This or That: Benefit Gimme Brow Vs. Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara

One of the very first pieces of beauty advice I ever heard was about my brows. "Don't pluck your brows. They're gorgeous like Brooke Shields' are." I remember thinking, "Who?" but the advice stuck with me, and there are some, shall we say, bold brow pics to prove it. Years later, the brows are maintained and I'm thankful for that advice, since I don't have to really fill mine in. But I do use brow mascara and I'm comparing 2 products in this week's This or That.

Benefit Gimme Brow
  • Brow-volumizing fiber gel
  • $22, 0.1oz.
  • 2 shades
  • Water-resistant 
  • Long-wearing 
  • Natural-looking 
  • Buildable
  • Award winner
  • Sephora, Ulta, online
    • Love the size of the wand, the fact that it is buildable without crunchiness, water resistant.
    • Don't love the price, it can clump if too many coats are applied, only comes in 2 shades.
Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara
  • Colored gel+ Sculpting Ball Brush
  • $5.99+ for .23 fl. oz, 7.0 ml
  • 4 shades
  • Clump-free
  • Smudge-proof
  • I have been waiting for this to hit the States after hearing of it in the UK.
  • I purchased mine at Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Drug and Box stores, as well as online will follow soon.
    • Love the price, pigmention, staying power, it comes in 4 shades
    • Don't love the wand at all, it gets crunchy with more than 1 coat
  • I have tested these together and individually, in temps from 65-92 degrees, and both products have lasted with no smudges or flakes.
  • Both products have been worn a maximum 16 hours and lasted.
  • I had no reactions to either product.
  • The Maybelline seemed to have almost a mousse consistency whereas the Benefit is more like a gel. I didn't detect the fibers really in Benefit, but that isn't a negative or positive.
  • Both are pigmented products and are removed easily.
  • The ingredients do feature some basic similarities, but are different. Please check packaging for specifics.
makeup after 16 hours: BB cream, currently testing a mascara, MAC shadows 
both pics feature the same order:
Benefit l, Maybelline r 

This or That?
  • I love the price of the Maybelline as well as the results, but cannot stand the wand, wish it didn't feel so crunchy and that it was water-resistant (just in case!)
  • Benefit has a tiny wand that I love, and those with sparse brows will love as well. It is water-resistant and was never crunchy, did clump in a couple of spots with excess product. The crunchiness and clumps were solved with a clean spooley, but I didn't want to have to add another step to my routine. I have about 10-15 minutes to get ready in the morning.
  • This really comes down to preference. As you've noticed, I can argue for both. I know some readers refuse to purchase anything that isn't high end, and there are some who wouldn't dream of spending $22 on something so small
  • While the Maybelline is no dupe, it really is good for the price (minus the wand--am I the only one not a fan of the ball?). I would repurchase this because my brows don't have a "routine" and a quick brush through is all I need. But I am keeping the wand from Benefit or using an interdental brush to use with it.


  1. I have the benefit one, and I'm not super crazy about it. Love it as a brow gel but not on it's own. The maybelline brush looks so werid! Was curious about that one though!

  2. I've not used these, but have used a couple of other brands. Thanks for the review.

  3. What a nice and good review.
    I am partial to benefit's products
    although I haven't tried this particular mascara.
    Maybe on my next make up shopping.

  4. So it's pretty close huh? Sounds like both have their pros and cons. Thanks for the comparison, Elle!

  5. I don't do anything for my brows. The Maybelline might be a better one for me to try. Love the idea of the dental brush to try.

  6. Thank you for sharing, I thing I might try the Maybelline one. It's cheap enough, might as well. I love Gimme Brow and I'm almost out, just hate that price tag!

  7. I love your blog. I guess, this is exactly what I needed.

    BHagya S'

  8. I love the Maybelline one, I haven't tried the Benefit.

    Style and Paper

  9. I love how thorough you always are with your reviews! Thank you!

  10. I have the Benefit brow gel- it's great for a natural brow look. I should check out the Maybelline version- the price is definitely better! ;)


  11. Too bad about the Maybelline wand, but good to hear they're both pigmented:) I always go for the cheaper one first, so.....hehe

  12. i have never even heard of eyebrow wands! wow, i feel sheepish. i am so bad with my brows, i barely pluck them and when i do 'do them' they never look good like yours. sigh. maybe i should get one of these.

  13. I have never fill my brow in. I have thought about doing it.

  14. This was a very thorough, helpful and honest review as these two products are both new to me. I'll have to look out for them.

  15. I love the Benefit products and I think just based on the brush I'd like that one better! Great review!

    <3, Pamela

  16. I think I'd pay a little more for having a brush that I like!!! Great review!

  17. Love these posts! I like that the maybelline has a mousse consistency so I think thst would be my pick!

    <3 Shannon

  18. I have very prominent brows too and have never had them shaped. I also have never used brow mascara, but now I'm intrigued!

