Wanderlust Week: Travel Secrets From the Experts

What are YOUR fave tips for traveling?
Have any questions? Leave 'em in the comments and I'll make sure to answer them!


    1. Wanderlust Week has me wanting to pack up my bags and just hit the road :)

    2. This will come in handy when I finally get around to applying for my passport!

      Embracing Style

    3. Good links, Elle! Thanks for sharing!

      I love travelling, but only within the Philippines and neighboring South East Asian countries because that's what I can afford right now, but I've never stopped dreaming that one day I'd be able to travel further. Your links make me excited!

    4. I'm traveling a lot next month so I was excited when I came across your blog and this post!! I'm reading everyone of your tips right now!... oh, and printing off Anderson Cooper's post ;-) Thanks Sweetie!

    5. Great tips. I am about to board a flight to Maui right now!

    6. UGH about the passport fees!
      Thanks for the tips.

    7. Great tips! My travel tip would be carry-on your lugguage WHENEVER possible and check-in at home for the flight. It makes flying seem so much easier...especially in Atlanta!


    8. I cant wait to read all those links...I love this:) Thanks sweetie and see you soon:)

    9. eeek on the passport fees...kind of annoying. let's hope they go towards keeping the U.S. safe!

      ps-- it says 'makai'-- which means towards the ocean in hawaiian. i feel landlocked if i'm not by the water!

    10. Great tips! Thanks for the links!

      My tips are:

      1. Travel comfortably to and from destinations! Yoga pants are perfect for long plane rides.

      2. Bring clothing that is versatile. You probably won't have much time to do laundry on a trip. Bring accessories that will go with multiple outfits!

      Have a lovely Monday, dear!

    11. I like to stay hydrated and always bring a sweater because I get cold on planes. I also like to come prepared with my ipod, books, magazines, games, hand cream, hand sanitizer, etc. Hope you had a great weekend!


    12. Great collection of tips! I only found out over the weekend that passport prices were going up... so I am missing out =(

      My tips: Don't over pack! Practice your outfits at home beforehand.

    13. I'm alway scoping out air fares so i can tell my friends and fam when best to come visit me - so I'm excited to read the best travel deals website!

    14. I really wish I was going on holiday... Not a tip, just a want!


    15. All great tips! : )

      My only tip is that if you're traveling somewhere far and quite different, it's not a bad idea to invest in an iphone or rather any similar device. It's great rather than carrying around a bunch of papers, and helps keep the packing light. Plus it's great for finding your way around with bus schedules and exploring new places that may be hard to find when you're on a time crunch.

    16. What do you do when your flight gets delayed (effectively ruining your trip and basically the rest of your life)?

      I got hit with 2 days worth of delays coming back from Spain at the end of May and I just about went to pieces over it.

      xoxo, Ashley

    17. I have a looooad of experience with jetlag from moving so much and my tip is always the same: 2 hr nap wake up and then sleep 12 hours that night. it works seriously every time!

    18. great tips! especially for a first time independent traveller, which i plan to be someday!



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