New Here?

I've gained a lot of followers lately & thought I'd properly introduce myself (as any good hostess should!)
Hi! I'm Elle Sees.

Here's the FAQs:

  • A 30-something born (mostly raised) in Georgia.
  • I've lived in Atlanta a year and I love it!
  • I love to travel.
  • Unmarried, no kids, or pets...and happy
  • I'm a collector of quotes & random facts.
  • Weekly I post my outfits.
  • I love blogging & seeing how you guys respond to my posts!
The Blog is About:
  • My life in Atlanta
  • Cool places I've discovered in Atl
  • Fashion & beauty
  • DIY
  • My attempts at cooking
  • Learning more about YOU
Thanks for stopping by! What would you like to see more of on the blog? What more would you like to know about Elle?


  1. I guess I already love your mix of fashion and cooking and randomness and everything in between :)

  2. Not new here....but cute get to know you post:)

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  3. You are such a sweet heart, so it's so fun to get to know more about you!


  4. LOve that post ...Great to meet you:)
    Kisses and have a lovely Monday

  5. Not new either but it's always fun to get to know a fellow blogger more!

  6. I love that you add a bit of everything on here! Truly a pleasure to read. It's nice to learn little tidbits about you!

  7. I love that you add a bit of everything on here! Truly a pleasure to read. It's nice to learn little tidbits about you!

  8. nice post is nice to know more about you, I should do the same in my blog :P

  9. This is why you're a great blogger! Such a clever, sweet, concise piece on who the master is behind the masterpiece :)

  10. I'm so glad you posted this! I am new here and it's nice to know what you're all about! :)

  11. I'm a new "follower" (which occasionally strikes me as kind of a creepy term). So, I loved this getting-to-know-you post.

    As your neighbor to the North by just about 2 hours (I'm in Chattanooga), I can't wait to put some of your ATL recs to work when we take day trips!!


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