Coffee & Chit Chat: June

Um, is it really the last day of June? WHERE DID THE MONTH GO? Seriously though, how was your June? I'm sharing a recap of my June in my monthly Coffee & Chit Chat video. Check it out after the jump:

You'll learn the answers to these burning questions:
  • What's in the mug?
  • What's the MUG of the MONTH?
  • Highs/lows of the month?
  • I LET GO of some people in my life...who are they and why?
  • What were my fave posts of the month?
  • What are products I've been loving lately?
  • Which nail polish did I love? And dislike?
  • What does Elle sound like?
  • Just how awkward can she be? ;)
This video is up late here since my computer has crashed twice editing this video, so it's not quite as fancy as I intended it to be. But seriously, hope you had a good month. Tell me things that have been going on with you.

Making : coffee
Cooking : nothing
Drinking : water
Reading: about 6 different books
Wanting: more sleep
Looking: for a hair clip
Wasting: time
Wishing: I had more time for emails
Enjoying: the quietness of the morning
Waiting: for Charlie to wake up
Liking: that it's a brand new week
Wondering: where is that hair clip, seriously
Loving:  Blogging, forever and always
Hoping: y'all will watch my video
Needing: to get comments done before work
Smelling: fabric softener
Wearing: Sleep Clothes
Following: send me your blog or youtube!
Noticing: my roots. ugh.
Thinking: about my hair appt in 2 weeks
Feeling: tired, I didn't sleep well because I knew my post wasn't up and that I had fix it this morning
Opening: my eyes
Giggling: at myself 


  1. Amazing video *-* Love it!



  2. I think the video is very cute! And I love the mug of the month idea :)

    PS- your Southern accent is so adorable!!!

  3. Your chit chat vids are just too entertaining, Elle:) And yeah....life's too short. Don't worry about why they unfollowed you.
    And as always, thanks for sharing your DIY posts. Must try that vanilla version soon.

  4. Really enjoyable to watch! And that shade of blue looks gorgeous on you, Elle! x

  5. Love your videos :) June did fly by didn't it!?!? Mine was great, warmer weather... reached third trimester... had baby shower - can't ask for more!


  6. June definitely flew by! I was not prepared for that! And I always sleep horribly when I know I have a post to fix or write in the morning!

    <3, Pamela

  7. I also had a low key month. I have never had any problem like you have had with people you thought were your blogger friend. I have had a blogger block me from leaving comment on her blog. That when on for a few weeks. Then she unblocked me.

    Also glad to her your eyes are doing better.

  8. Great video! I don't usually watch videos on blogs but I like these chit-chat videos!

  9. Life definitely is too short to worry about others! Have a lovely week dear!

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  10. I always wish I had more time for emails. And I love your chit chat vids ... June flew by, faster than I expected! Enjoy your day!

  11. I know what you mean! June passed by too darn quick for me!

  12. I love your videos. You're always charming and you make us feel like we have a nice girlfriend to chat with. Your attitude is fun in this one, complete with hand gestures and animated discussion. And, of course, your accent is adorable.

    I recognized that mug immediately from visits to Anthro when I came close to bringing one home. Your blue nail-polish is striking and beautiful. Sorry to hear about the toxic people you've encountered. Good to get them out of your life.

  13. Nice video! I agree this month really went by fast. It rained in SC the first day of Summer too.

  14. seriously, end of june already?! i cant watch the video at work, bah! love the top (dress?) though!

  15. Seriously, where did this month go?! I'm at work, so I'll have to check out your video later, but I just want to say that I really admire all that you accomplish each month!

  16. I have loved your DIYs this month! And all the make up in the clutch looks really nice, especially the soft pink blush!

  17. I've got bad roots, too! Although looking at you, I wouldn't even notice at all!

  18. Ah, this is super cute. I'm always needing to get comments done before work. It doesn't always work out though, lol.

  19. My roots are always a major issue. Fun, fun maintenance!

  20. LOVE that nail polish you're wearing - it's so cute and summery (and it matches your adorable top perfectly). What shade is it?
    Yes, June went by much too fast - but I can't complain. I spent most of it reading, relaxing, and sewing, so it was a very good month. :)

  21. I want more sleep, too. PS - where you get your cute tunic blouse?

  22. That is a fun mug! Don't sweat the small stuff, who knows why people do what they do. I have eliminated people in my life too, and these were people in the real world. But sometimes it is what you have to do.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  23. Such a good post. The comment noticing my roots made me laugh.
    They seem to appear so suddenly!

  24. I loved the video and your taking stock :)


  25. I love that top and your life update!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  26. Fabric softener is one of my favorite smells, hahaha! :)

  27. The cutest post. You have mastered getting a lot said in very few words, lol. I can appreciate that skill as I am far too wordy.

  28. I love you chit chat videos because we get to see more of your personality. But yeah the mug is super cute. And with bloggers deleting you, I hope you don't take it seriously, I know people just do that so don't take it personally because you still have lots of people who support your blog.


  29. June definitely flew by! hehe always love your videos. Glad you're letting go of negative people. You'll be much happier :)


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