Outfit of the Week: Candy Cane Memories

As I write this, I've just returned to Atlanta from a five-hour trek home for Christmas and wedding celebrations. My eyeliner is smudged from rubbing the sun out of my eyes. My nails are chipped cherry-red, leftover from the wedding. My hair is a tangled mess of curls. My bun needs no pins to keep its shape; just a knot. I'm wearing a rumpled cardigan rescued from my cursorily-packed bag, as the temperature has dropped twenty degrees. This is the uniform my family sees when I visit them. I live in pajama pants from Target and think about brushing my hair. I am comfortable. I am content. And planning outfits is the furthest thing from my mind.

It's time to unpack and unwind. There's mail to be sorted (that can wait) and wine to drink (that cannot wait). Before I sign off, I leave you with the outfit I wore for my drive home last week. Christmas has come and gone, but I'm reminiscing of candy cane memories.

Outfit of the Week: Candy Cane Memories

When, Where, Why: Last week, driving, wedding & Christmas festivities
Heard: Gone Again, Best Coast Gone Again by Best Coast on Grooveshark
  • Red & white striped tee c/o Stylemint
  • Black skinnies from Old Navy
  • Black Foms, aka my Fake Toms I got for $5 in Chinatown
  • Red polish to match my red bridesmaid's dress
  • Just noticed this outfit is kinda the opposite of last week's! And someone needs to go on a stripe hiatus. I didn't take a pic-obvi-since I was driving/stressed, but here's the last time I wore this shirt, as seen on my HOLIDAY HAIR TUTORIAL.

PS:Thanks for you comments good/bad on yesterday's post! You guys are why I love blogging. And I hit 500 followers! THANK YOU!


  1. Holidays really take it out of a person. Pop open that wine and spend the day relaxing!

  2. Love the red stripes!


  3. Totally Christmasy without being over the top!

  4. bahahaha FOMS that's funny.
    first i'm hearing of them. love it. even better than BOBS

  5. Love the candy cane stripes! That's how my family sees me as well when I'm home. Being cozy + comfy is perfection.



  6. Congrats on the very well-deserved followers - and glad to hear you made it home safe and sound (pour yourself of wine stat)!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  7. Hahaha. I need a stripe hiatus too. I’m obsessed. Your outfit was too cute! 500 followers!? Congrats!

  8. Taking a vacation from primping is good. It rests us for the ordeal of putting on nice clothes. :)

    500 followers?! Wow!

  9. Love it! I just got a new stripe shirt! And love my black skinnies :)

  10. That looks like such a comfy outfit! Adorable!

  11. this really is the perfect holiday outfit!

  12. Congrats on the followers! I love the stripes I dont know why I have so little of it.
    Also, jealousssss of your long long hair. I've tried to grow mine out for so long it just wont the darn thing!
    (hope the people knocking on your door last night ended up leaving you alone! lol)

  13. Congrats on hitting 500! What a milestone.

    In March I will actually be taking a road trip from Boston to Savannah, GA for a family wedding myself, roughly 20+ hours I believe so I think I will look 10X as worst as you do ;) But I love roadtrips, plus this time around I will be documenting what I see for blog entries so it shall be fun!

    Have a great Thursday ;)

  14. Yay for 500!

    I have the same tee from SM & I love it :)


  15. Woohoo on 500 girlie!! And I love those stripes.

  16. Love your shirt and the Toms are becoming my favorite pair of shoes lately .... My Converse are not happy about that.
    Hope you are having a great holiday,

  17. I love Tom's!! $5 Tom's sound pretty rad too.

  18. love what you wrote, love your outfit, & love best coast. in short: love this entry.

  19. Congrats on 500 followers!
    I am also addicted to stripes and I tell myself no more and then what do I do?? I go and buy two more pieces of clothing with stripes! lol
    Happy New Year, Elle!

  20. Oh I love anything that involves candy- and you know my love of stripes!!

    Just took the time to read your post from yesterday and agree to an extent- especially about reading the comments rather than the content.

    I am sitting beside my friend Grace from striesandsequins.com and I just turned to say to her before reading your post how there are so many blogs I just can't stand&so many people who only comment so you will follow them- for me it is not a popularity contest so I choose to ignore those comments. In fact so many of my non blogging friends can't work googlereader so they just signed up via e mail.

    I love that I have found reality and truth in your posts.

    Thank you

  21. Love this outfit - very cute and stylish


  22. Cute Foms! I really want some Toms or Foms...I'm not picky :)

  23. thinking about brushing your hair is just as good as actually brushing it :)

  24. Wine should never be left waiting. Just sayin... hahaha

  25. The red striped top is so cute.
    Re your comment on the art place I took the kids... It was super messy but we liked how it all stayed there.
    They have huge sinks and lots of wipes to wash the kids. Plus all the dirty tee's the kids wore stay there.
    We did have to do a bath when we got home though.

  26. Love the outfit, so festive. I wonder if I can find it in my size? I love stripes, my family always says I live in them. But I still love them.

    Rest a little and recharge Elle, you need it. :)

  27. I love stripes- especially rugby stripes! However, I'm the opposite and do not buy enough stripped shirts! Haha, some days you just need to bring on the wine!

  28. I also have those non-dress-up days where the comfiest thing is a pair of PJ pants. We all need a break from fussing over fashion for a bit. Love this stripy chilled out outfit. I see myself in it.

  29. That's what this time of year is all about, right? Love that stripe shirt. You outfit looks oh so comfy. Can't wait to indulge in some of that myself now that I'm off for 4 days :) xoxo

  30. beautiful blog! i like the red stripes! new follower =)


  31. you can't go wrong with red and white stripes this time of year! :)

  32. hah, rest up!!! I plan on doing that as well. LOVE the candy cane outfit, so cute. And holy bageez, your hair is AMAZING!!!! Send me it?

  33. Love the fake "Toms". I'm sitting on my parent's sofa in my robe as I write this. Leaving for home tomorrow. I'm with you on the wine that cannot wait!!

  34. hope ur holiday season is wonderful and that you have a great new year

  35. Love this simple and classic style! Happy New Year to you!

  36. such a cute post. enjoy your wine ;)

  37. Haha! I like your foms. I've been meaning to buy some actual Toms. And I read a book that included a section on traveling in style, like fabrics that won't wrinkle, eyeliner that doesn't smudge, etc. I'll let you know if I remember the tips&tricks.

  38. I want some FOMS!!!!

    I've always been a little unsure about whether or not I'd actually like Toms, so this would be a great way to try them.

  39. ooooh, i want some foms too, haha! and at $5 each i can buy them in different colors. ;)

    i hope you had a wonderful christmas! :D

    <3, Mimi

  40. I can definitely see the candy cane inspiration! Glad you made it home safely!

  41. Cute look and love your locks!


  42. Sounds like an amazing weekend :) Love your description :)
    And I´m obsessed with that striped T! So beautiful!

    Happy Friday!

    xx Ivana

    Stop by sometimes :)
    Macarons and Pearls

  43. I love it that you have $5 fake Tom's. Looks like a pretty comfy outfit to drive in.



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