Quick Tips: (Unusual) NYE On-the-Go Kit

In addition to the usual items (check out my original NYE Survival Kit) you would ordinarily pop in your purse, consider adding these unusual items to your NYE On-the-Go Kit:

Lip Balm (plain)
  • rub on your heels before wearing shoes to help avoid blisters
  • place on minor cuts/shaving knicks
  • tame unruly eyebrows
  • rub on dry elbows/knees
  • removes clumps on lashes

Starbucks Napkins
  • for blotting lipstick
  • blot oily skin (toilet seat covers work too)
  • Check out my other Starbucks Beauty Tips

Dryer Sheet
  • tame flyaways in hair
  • reduce static in clothes
  • eliminates stinky hair

Interdental Brush--These tiny brushes used to clean braces are a staple in my bag. There are over a dozen uses:
  • from taming eyebrows and baby hairs
  • to exfoliating lips (you gotta be kissable at midnight!). 

Mini Toothpaste
  • In addition to whiter teeth and fresher breath
  • try it to wash smells from your hands
  • quickly whiten shoes.

Sugar Substitute Packet
  • Pour onto a grease spot and allow the sugar to harden and soak up the grease. Brush away and the spot will be gone! This works best if it's instantly applied. 

After the Evening:
Dry Shampoo
  • Spray on armpit area of clothes (not skin) or inside of shoes to remove smell. 
  • Spray dry shampoo or touchable scented hairspray on your hair and brush through after a minute or so. It will help prevent stinky hair after a long night out, if you're too tired to wash your hair. See how to use dry shampoo here.

Baby Wipes (or makeup wipes)--If you're too tired to wash your face after a long night out, remove makeup with these.

Hangover Mask & Hangover Helpers--Use yogurt on your face after a night out to refresh your skin. See the whole Hangover Mask post here. Also, look at these Hangover Helpers.

PS: Check out my tip on how to Avoid Flashback in Photos.

Hair/makeup ideas for NYE tomorrow!


  1. Well that is interesting. Some of those things I have and others are foreign to me. oh well, I can learn can't I? hahahaha

  2. oh you are such the Martha Stewart! I love all of these ideas- I feel like you have all of the secrets for a great girls' night out!

  3. oh, i'm going to be sure to carry these for this weekend/new year!

  4. Nice tips. Some of them are new to me.

    I just accepted a NYE party-invitation and was getting exciting as I planned for it but then, suddenly and sadly, realized I have to wear men's clothes. Boring clothes. No handbag full of useful items, as you recommend. Damn. The difference between my dreamlife and my real-life is awful at times like this.

  5. These are great tips. I've done the lip balm on feet for shoes too. I also use vaseline if I remember at home.


  6. Great tips Elle! I never knew you could get a stain out with sugar substitute!

    xo Rach
    Enter the Alex and Ani Giveaway!

  7. What a perfect kit ! ^^ I got so many useful tips on every day life too. Cute.

    Thanks for the comment! I hope you had the most wonderful Christmas.

    Indie by heart

  8. Great tips! We're hitting the town for NYE- I'll need to stock up on these little helpers to ensure I get through the night able to handle an array of beauty emergencies. :)

    Happy New Year!


  9. I love tips, thank you for your warm message on my blog. I hope your festive holiday has been great, xoxo.

  10. Good tips! I didn't know lip balm removes clumps on eyelashes. I'll have to remember that!

  11. I wish I read about the Starbucks napkins during last semester, I'd use the paper bag from my lunch as a blotter on my nine hour day! It was somewhat effective. I'll have to grab a handful of napkins next time I'm at Starbucks.

  12. So many great ideas, I especially love all your creative uses for lip balm!

  13. Dry sheet can remove deodorant from clothes too

  14. Those lip balm tips are great! I should try them on my face, since the area near my hair line is always super dry and peeling (and I can't really figure out why).

  15. Believe it or not I have tried a few of these before and they work perfectly well. :) I just totally forgot all about it. :) Thanks for the reminder and yes, these tips are practical, and useful and let's just say cheap too...because it's what we all have standing in our bathroom anyways - so no need to buy new stuff ;)


  16. I didn't know that about the dryer sheets! interesting!

  17. your headband looks great with all ur hairstyles!!



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