So I Tried This Mask That Makes You Look 100 Years Old

I've got wrinkles. I hate them. I have dry skin and I never used sunscreen when I was younger, so wrinkles just loveeeee to pop up on my face uninvited. I'm not into the "just embrace you're old" phase just yet. I've tried different things to hide them or minimize them.

So I tried this mask that makes you look 100 years old. It does! You'll see in a minute.

I saw it on Facebook in an ad and was completely sold by what I saw. It makes you look really old and then makes you look young. Wrinkles are gone. 

Then I started seeing it on celeb Instagrams, magazines, etc. and I knew I had to try. Here's a video of me trying it on (warning: creepy face ahead):

It's called Hanacure and I ordered mine from Hanacure.com. I bought this for $29. I know, I can't believe it either, that I spent that much for a one-time-use-only mask. But y'all, it promised to erase the wrinkles and it looked really creepy. 

It comes in a box and this is what you see once you open it. This mask has peptides and tightening technology to make skin appear younger.

Inside is a brush for application, serum, and gelling solution. Here's how you do it:

First, you open up the serum and pour it into the gelling solution. Close the gelling solution and shake it for 20 seconds.

Using the brush, apply it to the face. Allow to dry for 30 minutes. Want to see that step? You'll have to watch the video! And now...for the creepy part...

OH MY GOSH. Y'all. How scary do I look? Instant Halloween costume right here!

This mask is TIGHT. It pulls your skin so tight that I could feel my face pulsating. 

After 30 minutes, wash away (it removes easily). My face was red but it went away quickly. 

And now for the results:

I know you won't be able to tell the results like I can. But I have wrinkles on my forehead, I have wrinkles between my brows, crow's feet and laugh lines. This mask erased them! I regret smiling in the pics because you can't tell the laugh lines are gone, but they are! No fancy photo editing either.

And here I am after makeup. The effects were temporary, so this mask is great for a special occasion like a wedding or class reunion. Or in my case, for blog testing purposes. I kept annoying everyone and asking if they noticed anything different. EVERYONE noticed. A few noticed I looked like I wasn't tired without my prompting of what's different. I loved this mask's results but probably wouldn't repurchase unless I had something really fancy where I wanted to look young. 

And here's the video again so you can see it in action.
It's only 4 minutes (if you're in a hurry like me, watch it in double speed).

Would you try the Hanacure mask?


  1. That IS perfect for a special occasion--great mask, I'm glad you tried it. I've never heard of it, but definitely would use it for something special.

  2. That's crazy how it just made you look so old when the mask was on, but the effects after are even better!

  3. Oh wow, I'm dying to try this now - I have a pretty furrowed brow these days and it sounds like you really got results with this!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  4. Oh my goodness!! I can totally tell a difference. And that is crazy how it makes you look while you are waiting. You said the effects were temporary. How long does it last?

  5. Wow, i can see the brightness and smoothness in your face - what a cool mask!

  6. Oh wow, the mask really did aged you like a 100 years but the results are amazing, Elle! Not sure if I am willing to spend $29 for a one time use though.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  7. Holy cow that certainly was creepy but I could totally tell the difference! Thank you so much for trying this and letting us see the results!

  8. That is incredible! I'm already starting to get frown lines between my eyebrows and have been thinking that I should probably do something. This would be awesome if I had a class reunion coming up. The video was really fun. :)

  9. I can totally see a difference! The mask sounds like a great idea for a special occasion :)

  10. This may need to be in my arsenal! Interesting concept and execution and definitely different lol!

  11. I can for sure see a difference . . . too bad there's not a magic cure that make make the wrinkles stay away forever (well, minus a surgical option!)

  12. I haven't seen this before, but how funny! I like that you make the mixture yourself and it's the best when you use a mask and can notice a difference- even if it is temporary.

  13. This sounds so cool and interesting! I'd be so scared of the 100 year old part! I'm glad it gave results and you could see a difference though, even if it was temporary!

  14. I can definitely see a difference! Good to know it's worth all the hype it's getting!

  15. this sounds so fabulous!! I think I'll need to try it, Elle!

  16. I watched the video before seeing the pictures, but seeing the picture made it more oh my word, how can a mask do this? But well, price was good, in my opinion, and I never saw a mask that turns that way, also never saw one that we have to mix something. But considering the effects, and the pictures you showed, I think it's a great mask and want to try it!

    1. I take it back -for just one application, the price is not so good :)

  17. What an interesting sounding mask!

  18. Whoa, that is a crazy mask. The price is high but I agree totally worth it for a special occasion. I'm definitely noticing more wrinkles now--especially between my eyes and on my forehead...yikes!

  19. Oh wow, that's crazy that it makes you look old! Sounds good for something like a wedding, but not terribly worth the price for such short-term results. You look great in the photos though!


  20. Thanks for reviewing this. I was on the fence on buying this one after reading a couple horrific reviews. Glad that you tried it out and shared.

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