June MyGlam & Birchbox Reviews!

My favorite part of the month is when the goodies arrive in the mail! I carefully open the packages, carefully hurriedly take pics, and then get to town trying out the samples. Here's what arrived in JUNE:

MyGlam's theme for June was Out All Night. Here's what's inside:

  • Gold, glittery clutch...Yes, it sheds glitter, but IT'S GOLD & GLITTER. Keeping it. Glitter.
  • Philosophy--Take a Deep Breath Energizing Oxygen Gel Cream Moisturizer...I love this, and it's oil-free. 
  • NYX Round Lipstick in Vitamin...Last month was lipstick as well. No complaints here! It's a pretty pink, peachy color. Very wearable.
  • Living Proof--Nourishing Styling Cream...This product stops frizz by using it on wet hair before styling. I've liked their other products in the past--not a fan of the smell--and they've worked well. Oddly enough, this works better for me on dry hair.
  • Marbella--Permanent Eyeliner Pen...I went out last weekend, so this black eyeliner was put to the test. It works! No smudging. And it came off easily with makeup remover. 5/5

Birchbox's theme this month was Jet Set. I loved this month's box, but wish I got the full-sized products & same products like everyone else (conspiracy!).

  • Comodynes--Self-Tanning Intensive...$14.99/8...These tanning towels are easy to use and results can be seen in 3 hours. 
  • Jouer--Luminizing Moisture Tint...$38...I've gotten their other products before, and was just as pleased with this one. I'd describe it as more of a BB Cream, but I really liked it. Dewy, glowy skin indeed.
  • La Fresh--Eco Beauty Oil-Free Face Cleanser...$9.99/30...These were awful at getting shadow off my lids. I used my regular CVS wipes to finish the job.
  • Number 4......Super Comb Prep & Protect...$32...It's a leave-in, defrizzing treatment with UV filters. It reminds me of It's a 10! but this smells better!
  • The Balm's Stainiac in Beauty Queen--$32...A lip/cheek stain that's similar to Benetint, but I love this almost gel-like formula MUCH better.
  • Cynthia Rowley Bandaids...Maybe this is my full-size product? 20 bandaids (for $16) designed by Rowley in 2 sizes and several designs. Didn't try these out, admittedly, but will should a boo-boo arise. Yes, injuries are referred to in an immature manner. ;) 6/7
So what did YOU get (in any monthly subscription)?
Leave me links to your post & I'll pop over/comment!

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  1. Oooh looks like you got 2 winners this month! SO fun :)

    Have a great weekend, Elle! xoxo

  2. Your box looks like a lot more fun than my birchbox, which was full of self-tanning items! I think that gold clutch is my favorite...so sparkly!

  3. I agree with Kyla, I think my fave is the gold clutch. I've got one like that and it leaves gold glitter everywhere

  4. I really love everything in the MyGlam box you got. Those are seriously some kick-ass products:)

  5. I'm scared to try birchbox bc what if one month everyone gets the rad band aids or Dermalogica Microfoliant and I get peel and stick nails? Think shit fit! Hahaha

  6. That Philosophy Oxygen Gel moisturizer looks really cool. I am a fan of their products.

  7. I'd be excited about the Band-Aids. I'll admit it.

  8. We pretty much got the same glambag, but our Birchboxes are totally different. I will get my post up this upcoming week. I was ready to cancel both services, but I am actually pretty happy with both of them this month (after last month being horrible for me).


  9. Oh! I love the little clutch it came in. That's so cute. :)

  10. Looks like you got pretty good boxes this month. I love your MyGlam box especially that clutch!

  11. Looks like you got some great stuff! I really like the gold purse - so pretty!

  12. love your birchbox! i bought the full size of the jouer tinted moisturizer! i love it!

  13. I really want to sign up for one of these beauty boxes once we move into our new place. Is there one you favor over the other?

  14. I love Philosophy!! Soo much!


  15. great review! i love the gold clutch also... and i definitely will look into getting the permanent liner, as i get to look racoon-y every time i wear liners. :)

    have a great wknd!


  16. must try philosophy's skincare line

  17. must try philosophy's skincare line

  18. I've never heard of my glam. Sounds like it might be a better option compared to birch box?

    Pixel Hazard | Bright Green Laces |

  19. Wow, that clutch would be my favourite part! :-) Happy weekend dear! xo

  20. Maybe I should hop on the wagon of this monthly subscription..

  21. Oh this looks so fun. I should sign up for Birchbox!!! Thanks for sharing and happy Sunday!

  22. The MyGlam box looks really good. I love Philosophy products so can't wait to see how you get on with the moisturiser.

  23. WHAT? I didn't get Band-Aids :( I got a man's sample which was annoying.

    That MyGlam bag looks good - kinda wishing I didn't cancel mine!

  24. Looks like you got some great goodies! I agree on peachy pink lipsticks being a great color choice :)

  25. Those bandaids are pretty cool! Too bad the clutch sheds. It's so pretty!

  26. I want to try the spray stuff, thanks for linking up!

  27. Oh nice stuff! I'm totally digging the band aids! I just cancelled my monthly sample box. I have so many samples and it's becoming overwhelming. I want to use everything all the time and my face paid the price. LOL!

  28. I do the same thing on my blog every month!! Check it out!



  29. I just got my reservation confirmation for BirchBox and am still trying to decide to go for it or not. I already subscribe to MyGlam and have been pretty satisfied with it. I'm not sure how my husband would react knowing I'm subscribing to both. Do you have a preference between Birchbox and Myglam? Sorry to put you on the spot!


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