BEACH WEEK! Steamhouse Lounge

Today on BEACH WEEK 2010, I'm bringing the seafood to you, even if you can't get to a beach!

It's a well-known fact around here I have beach on the brain often. Growing up near beaches and some excellent seafood, I get a hankering every now and again. I'm pretty picky when it comes to fried shrimp and was convinced that unless I'm at an ocean view, good shrimp was not to be had in Atl.
Here I was, is the middle of the city, and it felt like I was at the beach! I was in heaven listening to the music with the cool, casual, beachy vibe as I sat on the deck and perused the menu. There's an inside bar, upper deck, oyster bar, and a patio. The staff is super helpful and laid back. 
Known as the "best little dump in Buckhead," The Steamhouse Lounge serves ice cold beer, tropical drinks, oysters, award-winning lobster bisque, fried baskets, a variety of seafood dinners, sandwiches, and choices for land-lovers. I had the fried shrimp basket with my choice of side. It was $10 for a dozen. The shrimp were great! Excellent batter and not greasy. I'll definately be heading back. If you like

ELLE's TIPS: Parking is valet, so have a couple of bucks handy. If you drink, order the Goombay Smash. If you order a basket, you get a choice of either cocktail or tartar, not both, like I'm used to. Everyone in my group had the oysters and the verdict was good--not gritty.

The Steamhouse Lounge
1051 West Peachtree St.
Monday to Saturday 11am-2:30am

Sunday 11am-Midnight


  1. hi, thanks for the get well wish that you left me at my blog, i love your blog, you always have great posts and you write like a pro, xoxo

  2. oh tasty tasty i love seafood and this looks like a fun little spot!

  3. Ohhh yummm...Sea food is the best! Great post darling:)

  4. This restaurant sounds amazing. Shrimp is my favorite food second to ice cream. Hope you're loving atlanta!

  5. It's lovely to have a place like that in the city.

  6. I'm really loving beach week! That fish n' chips is making me hungry!


  7. looks yummy! And living in the Vegas area I've come to LOVE valet parking. Well worth the couple of bucks.

  8. i live in atlanta too and love this spot. cute blog!


  9. Sounds great! Will definitely go on my list for next time we're in ATL :)

  10. YUM!! If only I lived near there :(


  11. That looks and sounds wonderful! Makes me want to leave on a holiday like right now!

  12. This sounds like such a fun restaurant -- the shrimp looks yummy! Good to know for next time I'm in the city... :)
    Your "Beach Week" idea is great!

  13. omg, now I want deep fried shrimps! for breakfast! damn you ;)

  14. Mmm this post makes me hungry (and miss living in GA!)


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