BEACH WEEK!! Elle's Essentials: Caress Tahitian Renewal

For today's BEACH WEEK 2010, I'm showing one of my essential products for my skin to be beach-ready!

Do you change your body washes/soaps often? I do! In the winter/fall I use something very moisturizing and in the spring/summer, I'm all about Caress Tahitian Renewal! I've been using it for a couple of summers now. It's an instant mind-getaway to the islands. It has pomegranate seeds, palm milk, and smells heavenly. It smells kinda like fruit punch, with the pomegranate being the main scent. I love how it scents up the shower and I can smell it on my skin afterwards. And it exfoliates--a necessity in the summer! I especially use it on my legs before I shave. The best part? It's super cheap: $3 at Wal-Mart/Target. I've used the generic at Wal-mart/Target, usually 2 cents cheaper, and not much of a difference. The color of the wash matches the bottle and the consistency isn't runny. If you're up for something new, go smell it (the smell seems to be the deterent for some), and maybe try it!


  1. Its only $3? I love things that smell so good..I will try it for sure:)
    Kisses darling:)

  2. Hey girl! I am SO trying this asap! Great post...I love finding little gems like this :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! xx


  3. I love that stuff! definitely my favorite summertime body wash!


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