE IT! :)

  7. Yes, loving the cranberry color! Really need to get something as it is one of my favorite colors!! Thanks for commenting on my blog!


  8. I have been to the Globe Theatre but I didn't have a chance to go inside...just saw the outside. Next trip to London will def. find me spending some time there!


  9. I know aren't Chanel polishes the best!?! Great outfit.

    love your blog. now following.

  10. What a pretty dress! I love the red and grey color combination right now. Happy New Year!


  11. Pretty pretty! I love the colors you put together. And I am all about dresses! I wear one every chance I get!


  12. I love this shade of red, it's so cheerful! I think it would go really well with the grey.

    xo, Ashley

  13. That dress is so sexy - and would look fab with the ring in the post below!

  14. This look is drop dead inspirational!
    I do not own a red dress but I could totally see this whole look working with pretty much any colour.


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