Wanderlust Week: Best Airports for Food

Earlier I gave some great sites with tips for surviving sometimes stressful air travel and airports. So say you'rte stuck in an airport, or maybe you have a layover.

  1. LAX (if only they had In-N-Out!)
  2. Austin
  3. Washington DC
  4. Atlanta (woot, woot! Chickfila is a MUST)
  5. Memphis
What's your favorite airport to eat in? Or do you avoid them all together?

PS--The GIVEAWAY ends on the 16th. Have you entered yet? It's so easy to enter unlike some contests with crazy complicated rules). PLUS, there's extra entries--leave a separate comment for each.


  1. YAY for LAX for being on the best airport food list! I find that the SECOND I arrive at any airport I'm always starving. I've never really thought about LAX having great food, but they do have a vast variety, so that helps.

    Good for you with your new exercise routine! I'm impressed! Keep up the good work. :)


  2. Atlanta for "good" grub? Well they've got lots of grub but I don't know about good ... though I've probably spent too much time at the Krystal Burger in terminal A ...

    I don't remember the name of it, but there's a French-themed restaurant at the Denver airport that makes the BEST bloody mary.

  3. Fortunately there are many good eateries here in Singapore and some are open for 24 hours, there are also a few very nice hotels near the airport, so should you be stranded (here in Singapore) for more than a day, you can definitely check yourself in and get a rest ;)), xoxo

  4. My favourite one is London Heathrow Airport...They have such a great bars and eating spots:)
    Kisses sweetie

  5. Oooh I'll have to keep that in mind if I ever travel..though none of them are near me ;)

    YAYY for starting the Potter books this week! You'll love them! :D

  6. whoo hoo! chickfila!!! loveeee it!

  7. Love Chick Fil A but we don't have it in Boston. I try and pack snacks just in case...trail mix, crackers etc..

  8. This is awesome information for the foodies! like me, I love it, thanks for sharing!

  9. LAX is my home airport and I totally disagree, but maybe I spend too much time there. My favorite? Dulles Airport because they have my favorite East Coast burger joint, Five Guys!


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