Friday Questions!

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Y'all know what time it is! It's FRIDAY QUESTIONS time! This is a semi-regular feature where I ask some random questions, post my answers, and await your responses. It's a cool way for you to learn more about me and for me to learn about my wonderful readers! Let's go!
  1. You can have any restaurant you'd like...what kind would you create? 
  2. Have you ever been sure you'd lost something, only to find it turn up much later?
  3. What's a cd you've bought/downloaded more than once?
  4. What's your most memorable birthday?
Elle's Answers:
1. I'd want an 80s restaurant--dishes would be named after movies, the wait staff would wear 80s clothes, 80s music would play, etc.
2. Yes! I had this blue shirt that I LOVED. I was convinced it was lost, bought a decent replica of it, only to find it turn up 6 mths later.
3. I had the tape of Smashing Pumpkins' Siamese Dream. I own it in cd form too!
4. My 5th always sticks out--I got a blow up tent and Hungry, Hungry Hippos. I thought I'd won the world. Also, my 9th or 10th bday, because my shirt caught on fire! I didn't have on a bra and was SO embarrassed. 


  1. I'd have an italian restaurant, i love anything lemon and garlicky :) my most memorable birthday was in HS when my bff threw a surprise party for me!

  2. Great post idea.

    1. I would love a 20s/30s restaurant - set in the jazz era with a dance floor and plenty of music.
    2. Yep, I thought I had left my bus pass on the bus only to find it in my wallet two days later!
    3. Never done that
    4. My 18th probably because it is my most recent. My friends all came round and we made lots of different cocktails and ate gorgeous cupcakes.

    Robbie xox


  3. Italian. yes, all the time. Madonna. When my boyfriend had a mariachi sing outside my balcony when i use to live with my parents... It was the best ever!!

    I love this post! :)


  4. This is a cute idea for a post!


  5. Italian!:D I love their food!:D

    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  6. Oh, this is fun.

    1- Hm, a sushi house with sexy mood lightning and a killer cocktail menu.

    2- No! I wish. Most often when I lose something, it's g-o-n-e.

    3- Backstreet Boys. Not kidding. Am a pop-fan-girl at heart.

    4- My 13th birthday was memorable because my parents got a limo for all us "teenage girls"... We thought we were so cool. The pictures are a little wince-inducing (lots of Spice Girl poses/outfits), but we had a blast!


  7. So cute!! I think I will always have a soft spot for the Smashing Pumpkins :)

    Happy Weekend!

  8. 1. You can have any restaurant you'd like...what kind would you create? Growing up my sister and I wanted to open a restaurant called "Dessert First" where, you guessed it - you ate dessert first. Still sounds ok to me!
    2. Have you ever been sure you'd lost something, only to find it turn up much later? Constantly.
    3. What's a cd you've bought/downloaded more than once? I've never had to but there's plenty that I would!
    4. What's your most memorable birthday? My 23rd birthday when my husband proposed.

  9. Oh I love this, guess I've never been over here on a Friday before!!

    1. I'd love to have a down home comfort food restaurant. Everyone needs a bit of home and hospitality in a big northern city.
    2. All the damn time! I just found an earring that I thought for sure was gone. It's almost more rewarding to find it way later.
    3. I can't think of any where this happened.
    4. Probably my 16th birthday. I was moving away, but before I did my family and friends threw me a huge sweet 16 party!


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