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[Edit: I was going through my drafts and never noticed I posted this and meant to almost 2 years ago. Oops. Since then my blog has improved, and I am more apt to share beauty than household tips, but I couldn't delete this post. How 'bout I make up for it with a hair tutorial tomorrow? See ya then.] 

Since my last post on Handy Hints was so popular, I thought I'd rack my brain & the web to for even more Handy Hints.
  • Olive Oil--This is one of my all-time must-have beauty products!
    • I use it for makeup removal. 
    • I use it for shaving my legs. It keeps them super soft. 
    • Dab some on a cotton swab to help a stuck zipper.
    • Have a stubborn sticker/label? Swab some on the priced sticker, let it soak and then wipe clean.
    • Use oil on knots for tangled necklaces.
    • Have paint on your skin? Try olive oil to remove the paint.
  • Satin pillowcase--
    • prevents creases,
    • keeps hair from looking crazy in the morning, 
    • supposedly good for skin (no breakouts)
  • Lip balm--another one of my all-time, must-have beauty products (aka Chap Stick)
    • Rub on heels to prevent blisters
    • Run on a zipper to prevent sticking (same goes for drawers or windows)
    • Shine leather shoes
    • Stop shaving nicks from bleeding
    • Rub along your hairline to prevent dye from getting on your skin
    • Dab the medicated kind on zits
    • Unruly eyebrows? Smear a little on them.
    • Rub on dry elbows and knees
    • Use an makeup remover, if in a pinch
    • Stops flyaways
  • Baby Powder
    • Get the sand off you at the beach
    • Dry shampoo (for you or even the dog)
    • Insect repellent
    • Squeaky floors
    • Sprinkle on carpet and vaccuum up
    • Got dark hair? Cocoa powder can be used in a pinch as a dry shampoo or root cover up.
  • Bonus Tips
    • Pour some vanilla extract on cotton balls and place on saucers to alleviate cig smoke. I don't allow smoking in my house, but when smokers come indoors, the smell lingers. And this tips helps immensely. I've heard to use vinegar as well, but I can't stand the way it smells. 
    • Soap--stop itching on mosquitos bites...the bar soap kind
    • Toothpaste--to get smell off of hands
    • Sugar--soothes a burnt toungue


  1. I love all your tips! It's interesting about olive oil. :)

  2. Wonderful tips!! I love using olive oil as a make-up remover (I'll start using it to shave my legs!) but what I am most interested in is all your tips on baby powder! Amazing...who knew that is how I could get sand off at the beach or I could use it as dry shampoo. Thanks Elle!!

  3. Great tips! I look forward to trying them out

    Mal @ The Chic Geek

  4. What amazing tips, I'm already on board with lip balm, I use it for everything but will definitely start putting olive oil to work!! Thanks!!

  5. Lifesavers! :)

    I love to mix olive oil and warm milk for a good foot soak, too.


  6. I love your tips and I know you said you can't stand the smell of vinegar but since I am so very allergic to bug bites (red, big time swelling) I have found that this is THE best home remedy for it!

  7. I've obviously got to get me some olive oil!

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  8. Ahh the olive oil tips are awesome and I do love how lip balm can be used for so many things!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  9. Great tips, as always! I love using a satin pillowcase in the summer. It's so cool and smooth against my face.

  10. Olive oil on tangled necklaces? I need to try this.

  11. I love baby powder - so many great uses :)

  12. I had forgotten about baby powder to help get sand off of you. Perfect reminder as we're heading to the beach this weekend! It is now on my list to pack!

  13. I had forgotten about baby powder to help get sand off of you. Perfect reminder as we're heading to the beach this weekend! It is now on my list to pack!

  14. i kind of feel like an idiot for not thinking of olive oil for anything but cooking!

  15. well, i use olive oil all the time, i sleep on a satin pillow case (didn't know it was good for your skin too, so that's great. i use it for my hair, of course), and lip balms are my best friend!

  16. Great tips! Some of these I had never heard of. I definately need the satin pillow cases. My hair is a crime in the morning when I wake up!

  17. These tips are so great, especially about the olive oil.

  18. I love the smoker lingering tip! I may shadily stick that in my bosses office... Sometimes when he goes out to smoke, the smell lingers...

  19. Olive oil and baking soda are two powerhouses for getting things done around my place!

  20. do you have any good suggestions for household items that could be used to shine up metals? for instance, non-precious metal jewelry? i have some necklaces that are tarnishing a bit and want to spruce them up.


  21. I've never heard of shaving your legs with olive oil. I must try this!

  22. Olive oil to shaving and baby powder on our pup!? Totally using both these tips!

    Stop by & enter my Vedette giveaway!

  23. This post is awesome! It's all so useful. It's so great to know little things like this for everyday life! I actually have a burnt tongue right now, so will try sugar.

  24. I always love vanilla in the house, its so fresh. I have a lot of Ikea vanilla candles which i burn all the time

  25. I had no idea there were so many uses for olive oil and lip balm.

  26. You are awesome. I love all of your tips.

  27. I always wondered why silk pillow cases. I guess that explains our crazy hair in the morning! haha...

  28. I love olive oil -- albeit mostly in food -- and never thought it could work for some many beauty tricks! I will definitely try it on my legs next time I shave. xo style, she wrote

  29. I never thought to use olive oil as make-up remover!wow!

  30. So many great ideas. I should print the list and tape it inside a bathroom cabinet door.

  31. These are such handy tips! Thanks for sharing!

  32. i really want to try the oily tips. thanks for sharing ;)

  33. Olive oil for makeup remover.... GENIOUS! What an awesome post!

  34. olive oil is amazing! :)

    <3, Mimi
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  35. Wow, I did not know any of this. Thanks!


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