Wanderlust Week: Where Can I Go?

Welcome to WANDERLUST WEEK here on Elle Sees. The schedule will be a little different this week! I hope you like the posts I've got planned this week: traveling by air, traveling by car, and vacation by staying at home. I'll be posting TWICE a day, so please come back! I'll answer any and all questions you've left in a Wrap Up Post on FRIDAY. 

My favorite part of any trip (other than the trip itself) is the PLANNING part. I love doing research on the places I'm visiting. I've planned trips via the Internet and travel agent. I can say there are some great deals to be had if you feel like doing the work and planning.
Today I'm going to show you exactly how to do that. So you have a place(s) in mind. How to get there?

Traveling by air? Here's the latest way to go about it that's interactive and fun.
  • Thanks to kayak's new feature, you can set you budget and see where it will take you. Try it out!     Via Kayak.
  • Hotwire.com shows you the prices and fees, and there's NO bidding. I love it for car rentals and hotels the best.
  • Priceline.com is good if you feel like dealing with the whole bidding war thing. Great for budget travel.
  • I've featured Tripadvisor.com and oyster.com before on here and for good reason: honest reviews and photos!
  • Wanna see the world for super cheap? Here's some unusual methods of doing so. Use with caution.

Now that I've booked my tickets or put gas in the car, what am I gonna do when I get there?
  • Besides the internet, try your local bookstore or library--there are some great books out there
  • I swear by http://www.letsgo.com/ books. They're funny and honest. These are the easiest books to use and I've read 'em all. I've used these for roadtrips as well as overseas.
  • LonelyPlanet.com has great books AND has travel apps, if you have an Ipod/Iphone.
  • Internet-wise, I search for "x tips." "X" stands for the place you are looking to visit or whatever it is you're looking for. 
  • When planning your itinerary, consider your personality: are you a culture vulture (loves museums, culture), or a partier (here to party! where's the pub?), or a shopper? Or maybe a little of all 3? In other words, if you hate museums, don't go to one just because something "famous" is there. Buy a postcard instead. Spend that time and $ instead doing something you'd love. I'm a C-V myself! 
What are your favorite ways to travel? Stay tuned for TRAVEL TIPS!


  1. Enjoy your trip! Have a great Monday xxx

  2. Another ELLESEES amazing post, thanks for this informational tips, xoxo

  3. Love Fodors travel books, trip advisor for hotel reviews and zagat for restaurants.

  4. I love Trip Advisor for hotel reviews, I have never been let down when researching on there.

  5. all of your Wanderlust Week posts were AWESOME! i read all of them, and loved each one. :) thanks for making me come over here and see them!


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