DIY Snickerdoodles Sugar Scrub

Hey you! How was your weekend? Mine was spent cleaning, shopping, and...baking! Yes--I am the world's worst cook, but managed to bake some yummy Snickerdoodles cookies to remind me of fall, even though it's 90 outside. I love that cinnamon-sugar scent and remembered that I haven't made my Snickerdoodles Sugar Scrub in forever--okay, since last year. It smells amazing and is an excellent exfoliating treat. The best parts about this diy? No calories and it takes just minutes to make. I hope you try it!

  • 1 c sugar
  • 1/2 c Turbinado sugar (or brown sugar) 
  • 1 c sweet almond oil
  • 15 drops vanilla essential oil
  • sprinkle of cinnamon--optional--only if the user doesn't have a reaction to cinnamon
  • Combine sugars--I like mixing them to mimic the Snickerdoodles color.
  • Add oils and mix all ingredients well.
  • Store in a sealed jar/container for up to 12 months, but best by 6 months. Note: the oils may settle, so be sure to remix before using.
  • I used sweet almond oil here, since I love the smell, skin benefits, and the fact that it slightly turns the color of the sugar, mimicking the cookie. However, use the oil, like coconut, you prefer. 
  • While I used a cup of oil here, try starting off with a half of a cup to see if you like that. I know some prefer a "drier" sugar scrub while others want it with more moisture.
  • I love using this to exfoliate my skin, especially before shaving or self-tanning.
    • If allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients, please avoid and substitute instead.
    • Please use caution when exiting the tub, as scrubs can sometimes be slippery.

Want more DIY scrubs? Try these that are inspired by fall drinks at Starbucks!

What Sees Saw:

  • It's the first weekend I felt more like myself, so I thoroughly cleaned the apt, watched the Dawgs lose (tears), finished watching Orphan Black (obsessed), sniffed all the fall candles (I picked up 2), got out my fall decor (it's my fave season), bought makeup (obv), and had dinner at Zenburger. It was spectacular! I was seated near rapper TI. I loved that no one bothered him. You could tell how much he loves his wife and his family. It was a good but fast weekend!
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  1. ELLE!!!!!!!!!! I've been reading through your posts, as I have been out most of the summer. Your posts have gotten so professional!!! Your previous post, I love the photos of the makeup on eyes, step by step. Very professional. You are doing great!! Thanks for all of the tips. This latest post will be so great for xmas. I love it all, as always,

    Take care,

    Shauna xoxoxxo

  2. mmm i bet this smells so good! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. Your beauty products always make me hungry:D

  4. This sounds amazing! I love snickerdoodles this time of year so I can't wait to try the scrub!

  5. Wonderful idea! Will definitely make some. Thank you, Elle. x

  6. You had me a snickerdoodle! Although I feel like I'd try to eat the scrub instead of using it on my face... ;)

    <3, Pamela

  7. This would make me want to eat it :)


  8. Since I'm obsessed with snickerdoodle cookies - I'm going to have to try this!!

  9. My weekend was good. I have never had a snickerdoodle before.

  10. Ooh love the sound of anything with cinnamon in! These look fantastic! Funny name...:P xx


  11. I love how you packaged this. So cute! Just hearing the name makes me want to make this!

  12. What a delicious sounding scrub! I think I have all the ingredients in my kitchen too!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  13. Omg I probably would want to eat this scrub!! Snicker doodle mmmmm

    <3 Shannon

  14. I love this...I bet it smells so good. I would have to skip the cinnamon as I learned the hard way that my face does not like it at all!

  15. what a great idea! love the cute bottle. i have never had a snickerdoodle but i have heard of them :)

  16. I just want to smell this through my screen. Would be such a cute stocking stuffer.

  17. YUMM! I bet this smells amazing! I may have to make a few of these for myself asap.

  18. Love this idea! Especially for a bridal shower goodie!

    x. Sabrina | Simply Sabrina

  19. Sounds like a great scrub! I love Snickerdoodles. Glad you had a good weekend!

  20. What a beautiful idea! I love it Elle! XOXO, Sissi www.beauty4free2u.com

  21. This is absolutely adorable! I love a good sugar scrub. In fact, im giving one away on my blog. Check it out :)

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

  22. um, yes please! the packaging is beautiful, it's good for my skin, AND I can make cookies out of it?! hehe

  23. Ohhh I bet that smells really good. Must try it and actually put it on my face. ;)

  24. yum I feel like I would want to eat this!

  25. How the heck do you use this without the majority ending up in your mouth? I can't even imagine how amazing this must smell!

  26. This sounds so yummy, have to try it:)

  27. I can just imagine how great this smells! I love snickerdoodles so a scrub based on the scents of it sounds fabulous!

  28. Such a great gift idea, and looks easy enough!
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  29. Kinda feel like I want to make this and EAT it. If that's wrong then I don't want to be right!

  30. I want to eat it ... is that nromal?? haha

  31. That scrub seems like it will smell amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  32. This sounds like something I would eat! haha. The c stands for cup?

  33. This sounds amazing! Really want to give this a try :) xx

  34. OMG!!! I AM So Going To Try This
    This Is Such An Adorable Idea
    Thank You For Sharing is Sweetie
    Lots Of Hugs

  35. When I saw this on Instagram, I about died. I love Snickerdoodles! This would make a great gift (I unfortunately have a tiny bathtub and not much time to spend in it anyway). :)


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