In The Makeup Room: How Many Ways Can You Use This?

You know how I know it's back to school season? The back to school colds start creeping in. If you're around kids, you know what I'm talking about. I'm a nanny and once cold season starts, it spreads like wildfire.

Couple that with my allergies, and well, a girl has to be prepared, y'all. I don't play around either. I got myself one of the 10 packs of Puffs Plus Lotion from Sam's.  It's a great value! I've got these in every room in my house. I've even got them in my car. Life happens.

 But I use them for more than colds and allergies. Puffs are America's #1 lotion tissue and they are dermatologist tested to be gentle on sensitive skin. They are a staple in my beauty routine and I use them in over a dozen ways. Here's a few of them:

-I used them to take off my nail polish--I think this is the first time my nails have been unpainted on the blog!

-I use Puffs Plus Lotion as my little makeshift set up for my brushes. I am so messy when I'm getting ready, so I put a couple of tissues down  to set my brushes and stuff on.

-Outtake, but it made me giggle so I'm keeping it in. Why yes I sing with my makeup brushes when I'm getting ready! Don't you? ;) I do my hair first and then my makeup, so I'll clip back my hair using a tissue and a hair clip. Why the tissue? That way my hair won't get dents in it.

-Sometimes, especially if I am freelancing, I like the use the same brush. I do a quick clean with a tissue and wipe it off, or I'll use a spray disinfectant cleaner for a a quick clean.

-If you've ever gotten eye shadow fall out under your eyes, then you need this tip. Just place a Puffs Plus Lotion tissue underneath and you'll catch the fall out. No mess!

-You won't believe me until you try this trick, so to help with clumps, I always wipe the mascara wand (spoolie) off with a tissue. There's still plenty of product on the wand. And it won't end up on your face.

-Hehe, there's no way to take this pic without looking silly. But once I apply my lipstick, I'll place a tissue on top and dust over it with a translucent loose powder to set the lipstick as pictured above.

-This depends on the brand, but sometimes a makeup setting spray is too much--it's not a fine enough spray. I'll usually take a tissue on my face and spray on that. My skin still gets the product, but just not as much.

-I've talked about this one before, but to refresh my makeup and blot it for oil throughout the day, I'll wrap a tissue around a dampened makeup sponge and blot. My makeup isn't disturbed and the sponge helps me get into those areas where I need it.

-And at the end of the day, I take off the makeup using a tissue and some makeup remover.

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  1. These are great tips! I need to try the tissue over the dampened sponge for a refresh. Have a great weekend Elle!


  2. I am a tissue FREAK> I panic if I dont have a box of tissues near me at all times. Seriously.

  3. I never knew that if you put a tissue between your hair and a clip it wouldn't make a dent?! I cannot believe I've been missing out on this trick all these years! haha Definitely trying this out tomorrow. Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend, Elle!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde's Moment

  4. seriously have tissues everywhere too! i use them for all things, not to mention my allergy filled face haha. i love the hair trick with the clip and i always forget about it. my hair dents just by looking at it (super fine). good reminder!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. So agree about how the cold spreads like wild fire during school season....argh! And thanks for all these tips, Elle:) I use tissues a lot as well, but I think I'm under utilizing them! Using it with hair clips to prevent dents is such a great tip.

  6. Lovely ideas on how to use it, always have one by me when I'm doing my makeup! Xx


  7. Awesome tips! I never thought to use them to remove nail polish! Happy Friday gurlie <3
    Green Fashionista

  8. There are lots of ways to use tissues, that is for sure! I always have a box in the kitchen and the bathrooms. Hope you have a great weekend!

  9. I love the tissue/powder/lipstick trick! I started buying Puffs because I of their fun box designs but the tissues are great as well.

  10. I plow through tissues when I do my makeup, too! Love these tips!

  11. I feel like I always have a ton of boxes of tissues around the house because you really do use them for so much! I love that you use them for so many different beauty hacks too!

  12. Wow this is such a cool post I learned a lot. Who knew tissues came in so handy.

  13. I love using the ones with lotion to remove stubborn matte lips or lip stains!

  14. Great Post, and you're looking gorgeous :)




  15. These are great ideas! Much more fun to use them on beauty than being sick, right?!

  16. I love Puffs plus lotion! Regular tissues without the lotion can be so tough on my nose during cold season. Love all your other tips and tricks for using these tissues!

  17. I don't want to use any other tissue when I have a cold - the Puffs Plus Lotion is the softest! These are all such good tips, I really need to use the one for catching eyeshadow fallout--I hate that!

  18. Yeah, I pretty much use tissues to blow my nose - that's about it! Ha! But Puff's Plus are my favorite!

  19. These are great ways to use tissues! I like the idea of using a tissue when you clip your hair back :)

  20. I always wipe my mascara wand on a tissue before using it because as you said there is always plenty left and I don't make a mess or as big of a mess. I also have them in every room of my house and my car.
    Great post.

  21. Never thought to use a kleenex to take off my nail polish. Going to have to give it a try.


  22. That's a good use, I didn't know that Puffs could remove nail polish too! And I really liked the tip for the eye shadow. It happens, to spread it on the cheeks :) sometimes. I will use that tip for sure!

  23. Those are the tissues I use! I go through so many. And I use them to wipe off my brushes as well, especially my shadow brushes. I always have them at my vanity

  24. That is my favorite kind of tissue! It really is the best! I had no idea about all these uses for it though. Thanks for sharing!

  25. Thanks for all great tips.. the hair one is something I gotta remember

  26. Thanks for all the great tips hun, had no idea about half of these :) xx



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