Guest Post: Looking “Pageant Perfect”….When You Aren’t on the Runway!

Today I'm sharing a guest post from Kelly Richardson (see bio at bottom), who works with Miss America contestants. A new queen will be crowned this Sunday, beginning 9pm on ABC.

Spending an entire week in Atlantic City for Miss America can be a harrowing 

experience for a beauty novice.  In the pageant world everyone strives for perfection, 

it can leave one feeling a little overwhelmed for those who are not savvy with makeup 

and hair tools.  After six years working in the “pageant world” here are my best tips for 

getting “pageant perfect” in just minutes:

• When all else fails, mascara and lipstick go a long way.  If you only have a few 

minutes to apply your makeup, those two items will perk you up in a pinch.

Smile, looking like you are happy and having a good time (even if your feet hurt 

and you are tired) goes a long way.

• At the end of the day when you finally kick off those heels, take a few minutes 

and pamper your feet.  Give yourself a quick massage with a thick cream.  

• Get a good, natural looking spray tan. A spray tan will make you look slimmer 

and healthier instantly.

• No time to do your hair? Pull it up off your face in a loose bun or a braid.

Kelly Richardson is the founder of B.Bronz Sunless and Sonoma Tanning.  A Celebrity 

and International Spray Tanner, she works with the Miss America contestants, the 

Golden State Warrior Cheerleaders, and the San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush.


  1. Great tips! I am definitely treating myself to a foot massage (at home) this eve! T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  2. Great tips by Kelly:) Gotta agree with the lipstick-and-mascara thing.

  3. Thanks for this excellent and informative guest post, great tips!

  4. I have this problem too and the solution I found is using a relatively strong scrub I use Trader Joe's lavender scrub and then following with an AHA lotion. Suave and St. Ives make big bottles however many drugstores do not seem to carry it so you have to order it online but it is much cheaper try Amazon. And I am not a surprise to read about it happening after pregnancy it seems everything is connected to hormones

    Ali of Dressing Ken
    Ali of Dressing Ken

  5. I use that braid tip WAY too often, haha!

  6. Mascara and lipstick is my go to when I'm in a hurry! Cute blog :)

    xo, Megan
    indie flower


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