Outfit of the Week: INSPIRED BY--Felicity

I've got 90s tv shows on the brain lately for outfit inspiration. Last time, My So-Called Life was my inspiration and today, I'm inspired by another favorite show, Felicity. Felicity began in the late 90s and starred the beautiful Keri Russell. It followed Felicity as she left California to attend university in NYC; all for a boy she'd briefly spoken to! One of the highlights was the love triangle among Felicity, Ben (the boy she followed), and RA Noel. The show last four seasons but lost viewers after Felicity cut her lovely curly locks (everyone remember that?). I really suggest checking it out if you haven't. Let's see how I put this outfit together:

  • The show took place in New York City, so I started with this t-shirt.
  • Felicity always wore comfy sweaters and cardigans, so I paired the NYC shirt with it.
  • For a dash of color, I added this scarf.
  • Felicity was almost always in jeans and her Converse shoes.
  • She also worked at Dean & Deluca (with the adorable Javier) so I added the coffee.
  • I love the Living Proof line & this product is great for taming frizz in curly hair.
  • Since this was set in NYC, Philosophy's Hope Springs Eternal is excellent for moisturizing dry skin.
Are your outfit choices ever influenced by tv shows? 
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  1. Good job with the outfit Elle. Keep warm today Elle.

  2. Ha! I loved Felicity. Actually, my choice to go to college in NYC was in part affected by the show (silly I know). However, I was seriously disappointed when I entered my freshman dorm for the first time to find that it was about a quarter of the size of Felicity's and had no bay window. Shock!

    Cute outfit!


  3. OMG I sooo miss that show!!!


  4. I always loved Felicity! This has inspired me to put the seasons on my Netflix to re-watch. :)

  5. I miss Felicity- My friend and I were just discussing her big haircut the other night! XO


  6. I loved that show. Especially her hair before the big cut. I wish I had the patience to grow mine out.

  7. I love the Felicity feel of this outfit! :) Very cohesive.


  8. Ooh loving it!!
    (and oh nooo....I wonder why the images aren't working o.O)

  9. how fun!!! i remember felicity and i always thought keri russel was so pretty. i didnt really dig the short hair but i thought it was pretty brave. im new to your blog--now following! xoxo jcd

    ps how do you like ATL?? my boyfriend is considering moving there for his fellowship in 2yrs.

  10. This is a great outfit and yes, I get a lot of inspiration from Gossip Girl. Love the styling in that show! I watch it partially for the clothes ...

  11. Wow, you did the whole shebang. Not just the outfit, but the haircare and skincare. Pretty brillz.

    I used to be inspired by Buffy when I was in high school. Especially in 9th grade. Scarves and graphic print T's and knee boots.

    Then I lost my style way somewhere through there.

    But once I got to college, I doubt any of my style was influenced by movies or television since most of my favourite TV style gurus were out of reach (Carrie) or a sci-fi action star.

    Now it's mainly by street style blogs and Japanese/Korean style mags and a bit of Fashion magazines here and there.

    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

  12. CUUUTE BLOG! Glad you commented so I could find yours! I'm glad I'm not the only one who still loves Felicity =)

  13. LOVE Felicity! I miss that show, it was so good! Great outfit took, so looks like something she'd wear.

  14. This made me laugh! I love Felicity and her style was so comfortable. Great post!


  15. Oh, Felicity! I fell in love with the show in France, actually. One of my friends brought over DVDs of the show and we crammed into my little dorm room to watch them often. Three girls on a twin bed, worn out after speaking and listening to French all day long. Fond memories. :)

    Also- I visited Dean & Deluca in Charlotte, NC a few years after I returned to the States, and I totally have that mug!

  16. i tried to dress like rudy + vanessa from the cosby show when i was a kid :) haha i loved them!

    sign up for gilt @ http://bit.ly/h7E6nH

  17. Elle:
    I was a huge "Felicity" fan... Fun outfit! I used to wear red Converse tennis shoes...back in the day.

  18. i love this!!! Felicity was such a great show, i miss it! I remember being a high schooler, and i couldn't wait to get to college and figure out a way to dress like felicty!

  19. Love your Felicity style board!! So reminiscent.

  20. Love your Felicity style board!! So reminiscent.

  21. This would be the perfect outfit for going on a roadtrip through the US. Will definitely remember :)

  22. I always loved her Chucks, wish I could pull them off!


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