  19. I have the Gimme Brow now, and while I really like it, I feel like it's dried out very quickly, and I don't love the price. I've been looking for a cheaper alternative once mine runs out, and I might give this Maybelline one a shot (but I really do love the brush of Benefit's, so I'll probably keep it to use with the other!)

    xo Julie

  20. Love this review - I don't really do a lot with my brows. The times I've tried I feel like I just look weird. I love reading all the reviews in case I ever try again!


  21. I love the Benefit one! My eyebrows are almost blonde and I have dark hair so I love that it adds a natural looking color!

  22. Great comparison one. I really wish I had someone telling me not to mess with my brows! I am in such a rut with my brows because of over plucking. I think I would like the benefit one better just because the brush seems like it would give a more precise application.

  23. i have heard so much about beneft give me brow and i would love to try it..We dont get maybelling brow gel here in india ..sad :( but yes i dont like that ball wand either :P ** same pinch** :P

  24. Honestly the brush makes me not want the Maybelline - how are you supposed to control that huge thing ha?

  25. hmm I do love some $5.99, might just have to try it out!

  26. I've never tried a brow mascara but it looks like it would be helpful to restrain some naughty hairs:)

  27. I don't have a brow routine but I really need to develop one. I am never quite happy with the way my bows look.

  28. Love this review .. I dont have a brow mascara because my eyebrows are wack in and of themselves but I may actually try these!!

  29. Since I have bangs, I rarely think about my eyebrows...it's usually when I get out of the shower and see them and am shocked! However, I have very light brows, and could stand to use a filler...I might try the Maybelline one!

  30. They look stunning! I really don't take care of my brows at all!

    Corinne x

  31. You do have fabulous brows! I never really thought much about using product in mine, but I'm a believer now!
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  32. Your eyes! Is there anything that Benefit can't do? I swear!

  33. I've been looking for the Maybelline one but haven't found it yet...I haven't tried the Benefit one, but I agree, the want on Maybelline is just funky!
    That mascara looks amazing on your lashes!

  34. I tried the Gimme Brow after looking for it near my home in Atlanta everywhere, finding it sold out and even looking for it at a Sephora in Toronto while on vacation to find it sold out there as well. When I finally did get my hands on one I was not impressed and returned it for a refund. I'm a fan of the NARS clear brow gel but the best I've ever used is the one from Anastasia, recommended by the lovely Sephora sales woman.

  35. I'm in LOVE with Gimme Brow! I might have to give Maybelline a whirl just for the heck of it though!

  36. Your brows ARE perfect - no one ever told me not to pluck mine, so they're now uneven and require so much maintenance. I love Gimme Brow, but am going to give the Maybelline a shot after this review. Thanks again for trying them out, girl!

  37. Well, your brows look amazing so either is good to try but for me it's all about the wand so Benefit it is!
    Aesthetic Lounge

  38. i wish i had thick full brows! i currently use anastasia's brow gel, but wouldn't mind finding a cheaper alternative.

  39. I haven't used brow mascara and have somewhat similar brows. This is an interesting comparison too. I'd go for the Maybelline and get another brush then!

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  40. I've never tried brow mascara. I'm certainly compelled to do so, though, having read this! T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  41. I use the Benefit Gimme Brow, and I really like it :)

  42. First of all, your eyes are super pretty! Secondly, my brows are a wild mess. I should try these products to tame them lol.

  43. Your brows are so gorgeous! I left mine alone when younger, and did have some serious caterpillars (no mono-brow thank goodness). But over the years, I over-plucked, trimmed, let them grow out, etc. Ugh. My brows are kind of strange, and I have yet to perfect a brow routine. I was debating on the Benefit one, but may give the Maybelline a go, just to see how it works before investing in the Benefit one. I kept hearing that the Benefit one has "fibers" that are helpful for sparse brows, but I will take your word for it that it was not anything significant. Thanks Elle!

  44. I did not love that Benefit brow product when I tried it. However, the girl at the Benefit Brow Bar suggested I try Brow-zing and I like it a LOT better! My brows are blonde and super thin, I hate them!

  45. You have the most beautiful eyes, and I love how your brows look with these products! Mine were super thick throughout high school, and then I started plucking them in college and seem to have ruined their thickness.

  46. Sonia Kashuk has a brow gel that works really well like Benefit EXCEPT the wand is terrible! Benefits wand is my fave. I have wondered if I could keep my wand after Benefit is used up and pair with Sonia Kashuk...

  47. Every1 I know that has tried the brow drama complains about the wand!! So maybe clean and save ur benefit wand to use with the brow drama..just a thought!! I just ordered the gimme brow and Im really hoping I love it!!!


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