BEACH WEEK: Bikini-Ready Exercises

Omgah, I hate when they use my body in pics! Ha. Well, I would love to have a healthy, toned body like this, so I scoured ye Internets for some inspiration.Time to get those bodies bikini-ready for the beach!
Everyone's heard of Tracy Anderson, right? She's trained Madonna and Gwenyth (and others that go by a 1-name staus, I'm sure). Well, instead of paying those ridic. personal trainer fees, she's posted some videos for FREE! These are pretty good!
There's a quick ad before each video, so consider that your water break! Enjoy!
PS--According to studies, running on the beach burns 30% more calories!

What exercises do you swear by for a bikini-ready body?


  1. I love this! I think I'll start with the butt video then go for the Madonna arms.

    happy weekend :)

  2. I actually had a dream the other night that I was taking a Pilates class... now, I'm not one who usually dreams about exercising and I've never even done Pilates before which is what made it even stranger. Is my sub-conscious trying to give me a hint? Go figure!

  3. i go on hol in 9 days i think iv left it too late tee hee xxxx

  4. Love this post! Very necessary for the upcoming weeks. I watched a video with Tracy Anderson in it yesterday on Yahoo's Shine page where she showed workouts to get legs like Gwyneth, Kate Hudson and Shakira (another one-namer!). I'll have to look at these, too!

  5. You mean...MY body, right? haha, I wish. This is good motivation. I work out but realllllly need to watch what I eat!

  6. You mean...MY body, right? haha, I wish. This is good motivation. I work out but realllllly need to watch what I eat!

  7. If only my body looked like this! I am so not bikini ready yet so these exercises are great for me.

  8. Hahaha Elle - LOVED your opening statement!

  9. i do some of her moves now...but havent seen these videos yet. thanks for posting them!

  10. I love that...How cool..Thanks sweetie:)

  11. thanks for the tip on your beach week! i love it! i will be starting these exercises asap :)

  12. You look amazing ;)

    Thanks for posting the vids!

  13. Thanks for finding all these great links! <3

    -Dyanna Pure


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