Beauty Grab Bag: November

Can I just say that YOU are the best? Yes, you! I was instantly cheered up with your sweet comments on yesterday's post and was floored by the support. Thank you. It's all good. You know what else is good? Fun, new-to-me beauty products! Monthly I share random beauty products I bought using coupons or on sale/was gifted (non PR) and I call it: The Beauty Grab Bag! Check out November's products!

Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls--I've been a fan of Miss Jessie's products and wrote about the Quick Curls here. I had to have this new version--for natural curls/waves that aren't crunchy, just soft. Miss Jessie's is BOGO at CVS and Target until Dec. 15! As for my review of it, I liked it, but am leery of calling it THE best hair product ever. The texture of the cream is very thick. There's an "old lady perfume" smell I didn't care for that mostly dissipates later. I had definition to my loose, natural waves, and very minimal crunchiness--this was only in sections that had too much product. My waves were soft and lasted for hours. I used only this and had very little frizziness. I also used this as a curl enhancer for when I used a curling wand. I got compliments all night on my hair!  I think my waves were more defined with minimal work with the Quick Curls, but I liked not having "ramen noodles" hair with the Pillow Soft. I used to concoct my own product similar to the Pillow Soft using several different products, so having just one thing is a relief! 

ELF Vanilla Sugar Cookie Lotion Wipes--I loved my ELF lotion wipes in coconut, and am thrilled with these too. I keep these in my car, for when situations arise, like suddenly realizing you have ashy legs upon exiting the car, flyaways in hair, being around smokers (hair and body), or when I don't want lotiony palms (does that make sense?). These wipes aren't the most moisturizing things ever, but they work and smell deliciously.

Revlon Lipstick in Black Cherry--Don't let the shade throw you off. It's a super pretty dark berry color that's great for fall/winter. This can be matte or with gloss, like I did, for vampy lips. It's a bit darker in person, but really very pretty and wearable. Try it.

CoverGirl Clump Crusher Mascara--If you didn't like Lash Blast (one of my faves) you might like the smaller, spoon-shaped nylon bristles on this mascara. It is a daytime mascara that is buildable and looks natural. It works best if coats are applied back-to-back. I didn't have clumping issues unless I let my lashes dry between coats or used an eyelash curler after (which I never do anyway since it causes clumping for me). It's a drier formula and check my Instagram for another photo of it on my eyes.

Wet N Wild LE Palette in Sparkle Til Morning--$4.99 and it had to be mine. While the colors initally make me think of summer, this LE palette works anytime. I've tried them all, but haven't worn the definer shades in a look yet. And now I want to go to the beach...

Orly Polish in Devil May Care--My mom gave this to me as a little pre-stocking stuffer, or so I told myself! Maybe because I'm her favorite child? She reads my blog, so had to throw that in. The red glitter with gold glitter accents polish is perfect for the holidays. Check my Instagram for photo of it on my nails.

1 coat of mascara & lipstick with gloss

I shared mini-reviews here, but if you'd like more in-depth on a product pictured, let me know!
What have you been loving lately?


  1. Nice collection! I really love the lip color and the mascara looks interesting!

  2. Arg, I hate it that I can't get new stuff.. I am not a beauty blogger, but I do like having & using beauty stuff obviously and now I feel like I have enough and was thinking to put a lock on my credit card, just until I finish some of them.. but I ran out of glitter nail polish, so I must get a new one, must must..

  3. I want to try that palette! It looks so fabulous.

  4. Oooh, that mascara looks really promising! Would love to try it, though I'm loving LashBlast right now :) The Wet n Wild palette has so many pretty shades, and Black Cherry looks lovely on you - I think I need to add that one to my lipstick wishlist!

  5. Love that nail polish! Perfect for the holidays!

  6. I really want to try the Clump Crusher mascara! Everyone's been raving about it. It's next on my list of mascaras to try out once I use up my current ones!

    Everyone also waves about the WnW palettes, so I've been curious about those. I don't own a single one! I'll have to keep my eye out for when CVS does a BOGO special and pick some up (although I reaaaaaaaally don't need anymore eyeshadows right now!)

  7. So many awesome things I want to try! Those lotion wipes look pretty cool, I've never heard of them. And the color of that lipstick is beautiful!! Wishlisting all of this!

  8. Wow....that Revlon lippie looks fab on you!

  9. Love your look! Very natural, but beautiful!

  10. The lotion wipes would definitely be a good addition for the car! Now I just have to remember to buy them on my next shopping trip . . .

  11. I didn't think that the lip colour would look that amazing, wow I love it! The eye palette has some beautiful shades too.

  12. i want it all!!! did the eye shadow last long without creasing?


  13. I haven't tried anything by Miss Jessie yet- but Pillow Soft Curls sounds amazing!

    Love the gloss- you look gorgeous!


  14. I'm glad you're feeling cheered up, hon! I have got to get my hands on those sugar cookies wipes and the Devil May Care polish. I have been loving my Mary Kay clay face mask lately, since it's helping keep my early winter breakouts at bay.

  15. I've been meaning to try the Miss Jessie Pillow Soft Curls, thanks for the recommendation, hopefully you do a review on it : )

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  16. I definitely want to try out Miss Jessie's!

  17. I really like that palette and definitely want to try the curling cream!


  18. I must try the Cover Girl mascara! Your lashes look great!

  19. Great products. You look fab. Love the glossy lips.


  20. We all get those bad comments, just the creeps on the internet, I guess!

    I really want that black cherry lipstick in my life! Ooo..la la!

  21. I can't believe you have been receiving negative comments. You seem to have such a friendly personality and are allows full of helpful tips and information.

    That lipstick is very pretty.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  22. love that lip color! such a pretty shade :)

  23. I want to know more about the pillow soft curls!

  24. love the mascara!


  25. I love the shadows and the lip gloss is very pretty.

  26. oooooh, i want to try those lotion wipes from elf! they sound so interesting! :)

    <3, Mimi


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