DIY: Quick & Easy Pedi

Pic from a trip to Cancun, with no polish! No laughing at the feet!

It's time to get those toes ready for the beach! Pedis are such a relaxing thing, but being jobless, my budget isn't allowing it. Plus, not everyone has the time to have that spa experience, right? No biggie: I knew I could recreate pedicures at home cheaply, quickly (if need be) and achieve similar results. So how did I do it?
  • Enjoy the experience and pamper yourself! Grab your mags, play some music, or get caught up on your TiVo. This is about you!
  • Remove old polish. I use cotton pads or toilet paper or even Q-tips.
  • Soak. I have a foot bath, but a big enough bowl or your tub will work just fine. Make the water not too hot and, if you have it, add bath salt, or Epsom salt, or essential oils, or shampoo. I have plenty of foot stuff from those beauty gifts from Christmas, so that's what I use. Soak for 10.
  • Scrub. Exfoilate your feet with a sugar scrub or even mashed strawberries or make an oatmeal paste.
  • Now that your skin is softened, wet your file/pumice stone and well, file away! Clean feet.
  • Clip the nails carefully.
  • Add lotion/foot cream. If you have the time and treat this as a spa, then do it! I don't until I go to sleep that night and my color has set.
  • Make sure no lotion is on your nails.
  • Add polish and take your time. Use Q-tips dipped in polish remover to fix and accidents. Add a layer of clear, let it dry, and add another layer of color. One more layer of clear on top should do it!

  • Ok, ladies, time is of the essence here! You've gotta be somewhere in a hurry, so let's get to it!
  • Remove polish and use a wet cloth to clean feet.
  • Use Avon's Pedi-Peel pads on clean feet to exfoliate. If you don't have these, use acne pads, like Clearasil's. As long as it has salicylic acid (2%), it works amazingly well. My soles are always smooth after this.
  • Clip nails carefully.
  • Add quick-dry polish and quick-dry clear coat. I do alternating coats of color, clear, color, clear.
  • I've found that I get the same results no matter what brand of polish I use. I'm liking coral and fruit punch colors this summer.
At-home pedis with the little sis, Holly

Do you do pedis at home? What tips do you suggest?


  1. Thanks for the tip Elle, i didn't know that we can use clearasil to scrub our feet, will definitely try, great post, i love this, xoxo

  2. I love DIYs! I am now following you on twitter :)

    xo Lynzy


  3. Excellent tips! Thank you! :)

  4. Thanks for the tips! I sure love getting pedis, but can't afford them too often as a college student. I'll definitely have to try this!

  5. Thanks for commenting on my blog :). Your blog is great! And I love this DIY, awesome tips!! XOXO, Natalya

  6. ha, i bet! i miss the ocean..

    thx for stopping by my little blogland!


  7. I definitely need to do this. I think pedicures cost a million dollars in Switzerland. In fact, one of the first things I'm going to do when I go back to the US is to get a pedicure!

  8. love the pics:)

    thanks for the comment

    hope you'll follow



  9. Great post- I'm loving bright coral colors, too. I have OPI Cajun Shrimp on my toes right now. :)

  10. Thanks for the tip on salicylic acid, I never knew that before.

  11. I am a firm supporter of pedis! Holla! Honestly, it's so nice to pamper yourself once in a while. Every other weekend I make it a party with myself, with the magazines, music, maybe a chick flick, then a nice snack when I'm done. Plus, when you do it yourself you save a few bucks that you could spend on yourself elsewhere. New accessory, say what?!

  12. Yuppiieee...I love that! Thanks sweetie I will try it out tonight:)
    Muah and Happy Thursday:)

  13. your blog is just precious. thanks for stopping by mine too! i love pedi's but unfortunately mine are few and far between with a house full of kiddies. be back soon!!
    let me know if you have anyone for my rockstar mom series, I love suggestions!

  14. Thank you very much for your comment- my first one! Love your blog- a little bit of everything. Definitely will be trying this pedi before my hols, feet are in need of some tlc. Robbie

  15. this is perfect - i am cutting back on pedis from salons and needed a good DIY

  16. How perfect that I came across this post today!! We're going to the Keys in a week - definitely pedicure time :)

    btw..thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment the other day!!

  17. thanks for visiting my blog!
    YEs, I do pedi's at home but usually treat myself once a month to one at a spa/salon.
    My advice would be to use a pumice in the shower every other day to keep your feet smooth between pedi's.

  18. Very cute how to! I am going to try the acne pads (as soon as I get to the store) because that would be fairly cost effective and easy peasy =) Thanks for sharing!

  19. Super cute ideas!! Thanks for the post. I am constantly giving myself manicures and pedicures!!! It's a great way to save money.

  20. DIY Pedis have dominated my summer due to my lack of fundage!! ;-) Great tips!

  21. DIY pedicures have dominated my life this summer due to lack of fundage ;-)Great tips!!

  22. Nice.

    For me, if I have time (ie. the 30 mintue column ;) I also soak my feet. However, since I don't have a foot bath, and don't necessarily want to run a full bath, I'll sit on my counter and soak them in the sink while reading a magazine or something. If you have a big enough counter, it works ;)

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  23. Had noooo clue you could use clearsil like this! I'm going to have to pick up a foot exfoliator, apparently. I paint my toenails all the time but after reading this, my poor feet feel as though they are not being pampered enough.

    Love your DIYs Elle!

    xoxo, Ashley

  24. Great tips! I'll have to try this out..

    Don't forget to enter to win a Lime Ricki swimsuit!
    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  25. Really really good advice I am going to use this tonight :))))


  26. I will def try the 10 minute pedi!! Not that I'm pressed for time, I'm just impatient when it comes to givin myself my own pedicure. :P

  27. Wow! Great blog with fabulous tips! I love the handy hints!

    Bubbs :)

  28. Cute toes!


  29. I don't do pedis at home b/c I'm terrible with polish but this is great inspiration--Love the coral polish!

    xo Mary Jo
    p.s. thanks for stopping by trustyourstyle!

  30. Thanks for the advice!! I never usually do a full-out pedi at home, I prefer going to the salon, but I'll do a nail polish change at home.


  31. Thanks for the advice! Cool post!

  32. Thanks for the tips! Love the flower decoration... I'm definitely going to have to try that one!


  33. Oh, great ideas! Loving your blog!

    Also, I keep my nail polish in the fridge! It keeps better and sets better on your fingers/toes (no air bubbles... etc)!

    Delightful Bitefuls

  34. Great tips! Can't wait to try them out.

  35. I needed this tips! now I just need some motivation to get my toes into summer form. I'm feeling an at home spa day tomorrow - thanks for the inspiration.

  36. Hi, I am a foot model scout. Can you tell me whose feet are in the picture from Cancun? I have got to have them for my next pictoral!


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