NEW Milani Makeup--Review and Demo

A few weeks ago I posted a haul, which included new Milani products, and many of requested a review of them. After much testing, I'm here to share my thoughts. I found everything at Walgreens (some items I was sent for review) but you can try CVS or order online if you can't find them at your local drugstore. Everything is $7.99-$9.99. PLUS there's a demo at the end of me using only Milani products, so be sure to check that out!

  • Unlike other translucent setting powders, this can be used as a primer and to set. I didn't notice a difference when I used it this vs. as a setting powder only. It was nice and not chalky. Demo in video.
Prime Shield Mattifying
  • A silicone-based primer that works well at minimizing pores. Reminds me a little of Maybelline Baby Skin, but not as thick as Smashbox.

Milani Everyday Eyes Bare Essentials
  • Milani released 6 of these--I have only found 4 in stores. These come with shimmer and matte shades.
  • This is the palette I am wearing in the pic above. I really liked this one! Demo in video.
Milani Everyday Eyes Palette in Earthy Elements
  • I was really disappointed in the pigmentation on this--it looked so great in the palette.
Earthy Elements--I had to use a primer to get the colors to show.

Milani Primer Perfection Hydrating+Pore-Minimizing
  • It's hard to find a primer for us dry skin ladies that also hides pores, but this does the job. It reminds me of Step 1 from Makeup Forever, but at a fraction of the cost. Really liked this! Demo in video.
Milani Moisture Lock Lip Treatment
  • Remember those roller ball glosses you used when you were younger? That's what this reminds me of but with a raspberry scent. These untinted lip products come in a variety of colors and scents, but I didn't like this one. I'd be willing to check out another one though. Demo in video.
*=press sample
Milani Big & Bigger Lashes*
  • You'll notice in the video I used this without a lash curler, and I was impressed with the lift it gave. The bulb on the end helps to get those outer lashes with ease. This can get very clumpy and is a wetter mascara. Demo in video.
  • There is also a Lash Trifecta mascara that is new that I haven't tried yet.
Length in Seconds*
  • Can you believe I used to make my own version of this 5-6 years ago? Now fiber lashes are everywhere. Just apply mascara, then brush these fibers on the tips, and then coat with mascara. Not for contact wearers. Demo in Video.
  • There are also new brow products that I didn't try out yet.
Milani Conceal+Perfect 2-in-1 Concealer*
  • Available in 14 shades (I am wearing No.2 Natural)
  • This oil-free full-coverage foundation can be used as a foundation or concealer. I like this best on combo to slightly oily skin. Since I have dry skin, I used with a beautyblender to get a medium coverage that gave me a demi-matte finish.
  • I liked this and LOVE that it has a pump. My first foundation from Milani. Demo in video.
Milani Amore Matte Lip Creams*
  • I haven't been able to find these anywhere, so I was glad to try them. They come in 18 shades.
  • They smell like frosting and apply with a creamy texture.
They are a little difficult to apply to get a clean edge. I definitely needed a lip liner.
They are very pigmented and I liked using them best as a lip stain, as in applying with fingers to sheer out the product. They lasted for hours but do have transfer. The closest to high-end matte lquid lipsticks that I've found. Demo in video.

And here I am wearing all Milani products. Can we just talk about the power of makeup and a good bright window? I was so sick prior to filming this (migraine, vomiting, etc) and you cannot tell! You can find a demo on this look in the video below. I worked really hard on this, so PLEASE watch and let me know what you think. I want to improve and make videos you like!

What Milani products would you like to try?

Extra Elle:


  1. look at you pretty lady! great review. i would love to try those stains and good to know re: liner! have a wonderful weekend!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Thank you thank you! I have ever only tried one Milani product and I see them every time I walk into CVS so since you reviewed these, I think I have to give some of them a try! Especially the concealer. You look gorgeous and I hope this is a fantastic Friday & wonderful weekend!

  3. Thanks for reviewing! I've never tried the Milani brand before, but I really want to try those matte lip creams.


  4. I have the best nude lipstick from Milani, and I can't wait to check out these other products, especially the mascara. Happy Friday!
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  5. Beautiful look, Elle:) Thanks for the honest review. I'll give that primer a try when I find it. And those lip colours look great on you, even though the products themselves are just so-so:)

  6. I'm all about primers so I want to check that one out! I have a few shades of lipstick from Milani and I love them!! Such a great full face makeup look! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. The foundation was what I was most curious about in terms of coverage. Looks like it had very good coverage on your skin! I also really like the lip creams, but like you said it's always a good idea to line your lips when you are working with creams, otherwise it can get messy. Great review, Elle! :)

  8. I've never even heard of this brand but it looks gorgeous. Of course you have that magic touch!

    The Adored Life

  9. I've never tried any Milani products, but the foundation looks promising!

    Breakfast at Gracey's

  10. Looking gorgeous as always! I'm very intrigued by the prime shield mattifier and the press set and go. Happy Friday gurlie <3
    Green Fashionista

  11. I really like the colors on those lip creams - the texture looks great too. I can how you would need a liner with them though.

