Back to School Week: Staying Safe

Going away to school can bring an air of being carefree (no parents! no rules!no curfew! wahoo!) but it can also bring an air of danger. It amazes me how many people just lose their common sense and how many cannot handle living on their own. Luckily, I've got a few tips on how to stay safe.

  • Follow that drink! Having a guy buy you a drink for the first time can be thrilling, but be careful! Never accept a drink from anyone unless you have seen the drink being made and watched it come towards you. I know that sounds silly, but the number one way girls have encountered the "date rape drug" is through something they drank.
  • Get to know your campus police. If you get out of classes late at night, have them escort you to your car. Know where the call boxes are, just in case.
  • Here's some more excellent tips on safety.
  • What about identity theft? Here's a great article on how to prevent it for college students.
Have questions or need advice on something for this week's topic? I'm doing a wrap up post on Friday, so comment away, Twitter away, or email me!


  1. Great post, even though I'm not a student anymore I can really appreciate these tips!

  2. A favorite trick of mine would be to have some sort of sparkling water with lime - I know it's silly, but I think that way someone's less at risk for the "OH-MY-GOD-WHY-AREN'T-YOU-DRINKING-HERE-LET-ME-POUR-YOU-A-DOUBLE-SHOT."


  3. So true! A big one too is be aware of your suroundings! I know it's tempting to pop in your headphones when you're walking from class at night, but keeping the volume down to hear any possible noises or approaching footsteps is important. Also, trying to stay in lit paths and well traveled areas, instead of shortcuts!

  4. Safety is very important ...Such a great tips:)


  5. oh how i wish i was still a student xxxx

  6. awww great tips. oh to be in college again...

  7. Great post Elle! xo Mish

  8. you are so right about the drink thing! and if you leave the table, beware that a bad man might spike your drink while you are away! ack!!!

  9. these are great tips...god knows some people need it!

    -thanks for leaving me a comment, I didnt know it was national thrift day! thats awesome theres a day for that :)

  10. It might sounds silly, but even reading about college safety is making me sad that I don't get to go back to school this year. Graduating is quite a rude awakening!

  11. I wish more students thought about this kind of stuff.

  12. great tips. are you going back to school?

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  14. thanks for the tips! i start school on monday haha i'm going to check out the identity theft link now.


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