Stuff You Need: Diamond Candles

One treat I loved as a kid was getting the toy at the bottom of the cereal or Cracker Jack box.  Didn't you? What I'm about to show you the grownup girl's version! Enter Diamond Candles. I was sent one and it's quickly become my favorite candle. I'm burning it right now as I'm writing this!

Did someone say Hawaiian Coconut? I'm in.

Let me introduce you to these awesome natural, made-by-hand soy candles. You're gonna want one. Or ALL 26 OF THEM. Twenty-six scents like Carnival Candy, Cupcake, Fresh Snow, Dusk, Cinnamon Bun, Pomegranate Lemonade, Sunwashed, and Tropical Retreat, just to name a random few. There's something for everyone--seriously, check it out.

While I personally want to buy these for myself (greedy!), Diamond Candles make excellent gifts. What a cute idea to give a soon-to-be-bride! Or for the birthday girl. It's three gifts in one--when you're through with the candle, you can reuse the glass jar!

Every candle has a ring hidden inside worth $10 to $5000! How fun is that? Check out their story:

I was given Hawaiian Coconut ($24.95) to review and if you've read this blog at all, you'll know coconut is one of my favorite smells EVER! But so many coconut candles smell artificial & odd. I was happily carried away to the delicious smell of Hawaiian Coconut as soon as I lit it. I've had it for over a month and the smell is still just as strong as day 1! Also, I'm a big candle fan but have to give many away due to the candle giving me a sinus headache or migraine. Diamond Candles don't aggravate my allergies, whew!

So the candle smells great, but let's talk about the fun part: the ring! As you can see, wrapped in foil is a ring hidden in the candle that's worth $10-5000. What ring will you get? How much is it worth?

the waiting is the hardest part

It took me around 6 hours (I burned the candle over a few days) until the candle melted enough for me to reach the foil. Using a pair of tweezers, I carefully pulled the foil package out and waited for it to cool. I was too excited & clumsy to take pics of this part, but I know you can picture it. And then, I unwrapped it. Here's what I got:

pretty purple

You want one, right? Yes!

Here are the details so you can get your own:
Price: $24.95
Candle Size: 6.5 inches & 3 inches wide
Made with: soy wax and lead-free wicks

Would you try Diamond Candles?


  1. That is so so so awesome!! And you can pour the melted wax of soy candles on your lover for a little massage...depending on the additives of course.

  2. Yes, I'd buy a diamond candle. You had me a coconut!

  3. This is so cool! Definitely reminds me of a cereal box treat!

  4. I love candles and the ring sounds like an amazing bonus! Unfortunately I am allergic to synthetic fragrance so I don't burn conventional scented candles, only natural ones.

    Your ring is so pretty!

  5. That is so cool! I really want one!


  6. Such a fantastic idea! I love the thought of a ring at the bottom. Amazing concept.

  7. What does a man get in a man jar? There better be a woman in the bottom of EVERY jar!

  8. i love collecting candles! and i even learned how to make it.. i love everything with coconut scent and flavor but this one i never seen.. this is so cool!!!! i should check this here :)

    xoxo, Haus of Gala

  9. That's such a fun idea!

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  10. Love it!! I was so impatient and tilted mine as it burned so I could grab the ring faster. ;)

  11. Cool concept - who wouldn't want a ring as an extra surprise!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  12. I love the smell and thought of coconut too! You always feel like you're sitting on the beach.

  13. Oooh these are so cool. Thanks for introducing me! Such a great concept!

  14. How brilliant is that..to put a ring at the bottom:) It does remind me of the Cracker Jack!

  15. These look so wonderful. What an amazing idea.

  16. How fun!!! And 10,000 pieces a month is not too shabby. Love their story :) xoxo

  17. I also love coconut!! Also I just want to thank you for all your likes on instagram and your great comments on my blog!!

  18. Omg, I dooo want oneeee!! Coconut and a surprise jewlery?? I'm inn!!

  19. Omg, I dooo want oneeee!! Coconut and a surprise jewlery?? I'm inn!!

  20. Omg, I dooo want oneeee!! Coconut and a surprise jewlery?? I'm inn!!

  21. How cool is that? Whoever thought of putting a ring in the candle was a genious. I'm going to have to get one of those. BTW, I tried your beach hair tip. It worked pretty well.

  22. okay, I love candles, I love long-burning candles and I love coconut... but those are easy to come by. The ring involved! are you joking, sooo cute and what a great idea.

  23. I've heard about these before! You get a candle AND a ring! How fun! You got a lovely ring!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  24. You are so right! This seems like such a fabulous gift idea! What a lovely ring you got...

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  26. I am a candle fanatic! I've never heard of them. How fabulous! You get a great candle and a chance at a $5000 ring. What more could a girl ask for. Nice post!

  27. This looks like fun! I would totally try these!

  28. One of my fav DIY bloggers had one of those candles, I think they're adorable.



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