DIY Vanilla Sea Salt Beachy Waves Spray

It's summer, and my favorite hairstyle has to be Beachy Waves. I love it. And one of my favorite posts is my annual diy beachy waves recipe. This year's recipe is for those who want a light hold, less frizziness, and a vanilla scent. Check out the recipe:

  • spray bottle
  • kosher salt
  • aloe juice
  • carrier oil
  • vanilla oil
  • water
  • funnel
  • The amount of each ingredient depends on the size of the bottle. I used a small travel-size bottle in the pic above, so my sizes will reflect that. 
  • I took a very small handful of salt and put it in the bottom of the bottle.
  • Using a funnel, I added 2/3 of aloe juice. Mine is from Trader Joes, but try any health store or online.
  • Next, I added three drops of vanilla oil and half a teaspoon of carrier oil. Think jojoba, argan, or castor oil (coarse hair), or many more.
  • Fill the rest of the bottle with filtered water, secure the top and shake.
  • Spray damp or dry hair. Scrunch hair with an old tshirt to help with frizziness.
  • This works well to add texture and volume to hair. 
  • This spray is awesome for heat or no heat waves. 
  • If you have stick-straight hair, pretty much no spray will make it wavy, if you don't have natural wave to it, so that's why I suggest using this in conjunction to waves or curls.
  • If you find your spray nozzle is clogged, shake your spray, and add more water, or consider skipping the oil. I have also added small, clean pebbles or rocks to help break up the spray.  I also have poured a little into my hand and dispersed through hair.
  • This will keep for a couple of months.
  • Since salt is drying, be sure to use a good clarifying shampoo on hair to remove any residue and condition afterwards.

Beachy waves in my hair--just missing the actual beach. ;)

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Are you a fan of beachy hair for summer?


  1. Another brilliant DIY! You're the best, Elle!

  2. What a fantastic DIY, love it and wanna try it <3
    Xxx babe



  3. I feel like this would smell amazing! It's great it lasts that long, and the pebbles in the mix to keep it broken up is a great idea!


  4. Your hair looks great, Have a great weekend.

  5. Your hair looks so gorgeous! I bet it smells great, too! Great DIY!

  6. Your hair looks gorgeous! And this spray sounds yummy! :)

  7. Oh I love these kind of waves so much! Perfect for summer! X

  8. Going to have to try this! It sounds amazing! And I love anything vanilla scented!

    <3, Pamela

  9. I will have to try this out. I love beacju waves for summer!

  10. I love beachy waves in the summer too! Sometimes it's just way too hot to blow dry/flat iron my hair.

    The Tiny Heart

  11. Sounds terrific, I hope I can find aloe juice and carrier oil. The waves look beautiful. Have a wonderful start to the weekend!

  12. Your hair looks darling! Can't wait to try this for my girls' hair. They love some beachy waves! Sadly, mine is stick straight and much harder to trick into being wavy. Boo!

  13. Love how your hair looks! Mine doesn't wave that cute drying naturally. Maybe I will give this spray a shot.

  14. Your hair is beautiful! I am definitely going to give this or one of your other recipes a shot! I love that it has a vanilla scent!

  15. looks so easy! might give it a try. your hair is gorgeous!

  16. I've been hearing a lot about the salt beachy spray and how to do but I've never try it before, now you convinced me, gonna try it too! =D



  17. Great post. Thanks for sharing your secret. I have always wondered how to get the perfect beach wave look for the beach. You look great with this hairstyle. I would love to keep in touch through our blogs. Have a wonderful day!!


  18. That shirt is really flattering on you! Another great DIY. Where do you come up with so many??!

  19. I'm going to try this! it would be a nice change up from the usual coconut scented salt spray!

  20. i think this one is my favorite recipe- love the idea of vanilla! i wonder if you can use vanilla extract....? i have all of these ingredients except that one

  21. I wanna try that! How do you come up with those recipes? ;)

  22. I love wearing beachy waves. What an awesome idea to use vanilla!
    The Grass Skirt

  23. Wow, Elle, you look so beautiful and your hair too! It's a great recipe, cause my hair is always suffering with the anti-frizz products! It was such a good idea, thanks for sharing this, I love DIY in beauty too! Have a nice weekend and I cross my fingers for you to have the beach soon! I'm following you on bloglovin - I should have done it earlier, but sometimes I procrastinate! denisesplanet,com

  24. What a lovely idea Elle! I have really flat and straight hair so I must try it!

  25. So pretty! I have very straight hair, and it's a bit flat too. So everyday I'm teasing it to create volume and it's seriously breaking off my hair :( I think I will give this a try!

  26. I'm going to give this a try! I love anything vanilla!! And my fingers are crossed for the Target giveaways!!! savvystyle30605@yahoo.com
    XO Elizabeth

  27. Target! 😊. leslilejeune@yahoo.com

  28. Your beachy waves look awesome! My daughter got one of those premade beachy wave sprays and used it. Her hair looked great - but she has naturally wavy hair. I bet your vanilla version smells great!

  29. Awesome! jenn.ryder@yahoo.com

  30. I so needed this tutorial right now!! I might just make it through the summer. marceymoreno@gmail.com

  31. What a lovely pic, Elle! This spray sounds fab--great DIY! T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  32. Beach hair! Without going to the beach! Yay! I'm not brave ebough to bring a baby to beach yet!
    And maybe a gift card?! Awesome!

  33. Thanks for being a great blogger Elle!


  34. Such a fun, simple DIY hair project. We can't wait to try this. Normally just go to the beach for beach hair but this could save some time lol

    xx 365hangers

  35. I love the beachy waves. My hair is naturally wavy so I love something that adds that definition. I am nervous of drying out my hair so thanks for the tips on the clarifying shampoo.

  36. Oh I like how beachy waves look for summer, but since my hair is shorter now I wonder if it will still work in my hair. I will definitely have to try it though.



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