How To: Bella's Hair & Makeup from Breaking Dawn 2

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I mentioned earlier this week I saw Break Dawn Part 2 and I loved the twist!! Omg. Being the Professional Blogger that I am (big time jk), I brought my mini notebook and pen, ready to take notes on Bella's vampire look. I jotted and drew, only to realize later that my pen was out of ink, and what I could see had been blurred by chocolate. Professional, indeed. So here's my tutorial on her hair and makeup, based on her look in the movie. It is very wearable and can be done on a drugstore budget or high end; just use colors that are similar to the ones pictured. Enjoy!

1 1/2 inch curling iron or hot rollers
brush, hairspray, heat protectant

  • The look we want here is big, voluminous Victoria's Secret curls. Bella had lots of extensions wigs/magic to achieve this, so as long as the hair you're using is layered and long, this should work! 
  • This can be done with freshly-washed hair, since the curls are so loose. I usually just divide my hair in half and curl each side.
  • Begin by taking a one inch section of hair and use the curling iron to roll vertically from the ends to the root of hair. Hold for ten seconds and gently release the clamp to release the curls. Repeat all over hair. 
  • Lightly tease or curl or spray roots to volumize them.
  • Bella didn't really have her hair parted, so flip your head over and then back for extra oomph.
  • To make it look more natural: 
    • Vary hair sections to half and one inch.
    • Vary the direction of curl (away, towards face). This means if you're holding the curling iron vertically, and the clamp is not facing you, your curls with be towards your face. If the clamp is pointed at you, the curls should turn out away from your face. This isn't required, just optional to make it look more natural.

Foundation mixed with luminizer (optional)
Concealer, powder, eye shadow primer
Half lashes (optional)
Eye Shadows in white, light brown, dark brown (I used The Balm's Nude Tude Palette)
Shadow brushes in flat, crease, and pencil
Bronzer to deeper cheekbones & blush brush
Lip Stain

While above you'll see what's needed to achieve the whole face, I'm focusing on the eyes in this tutorial, as the rest is self-explanatory.

Pat white shade onto inner corner of eye.

Pat light brown shade on the rest of lid.

Place darker brown shade into outer corner and blend into crease.

Using a pencil brush, run dark brown shade underneath bottom lashes.

Add white shade underneath eyebrow. Add mascara, false lashes if desired, and bronzer onto cheekbones. Lightly pat lip stain onto lips with fingers.

Eyes edited! Contacts can be purchased for around $30 online (um, no thanks).
She only had red eyes at the very beginning of the movie, before she fed, 
and honey-colored for the rest of the movie.

Have a great weekend! Be safe, behave, and be well. Love, Elle


  1. this really makes me wanna get colored contacts

  2. You did a great job recreating this look!

  3. I'm not a Twilight fan, but I have to say her hair looks awesome! I think you did a great job :) xo


  4. You look stunning as a vampire! :)

  5. Looks really great hun!!! xoxo.

  6. looking great! but, yeah, keep your normal eye color :)

  7. Elle! awesome! i will have to tell my daughter about this post. she will be so grateful. seriously, she is paying someone tomorrow to do this -do for her for family pics. she can cancel out and do it herself (and save the money) thank you.

  8. So love this post. Also dmed you on tweeter.

  9. well done! love it!! you make a beautiful vampire too:-)

  10. I'm not really a Twilight fan, but you look gorgeous and actually make me want to watch the movie! :)

  11. Love this look, Elle! The whole look is pretty bang on:) And yes....OMG on the twist. Love how Bill Condon did it. And were you crying in the end? I was...sniff sniff....

  12. Oh, wow! You did such a great job, Elle! (Love the packaging on the eyeshadow, too. :) )

  13. The vampire look suits you well! Thanks for the tutorial!

  14. Wow, you've done a brilliant recreation of Bella's look!

  15. LOVE this so much! Can you please tell me who makes the eyeshadow palate and where I can find it? Thanks so much

  16. Anon: The Balm's Nude Tude. I've found it online for $36 on their site, but hautelook.com sells it often for $18.

  17. Anon: You can also use Naked Palette too. Or if you'd like drugstore options, let me know.

  18. Definitely very Bella-esque! You did a great job at recreating her hair and makeup from the movie :) I haven't seen the film yet, but I'm sure I will get around to it eventually! (Don't want to know what the twist is yet haha)

  19. What a great post!! Perfect for Twilight fans like myself!

  20. She had great hair in the movie! Love your pic with the edited eyes ;)


  21. Great tips, you look just like her xxx

  22. Lovely hair ! Really great inspiration..a little spooky too, with the vampire eyes ;)

    You have a really lovely beauty-blog, and thank you so much for joining my followers! Stop by anytime again x

    Indie by heart

  23. You did an awesome job with the make up!

  24. I love this Elle, especially because I'm a little challenged when it comes to curling my hair. Your makeup and curling tips are spot on.


  25. Oh this is just gorgeous, the hair is fantastic! Well done!

  26. she's beautiful! and so are YOU!


  27. Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing.
    I adore your blog, would you like to follow each other?

  28. Hair looks fab Elle!!! Love the makeup shades.

  29. You pull off sultry vampire better than she does ;)

  30. I love this post very much. Gorgeous hair!

  31. You're such a pro and so creative - I love it. These are great tutorials!

    Thanks for your sweet note on Friday!

  32. This is so awesome!! I saw this on Instagram and was blown away... you really pulled it off :)

  33. You look absolutely STUNNING! Lovee the finl look!


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