How To: Waterfall Twist

I've gotten a few requests for the popular waterfall braid, but I thought this version would be much easier to do (I can do a tutorial as well for the original waterfall braid if desired). Once you get the concept, it takes only 5 minutes to do. It looks great on straight, curly, or wavy hair. Here's how to:

T O O L S:
1 or 2 bobby pins

M E T H O D:
Pick a side to start working on. I started on the right side.
Take a section above your ear and divide it in half.
Twist the 2 pieces once, just like you're twisting a twist tie on your bread (haha).
Now, grab a piece of hair a little further over.
Put that piece in the middle of your two pieces of hair. Those two pieces will sort of clamp it down.
Let go of the third piece (aka the last piece you grabbed aka the same one that you just clamped down) and twist your original two pieces together.
Now, move a little further on and grab another piece of hair.
Clamp, drop, and twist, just like you did earlier.
Repeat until you get to the other side of your head.
Pin into place. You're done!

T I P S:

  • The size of the hair you grab, clamp, and drop doesn't matter, but I would keep it consistent. I used smaller pieces there.
  • To get more of the falling effect, go a little bit further down the hair shaft with each piece you grab, instead of grabbing across.
  • Try practicing this on someone else's hair first if you can't get the hang of it.
  • I would also try using much smaller pieces/section just to practice. I know doing a mini fishtail braid helped me when I was learning how to fishtail.

If you've a request for a celeb hairstyle, let me know, below.

PS: Congrats to Tinagirl for winning the Pixics giveaway. Thanks to all who entered.


  1. a few weeks ago i tried the braid after seeing a you tube video. the girl made it look so easy, but it was hard to do it on myself. this looks like it might be a little easier!


  2. I love the waterfall braid! I'm seeing it more and more and it's so pretty. You've done it again!

    Thank you for your tips, they are great!


  3. Such a great style! This would totally help tame my long hair!!

  4. It looks SO good, but it's way to complicated for me to ever perfect. I'm still trying to perfect your wavy hair :)

  5. That's so pretty! Wish I was more fussy about my hair. It's always pulled back and in a ponytail :/

  6. Very lovely! Thanks for the tutorial. :)

  7. This is so cute Elle! I am seriously lacking in motor skills so this might take a while for me to get it lol but I'll try it!

  8. Um, I may not be talented enough to pull this one off. It looks gorgeous though!

  9. Great tutorial! Thanks so much for sharing. I'll definitely be giving this a try!

  10. Gorgeous and easy! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Woooow so beautiful! Great tutorial!


  12. Just like you twist bread... haha! :) Cute! You're so talented, Elle. I wish I had half your talent with hair.

    Thank you for your sweet words on my blog while I was away!


  13. Fantastic! I'm so bad at braiding, my girl gets so mad! I will practice for sure. Keep the braiding tutorials coming!

  14. Ooooo...I love braids. Will definitely give this one a go!

  15. Gorgeous! Will have to try this soon--pinning it so I actually remember to attempt it ;)

  16. Pretty! I'm going to try this. I've been getting into braided hairstyles lately.

  17. Oh this is very cool! I've never thought about doing this version, thanks for sharing!

  18. It looks lovely, a refreshing new style to try, I will be sharing this link (if its okay) with some of my non-blogging friends because I know they will love to learn how to do this braid

  19. This is really cool!! I've always wondered how to do this, and it looks so pretty.

  20. Looks so pretty! And this looks like a tutorial I might actually be able to follow and re-create with my hair. Happy Friday, Elle!

  21. i love this! it's so pretty! i tried a few months ago and was really excited about learning, and then gave up!

    very cute, though!

    drop by allister bee soon!

  22. pretty curls! now I miss my long hair! cool tutorial!


  23. So pretty! I wonder if I can make it work on my hair. Fingers crossed!


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