Monthly Inspiration Board: January Blues

Keeping an inspiration/mood board, whether virtual or real, is something I've done for years. I got the idea as a kid from my Grandmother, who's always kept one in her closet bearing scraps of magazines and swatches. I thought I'd share with you what's been influencing me each month. Here's January:

january blues

How did I come to this collage? I've always seen January as the month to calm down and relax after the hubbub of the holidays, and blue is the color my mind thinks of, plus white makes me think of snow. Also, if I was to assign January a color, it would be blue (like Feb. is red, March is green, does this make sense to anyone else?). Additionally, I've always been fascinated by my Grandmother's collection of cobalt blue. She has these mesmerizing cobalt blue glasses and damask China. In fact, I once created an outfit based on her China. I took all of those assorted images and have let them influence my outfit choices (such as this one) and makeup. Random? Yes, but for me, inspiration boards are great for when I get stuck in a rut.

What's influencing you this month?


  1. If we redo the closet I want to start keeping an inspiration board in there.

  2. blue seems like a great color for january! i'm loving your inspiration board!

  3. I love blue and white together - your board is so pretty!

  4. What a neat way of looking at January. And what an awesome colour- blue- to associate it with.

  5. Cobalt blue also happen to be my favourite colour too, January Blues, I LOVE it!!!!


  6. Ohhh that's pretty! Great job;)

    I am just a lime green girl-
    ready for some pretty pink for warmer weather though....quick!

  7. I should really start an inspiration board - I love the idea and you found so many lovely shades of blue for January.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  8. I'm very into pastel hues and sparkly things this month - definitely the two things that are influencing me for January! :)

  9. I so agree with you on January being the month to sort through thing and to get organized. I'm doing a lot of that this month! The blue and white combo is one of my favorites! Reminds me of my Greece trip coming up :)

  10. Ruffles and gold.

    I hate the idea of sorting and getting organized, though that is TOTALLY what I need to do this month.

  11. I love the idea of making a monthly inspiration board! And these blues are so pretty and calming :)

  12. I love cobalt blue glass! One of my my most favorite things. I agree, if January had a color it would definitely be blue.

  13. I've been leaning toward blues and turqoise lately too. Also combining red with shades of brown.


  14. Great collage! Very relaxing for some reason...maybe because I just love blue lol.

  15. gah! i love it! all of it!

    my grandma had blue and white stuff GALORE (dishes, quilts, rugs, knick knacks) and i inherited some of it. LOVE IT!!! love how it all works together!

  16. Your Grandmother is a genius! I love the shades of blue. It is very calming and refreshing. I see the months in a strange way that I whenever I explain people think I'm crazy.

  17. Love it. I especially love blue and white when there are pops of orange.


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