Dupe? Tarte Exposed Blush Vs. Milani Romantic Rose

Y'all--I feel like it's been AGES since we've talked. I missed this space so much! Always do. I've been busy and I've not been busy. First up, lots of interviews happened--should be hearing answers this week! Crossing my fingers for my top pick. I had a fabulous time at Skyline Park at Ponce City Market, here in Atlanta. It's like a mini old-school carnival games space on the roof. I snapped (ellesees) it over the weekend. Amazing views and lots of fun. How have you been?

Now that we've gotten reacquainted, let's get into another fave subject of mine: DUPES! This is one of my most popular, and longest, series. I'm into dispelling dupe myths and save you some money, if possible! Today I'm comparing two blushes: Tarte Exposed and Milani Romantic Rose.

Tarte in Exposed is one of those blushes that looks good on so many people. It's a great natural-looking every day blush. I have talked about it on here numerous times as a must-have. But at $29, it might turn into a must NOT have for some of us! I decided to check the collection and that's where the gorgeous Milani blush in Romantic Rose comes in. Isn't it gorgeous? And it's only $7!

Tarte $29         Ulta, Sephora, online  

Milani $7 drugstores, Target, Walmart, Kmart, etc, online

Swatch time! Milani is on top and Tarte is on the bottom. I had to really work for the Milani swatch, as it was a little chalkier and a bit patchy.

Tarte is on your left, Milani on your right. Tarte is more pigmented and lasted longer. I'm wearing a BB cream, blush, lip cream, and I'd just awakened from a nap. Naps on Sundays are the best, am I right?

The breakdown:

Appearance in containers: not a dupe (Tarte looks darker)
Ingredients: not a dupe (Milani has synthetic wax, carmine, et al)
Finger swatches: not a dupe (Tarte looks darker)
Quality: not a dupe (Milani is a little chalky/patchy)
Pigmentation: not a dupe
Staying power: not a dupe (Tarte wins this easily)
Arm swatch: really close
Face application: not a dupe application-wise, but color wise, a dupe!

Do you own either of these blushes?
Do you think we have a dupe here?


  1. I have the Tarte one and use is almost every day. I think I will stay with it because of the staying power. Thanks for comparing the two!


  2. Love the shade! I have't tried either of these but it doesn't sound like the Milani is a dupe. Fingers crossed that you are offered the position you want!

    Doused in Pink

  3. Tarte Exposed is my all-time favorite blush, but I also love the Milani for everyday and when I don't want something as pigmented. I also find it a little more pink than Tarte. Hope all is well!

  4. I don't own either of these blushes but both look like really pretty shades and I love the rose details on the Milani one :) Good luck with your job interviews and I hope you get the one that you want the most! x

  5. This is such a pretty shade!!

  6. Sounds like this is one of those times that you get what you pay for??
    I love the shade--it's perfect for my complexion!!

  7. I love my Tarte blushes, especially since they last all day long. I think that I might end up sticking with Tarte!

  8. I love Tarte!! They have some great makeup!!

  9. That event on the roof looked like so much fun! Oh how I love Tarte, this is such a pretty shade <3
    Green Fashionista

  10. It definitely looks like a dupe but I love that you broke it down and discovered it's not a true dupe lol. I do love milani blushes- their baked ones are my fave, but sometimes i've noticed some do not have as much pigmentation.

  11. The only Tarte blush I own is in an palette with some shadows. I like it well enough, but I never find myself reaching for it. My favorite is NARS Orgasm. I have the DOlce Pink Milani blush that I really love too. But I do feel like NARS lasts a lot longer than Milani does. That shade is pretty on you!

    Sending you best wishes for your interviews!!! I know the right thing will fall in to place for you.

  12. i've read good things about Tarte so will definitely try it out now!

  13. Hi Elle glad you've been great. I dont really wear bush (read: at all) but these are nice shades and really does look like a dupe applied.

