I Tried This Dry Mask (Charlotte Tilbury INSTANT MAGIC FACIAL DRY SHEET MASK)


We need to talk about this mask. 

I'm serious.

So, I think y'all know by now that I am obsessed with masks.

Give me all the masks! Paper masks, diy masks, I don't care, I am drawn to them. 

And today's mask is dry. 

Yes, you read that right. 

Daily readers might remember this post, where I talked about the latest products that you're going to have to try. This mask was on the list.

It was just released this month, and I had to order a mask the second the email hit.

Let's get into the details on this mask:

$22 for one ($80 pack for 4, but um, I passed on that)

Can be used THREE TIMES


--hydrated, brighter, smoother, wrinkle-reduced skin

Why it's fancy:

--It's DRY (no mess). It has an in-built technological 5 Skin Solution IQ which tailors to your skin, feeding it exactly what it needs.

--Bio-mimetic revolutionary system gives a prolonged release of the ingredients, giving it time to immerse into your complexion for up to 8 hours.

And now, for scary mask pics.
You were warned.

I told you. CREEPY. After several attempts (smile with teeth not recommended) this was the best I could do. Anyway...

So basically you open this very soft, dry, and durable mask. It's in two segments, but it's connected, and you join the loops from each section over your ears.

Y'all, this is the best-fitting mask I've ever, ever tried. It wasn't uncomfortable at all.

How do you use it:

--Apply the mask and massage it for a few minutes to activate the ingredients.

--Wait 15 minutes and remove. No need to wash your face. You can use it up to three times.


I could sort of tell something was on my face after, but it wasn't oily or greasy. I don't know how to explain it. I definitely had my wrinkles reduced, but the effect wasn't 8 hours. I did feel hydrated and my skin looked glowy. 

The mask doesn't harbor bacteria, so it is fine to use it 3 times. It really is dry! It's crazy. While $22 is pretty steep, I definitely would buy it again for a special occasion.

Have you tried this mask before or heard of it?


  1. I haven't liked any of Charlotte's "Magic" skincare thus far so I don't think I'll buy this but the fact that it's dry intrigues me xx


  2. Wow. Crazy it's dry! That's kind of cool that it's just for special occasions and will give you a reduced wrinkle look. Fun and yes it did look a little Mike Myers-ish from Halloween movies. LOL

  3. What an interesting mask! Can't help but think of horror movies. Lol! I'll think on this one but great review!


  4. LOL, it totally looks like it is straight out of a horror movie! Thanks for doing this so I don't have to lol!

    The Adored Life

  5. The only reason why this intrigued me is the fact that it's 'dry' but it's ridiculously overpriced that I don't think I'll ever give it a go.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  6. Ok your title cracked me up and I am going to take your word on this one. Or maybe like you, use it for special occasions because you totally look like you are wearing an old hockey mask! I love that you reviewed this dry mask!!

    Whitney & Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  7. I've never even heard of that but that's always the worst part, washing that gunk off your face & water running down your arms & everywhere (just me?) ... that's nuts you can use it 3 times too!

  8. I’m obsessed with masks also Elle and I’ve never used a dry mask before. I need to try this mask ASAP! Great post Elle

  9. I want to try this mask just because it's so different! I love that you can use it 3 times!

    Doused In Pink

  10. ok i love that you dont have to wash your face after you use it! im so lazy about washing my face so i never do masks, or when i do i do them right before a shower! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  11. I've been so curious about this mask since I first heard about it. Thanks for trying it and sharing your impressions. The fact that it's dry is really cool and when you break down the price to 3 uses, it's not as pricey.

  12. I am so glad you reviewed this! I was really curious about it. Sounds like a fun splurge every once in a while!

  13. That's so crazy that it's dry! I never would have thought that a mask could be dry!

  14. I'm really intrigued by this but i don't think I could pay for it knowing you only get 3 uses! I'm glad you did though!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  15. I might have to try it... I used to be a big fan of classic sheet masks but so many of them are super messy. I kind of stopped using them!


  16. Wow this dry face mask sound amazing and your skin looks so beautiful! You always have the best beauty reviews!

  17. Oh wow! I've never seen a mask like this before! It definitely has me interested. And that's awesome that it fits so well and isn't uncomfortable. So many sheet masks don't fit my face well, but I still love them. I'd be glad to find one like this that fits. And so cool that you can use it 3 times. Your skin looks beautiful too!

  18. It really fits, I can see! And a dry mask that canbe used 3 times? Thanks for trying it for us, i now want to buy it, it sounds really good and the best - it works! The price is OK, for 3 times and what it does! Eager to try it!

  19. I've used one like this but it wasn't dry! To me it's such an interesting feeling to have it on---good thing no one came by while I was wearing it!! I'd have scared them away!

  20. This is definitely the creepiest sheet mask I've seen. Haha! I'm totally intrigued because it's dry. I'm adding it to my wish list!

  21. I have been wanting to try this! Thanks for sharing. I think I might have to break down and buy it. You look gorgeous in that picture!

  22. The whole dry part has me intrigued, but it is a little steep for my liking. Though I guess if you break it down since you can use it three times its not as bad. Especially since you noticed some differences in your skin.

  23. I have never heard of a dry face mask before! That picture reminds me of Jason from Friday the 13th! haha Glad you liked the results!

  24. Never heard of a dry mask before! I love that they keep creating new products. I like that you can get multiple uses out of it. It's an interesting concept, and I'm glad you got some results!

  25. This seems pretty interesting, I probably would try it out.

  26. I rarely ever use masks which is a shame. The dry concept sounds very interesting so I might just have to try it out even though the price is pretty steep but I guess getting 3 uses justifies the price a little better.

  27. I love the sound of this mask and the fact that it is dry is a huge bonus for me. It is a little of the pricey side but I was surprised that you can use it up to three times as I was expecting that you would only get one use from it :) x

  28. This "dry" mask is really interesting to me. A lot of sheet masks end up dripping down my face/neck, so that's SUPER appealing...but like the feelings of some others, the price tag kind of brings me to a halt. I didn't realize that you can use it more than once though! (Have you tried the Magic Cream? I can't get around to the hype of it.)

  29. What a crazy idea, I've never heard of a dry mask. I'm intrigued though, because one of the things I don't like about face masks is that they can be so messy.

  30. omg Elle, I laughed so hard at your mask photo and 'smile with teeth not recommended'. i am definitely intrigued by this, the price isn't *that* bad if you can use it 3 times.

  31. I've got to try this! My friend and I were discussing it last weekend and I've got to get my hands on it. I'm so intrigued!

  32. Ooh, I like the idea of a dry mask. I find it so hard to put on the other masks and they keep sliding off my face. HA


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