  12. No you definitely can't tell that you were sick before. I totally want to try those Matte Lip Creams.

  13. I really wanted to find those new shadow palettes!! Too bad it lacks pigmentation, now I might skip them. They do look so pretty in the pan though. I'm really interested in that foundation though! Will be watching the video later, your makeup looks gorgoues so I can't wait to see it in action!

  14. Love the way your eyes look here! Thanks for sharing and stay warm this weekend!


  15. I am in love with Milani lip products and intrigued that these ones smell like frosting!! That stinks that their mascaras aren't all that but there are plenty drug store ones that work great so not a total loss. I am still obsessed with my baked blush from them. I wouldn't mind trying out the primers and the press set stuff. I am trying to find my holy grail drugstore version of that to replace the higher end ones I typically like. Great demo video, you didn't look like you were sick :) And I liked how you pointed at the colors you were using with the shadow. Have a great weekend! I am looking for some snow too!

  16. I LOVE Milani. I think as far as drugstore goes, they are the biggest bang for your buck. I purchased the Milani Amore liquid lipstick in Lust back in July and it has been a favorite ever since. However, I haven't seen them in stores sense. lol Figures right? I also wear their blush in romantic rose, every single day! I saw the primers at my local Drugmart but wasn't sure which one I should go for. Maybe I'll try the pore minimizing one first.

  17. I never buy drugstore makeup and really need to start. thanks for the video, looks like that foundation is great!

  18. I've never tried in Milani products, but everything you're wearing looks so pretty! I especially love the eyeshadow palettes! I hope you get some snow for me this weekend too! For the southern states, it almost makes the cold weather worth it!

  19. I'm pretty excited for some of these products. I definitely want to get my hands on the Bare Essentials Palette, the Bigger and Better lashes mascara,and the 2 in 1 foundation. Thanks for reviewing these Elle!

  20. I got their blush on your recommendation and really like it. Now I am thinking I NEED that prime perfection!

  21. I don't one Milani product but those lip glosses sound look amazing. I love the color you are wearing.

  22. I want to try that lengthening... I'm all about fiber mascara - it seems to be the only thing that makes me look like I have lashes at all.

  23. I haven't tried these products, but wow...I can't tell that you were sick before you took that photo! You actually look great! Makeup works wonders! I really want to check out the lip glosses.


  24. You look so pretty!! You can't tell you were sick at all.

  25. I have some eyeshadows from this brand that I like- though I never heard of this brand before (or noticed), namely just recognized the look of it from what I own. ha. And you are just too fresh-faced and pretty!

  26. It's been a while since I tried Milani, but the lip creams look like they have great pigmentation!

  27. I'm so glad you reviewed these and did a demo! I definitely want to try the mascara and the foundation. They sound really nice!

  28. I haven't been able to get my hands on those liquid lipsticks at all. I've seen some of these products in walgreens. Great review Elle!!


  29. I've never tried Milani products and I loved seeing your step by step demo! The primer and conceal perfect are two that I'd like to try! You look really pretty!

    Doused In Pink

  30. hose Liquid Lipsticks are amazing - definitely going to keep an eye out for those!


  31. I am itching to get the eyeshadow palette and matte lip cream. Glad to read that you like the foundation, I never tried foundation from Milani.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  32. Such a great review! pretty sure I fancied those lipstics most, but that can just be my weird obsession with anything matte :)

    Allie | RainyAllie

  33. I love this review, amazing per usual!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  34. I haven't seen those Milani Lip Crèmes anywhere! I'll probably have to order them offline if I decide to get a few! Great post Elle!

  35. The lip creams look lovely! It's a shame that the eyeshadow doesn't apply or show well as they are really nice colours! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  36. YAY for a Milani demo!!! Love the lip colors, they are soooo pretty!

  37. I wish my skin wasn't so sensitive to new products because that foundation looks amazing. I have a few Milani products and I love them.

  38. sorry to hear you were sick, hope you are all better now! i love milani products, and i love when foundations have a pump! i'll have to check that one out. you look seriously gorgeous. even though the palette wasn't super awesome and you were disappointed with the pigmentation, i might check it out anyway!

  39. I still haven't tried any Milani products, probably because I don't shop at CVS or Walgreens very often. But I always love your reviews, so I'd like to venture out and try the primer or one of the eye palettes!

  40. I've never heard of Milani living out on the other side of the world, but amazing review! Would definitely try their products if and when!

  41. Love your light ombre look on your eyelids. I have yet to try some Milani products. Got to head out to Walgreens.

  42. I wanna try the foundaction look so good


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