What's In Elle's Carry On?

Whew! Now that we've got the bags packed, what about that carry on? Here's exactly what is in mine!
  1. I use this little backpack instead of a purse.
  2. Solid perfume--doesn't melt, makes you feel better after sweating, a little under the nose can alleviate smells from stinky cabs/subways/people. Carry-on friendly!
  3. Sunnies
  4. Granola bar just in case and a real meal isn't happening soon.
  5. Mints or gum--mine are cupcake flavored
  6. Paper soap/detergent. Just add water! 
  7. Pocket brush with mirror
  8. Passport with cute passport holder. Makes it easy to find since passports are usually dark colored.
  9. Mags or books
  10. Hand sanitizer--again can alleviate smells and germs
  11. Camera and all its gear
  12. Airplane-safe moisturizers, lotions, etc. I usually carry the solid versions of many of these. http://www.3floz.com/ is an excellent site to purchase these items.
  13. Trail mix: peanuts, chocolate chips, raisins. I'm not allergic to these products and trail mix is a great, healthy snack.
  14. Wallet--I got mine from LV in Paris!
  15. Phone--can be used as alarm, travel clock, map. Check with your cell provider for service BEFORE leaving.
  16. Hair clip--I have long hair, so I need this. Plus you can use it to close curtains in hotels to get some shut eye!
  17. Ipod, case, accessories
  18. Tissues
  19. Wisps--no water needed for these disposable toothbrushes
  20. Travel journal--take notes to remember adventures, write down directions for cab drivers, play games, write letters home, write down what the pics are of (after 23 churches, I'll forget the names!)
What's in YOUR travel bag/purse?
Questions? Leave 'em in the comments and all will be answered on Friday!


  1. AGAIN, this list covers everything, brilliant!!! xoxo

  2. if i had a bag like that i'd be wanting to travel all the time! i love it!

  3. As you I have journal, phone, documents,my solid perfume from Lush. I also have lipstick and mag:)
    Kisses sweetie and happy Tuesday...Love that post!

  4. I have a similar bag like that that was originally bought for school, but it is way too small for all of my text books so I haven't used it. I went ahead and kept in not knowing what I would use it for, but now I know to use it while traveling. Such a cute alternative to a purse.

  5. Elle, this is adorable! is it bad that I have a bottle of chili in my bag? maybe...

  6. Cupcake flavoured mints/gum? Where are they from!? :)

  7. omg what I don't carry on my purse jejeje

  8. everything but my kitchen table is in my travel bag! :) just featured your blog in my 'follow fridays' post last week! :)


  9. Very complete list-have a good time!

  10. Tissues: something I should bring with me everywhere. My boyfriend is constantly suffering from allergy attacks, and we both never have tissues on us.

    Great list, extremely helpful considering I'm going on vacation next week. And wait..you have cupcake flavored mints?!?

  11. Wallet, gum, lip gloss, computer, ipod/headphones, and sometimes a sleep mask!

    Great list.



  12. Thanks so much for the tips! Very helpful!

    Embracing Style


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