LOVE WEEK: How To: Messy, Sexy Curls

Hey you! As you're reading this, I'm in the mountains for the weekend--don't worry I have another post tomorrow too. I'm looking forward to hiking around, good food, and lots of relaxation. I've been saving my magazines just for the occasion! I'm dreading writing down what I eat over the weekend though--it's my resolution for the week! But let's get back into LOVE WEEK! Check out my Messy, Sexy Curls:

You'll need a 1 inch curling wand and volumizing powder. 
Spray hair with heat protectant and plug in your curling wand.

Using half inch to one inch sections. place the curling wand onto hair and wrap around the curling wand as pictured on right. This causes the curl to go away from the face. I usually start wrapping about at the crown area of my head. The pieces closest to my face are usually wrapped closer to the root.

Leave for about 10 seconds and then gently pull the curl to make it looser. 

Repeat on the next section of hair, but this time begin with the hair over the curling wand, as pictured on left. 
This will allow the curl to go towards the face. 

Repeat all over the hair, with curls alternating towards and away from the face.
 I'm using this technique so the curls won't stick together and form one big curl at the end of the day. 
It also looks more natural.

Tap some volumizing powder into your palm. 
Normally this product goes onto roots to give them volume. 
Feel free to do that if you wish. 

Rub hands together and disperse through your curls. 
Add a little more powder to your hands and then scrunch your hair. 
This really breaks up the curls, giving you that messy, sexy  bedhead look.
That's it! This looks takes around 10-15 minutes total.

How did you style your hair today?


  1. That's celebrity hair, right there! Have fun in the mountains - hope you get lots and lots of rest!

  2. Looking cute as usual. Um, I threw my hair back in to a bun because I just washed it. Tomorrow it wil be nice and wavy. I need a hair cut so bad though, my hair hasn't been this long since I was in high school and it needs a trim!!!! Love to you,

    Shaun axoxoxoxo

  3. beautiful curls right off of the curling wand!

  4. Hi Elle, your hair looks stunning! Would love to try this gorgeous look out.

  5. lovely! i get my messy curls by curling my hair tighter the night before, sleeping on it, waking up and shaking it out and that's it :)

  6. Your hair is gorgeous Elle! I hope you are having a good time in the mountains!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  7. Such pretty hair, Elle! You have the perfect blog for you and your fun style sense. Yay!!!

  8. Hope you're having fun, Elle:) And love the messy curls. I just put my hair in a pony tail today:(

  9. I hope you enjoy yourself in the mountains and getting lots of relaxing in.

    I love your pretty curls. Your hair always look amazing.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  10. Your curls look great girlie!!

    Enjoy your trip in the mountains!!

  11. Such a fabulous look. I need to get one of those irons.

  12. Have fun in the mountains- get some fresh air for me, okay? ;)

    Love the flouncy, mussed curls! Perfect!


  13. Have a great weekend! I wish I was more skilled at curling my hair. It's a major fail every time.

  14. I'd love to get my hair to do this–it's always straight before lunch!

  15. I love this pics!(and the tutorial too obviously) you look so happy and pretty!

  16. Great tutorial, i have to try it this weekend! Great idea! :)

  17. Gorgeous!! My hair is getting pretty long...wonder how that would look on me! xoxo

  18. I miss my long hair soooo much.

  19. love your hair. Have a great weekend and spending time relaxing

  20. hey Elle- I have been checking up on your blog on a daily basis lately! i cant get enough of it! i linked you in my latest blog post {january faves} thank you for your consistent awesome content babe!

  21. You look so pretty! I would love to have loose curls one day instead of my tight spirals -- but that would just take more work than it's worth. :)

  22. beautiful! this Sunday I'm buying new curler! woohoo!

  23. OMG this looks so amazing! I LOVE IT!

  24. I keep meaning to get a curling wand, I always borrow my friends and like how the curls turn out.

  25. Such beautiful curls. I could never perfect it because my arm starts to get tired from raising it for so long... and then the thought of that keeps me from wanting to try again. such a vicious cycle.


  26. you have good hair. CORRECTION! you have GREAT HAIR!!!

  27. jealous! your hair curls so perfectly, they always fall out of my hair. xx


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