Get the Look By Redken: NYFW Victoria Beckham and Alexander Wang

I am unable to post today,
 so I hope you enjoy this guest post from Redken,
featuring the runway hairstyles from two NYFW shows. Enjoy.

Victoria Beckham
Spring - Summer 2014
VBguido headshot
Hair by Guido, Redken Creative Consultant   

Redken Creative Consultant Guido muted the hair this season, in order to create a more homogenous runway look. The simplicity of the hair, which was pulled back into a low ponytail and finished with a basic black headband, emphasized cohesion over individuality. By minimizing the unique personalities of each model, Guido enabled Victoria Beckham to communicate her design aesthetic in a clear and concise manner.

"Overall it's a very minimal aesthetic, a very clean and modern look for Victoria Beckham. She wanted the hair to emphasize uniformity on the runway, which is why I pulled the hair away from the face and secured it with a basic black headband. In a way, this look is modernly classic."

Redken Products Used: 

-satinwear 02 prepping blow-dry lotion

-fashion work 12 versatile working spray
satinwear 02           fashion work 12  
Create the Look:
  1. Apply satinwear 02 prepping blow-dry lotion to damp hair from root to ends
  2. Using a paddle brush, blow dry hair away from the face
  3. Gather hair about one inch from the neck into a low pony and secure with an elastic
  4. Finish with fashion work 12 versatile working spray to flatten any flyaways
  5. Place headband over head and pull ponytail through
Alexander Wang
Spring - Summer 2014
Redken Creative Consultant Guido fused glamour with grunge at the Alexander Wang show this season to create a nonchalant, yet sexy runway look. By adding thickening lotions and texturizers to the hair, Guido created volume without altering the model's natural texture with teasing or heat styling.

"Overall it's a very sexy look this season. I wanted the hair to reflect the cool, low-key Alexander Wang type girl. I suppose there are equal parts grunge and glamour, in that the hair is voluminous, yet natural."

-Guido, Redken Creative Consultant

Redken Products Used: 

-powder refresh 01 aerosol hair powder/dry shampoo

-quick tease 15 backcombing finishing spray

alexander wang   alexander wang product shot
Create the Look:
  1. Towel dry hair
  2. Create a messy center part with finger
  3. Apply thickening lotion 06 body builder from root to ends, concentrating product on the roots
  4. Start drying hair with a diffuser to keep the natural waves
  5. Once the hair is 75% dry, allow the hair to dry naturally
  6. Add powder refresh 01 aerosol hair powder/dry shampoo to mid length and ends to give more texture.
  7. Apply quick tease 15 backcombing finishing spray to mid length and ends to hold in the texture 
alexander wang  alexander wang  alexander wang
Photos by Charles Sykes for Redken.


  1. It's supposed to be hot and humid here in NW Ohio, today (which is not the norm). I'm gonna sport a low pony! :) xo T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  2. Guido is amazing! I want to assist him someday just to see how he works.

  3. Such an informative post about hairstyles & the Redken products! Been interested in some of their products & it seems like they do a fabulous job!

  4. I'd love to try the Redken powder refresh 01!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  5. i like the looks! especially the last set!

    i wish someone would do my hair for me every day!


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