  14. I haven't tried Milani Romantic Rose blush but I know it has amazing reviews all across the beauty world. I only have one Tarte blush, honestly it's not a brand that I am interested in at all.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  15. Such pretty shades! They look almost identically on and such a great steal!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  16. Tarte makes beautiful blushes, it's a shame this isn't an exact dupe!

    xx, The Makeup Feed

  17. Exposed is one of my favorites. The Milani looks pretty too, though!

  18. Tarte in Exposed used to be my favorite blush until I switched to cream blushes. You're making me wistful for it now. Hope you get some good news this week girl :)

  19. I love dupes! Color wise these are close enough for me!

  20. They both look so lovely! I've always wanted the Tarte exposed blush. I might just get the tarte one because it's stunning x

    - Pallavi

  21. i have the tarte blush and love it, got it as my birthday gift from sephora though, not sure I would pay that price again. But it has broken me out of my hot pink blush only policy!

  22. I don't have either of these, but they look like a shade that would work with my skin tone. They def. look like dupes to me! Good luck on the job search!


  23. I think you can call it a dupe because the colours are so similar! xx


  24. Definitely not a dupe, love these reviews and welcome back!!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  25. Welcome back! I also agree that Sunday naps are the best :) I loved your lip cream color! As for the blushes, I thought that Milani's color was more beautiful, then I read that you had to work hard to get it as a swatch... but anyway, as a swatch I liked it better :)

  26. I don't own either but it's a beautiful color.

  27. That Tarte blush is one of my favs! Good to know the colors are almost spot on!

  28. The blushes look the same on you, but tarte is definitely my favorite :)

  29. The swatches are both very pretty and similar. I do know what you mean about the chalkiness though.

  30. I do like how similar and subtle they look, but I'm not sure it's a dupe in other than looks. Yay for job interviews and Sunday naps! I can't wait to hear an update on the job front to hear if one you got is the one you wanted :)

  31. Both blushes are so pretty! They look very similar!

  32. As you've mentioned these aren't a dupe but they are so close that they could be.

  33. Crossing my fingers that you get the position you want as well beautiful lady! That Tarte shade is so pretty!

  34. They are both pretty colors! Good to know that Tarte has better staying power though. I hate it when blushes wear off because I don't have much coloring in my cheeks and without blush I look sick!

  35. I love these posts! Good to know that it's not really dupe. I need to try the Tarte blush, it's so pretty! Glad you had fun at Ponce Market, we need to go! Good luck with the interviews!

    Whitney & Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  36. I love the tarte blush and I use it everyday! I will have to try this one out from Milani. Thanks for doing this review.
    Enjoy the week.

  37. Prayers that you'll get some answers and peace soon! I just got my first tarte blush in the Sephora birthday gift. apparently I've been living under a rock because I feel I'm the last one to try them. I love it! Now I need other colors. I like the Milani blushes but they don't last on me. So glad you're back!

  38. I've wanted to try tarte blushes for ages but they're difficult to get hold of the uk. I love milani blushes and have no issue with the wear time. So i'll definitely be adding this one to my collection xx


  39. I know blogging in the summer can be quite challenging. I was in Sephora today trying out lots of stuff, there is one right across the street from the office I work in and I go in there all the time and "play" I tried that Tarte blusher it is fun!

    Allie of

  40. Man...I must really get my hands on that Tarte one! And yay on all the job prospects, Elle:) Good luck! I know you did well on your interviews. XOXO

  41. The Tarte one looks so much nicer on you, actually! Though I think the packaging for the Milani one is somewhat cuter.

  42. very pretty shades! perfect for daily nude look

    Inside and Outside Blog

  43. I love Tarte blushes so much. I usually get the smaller sizes in a gift pack since they seem to last forever. Crossing my fingers for a good job opportunity for you!!

  44. Tarte just works with so little effort and I am pretty sure my little compact is going to last awhile lol!! The packaging for Milani is so cute though.


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