Cheap Treats: E.L.F. False Eyelashes

Every week or so, I share a Cheap Treat: something I love that is fewer than $10. This week's Cheap Treat is ELF's False Lashes Kit. The kits are only $1 and are fabulous. The $1 lashes kit comes in Natural or Dramatic. They are my favorite to use for when I want just a little something extra on my eyes. 

The idea of false lashes can be really intimidating, but with just a tiny bit of practice, you'll be ready for those New Year's Eve parties. I've found the ELF false lashes to be the easiest to use. They come in black or brown--brown definitely looks more natural. I'll be sharing a quick tutorial later on how to apply!

What did you get in your stocking this year? Or share another Cheap Treat below!


  1. I need to learn how to apply false eyelashes. Finally I'm able to leave you a comment. Was unable to do so. Blogger might have been misbehaving, again. Happy new year. xx

  2. $1...wow! That really is cheap! I don't think we can get that brand here unfortunately.

    They look good though!

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x


  3. I'm not much of a false lashes girl, hehe, I think mine are good enough :D But this is an awesome deal

  4. Only $1! That is a steal, can't wait for the tutorial because I've never tried using false lashes before - it's the glue I'm afraid of ;)

  5. My favorite stocking stuffer was perfume from Paris! I fell in love with it, but turns out it's cheaper to buy in the states. Shocking, right? Maybe I'll be bold enough to try out some falsies for NYE...maybe. Happy Almost New Year!!!

  6. I love Elf! They're always so cheap. I've been a little too afraid to try false eyelashes, but maybe at such a cheap price I can pull it off!

  7. You know, I've never actually tried fake eye lashes! Like you say, I find them a bit intimidating!

    Perhaps something to try in the new year? I have always been drawn to the Shu Uemura eye lash bar, perhaps I'll stop by tomorrow before going to dinner :)

    Have a wonderful end to the year!

  8. I have to tell you that I LOVE the look of fake eyelashes but try as I might....I cannot put these dang things on. Will you come over and help me?!

  9. It seems like no matter how often I do it I still really suck at applying false lashes - but I should invest in a new set (love the price of these!) and try again!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  10. I love E.L.F.! They have such great prices and I really do like a lot of their products. =)

  11. i've never tried false eyelashes but have always wanted to...

  12. Ooh, perfect! Thanks for this tip. Target is the place to get elf right?

  13. I'd love to try fake lashes because I have really short lashes but they seem so scary!

  14. I haven't mastered applying falsies just yet but practice makes perfect, right?!


  15. just bought some for my friend! im glad they work well!

    and yes dear, you can borrow my dress for NYE =)



  16. Is it sad that I am scared to do this myself?? Maybe will get the nerve one day...

  17. I love these eyelashes. I buy them for my kit and people love them!

  18. a buck? and it includes the glue?? wow, great to know!! i love wearing falsies, but it can get pricey having to replace $6 lashes every week. will def look into these elf ones!

    happy new year!!


  19. just got my 1st pair of these the other day -- can't wait to try them out!! xoxo


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