What's In My Bag? $200 Giveaway

Hey you! How was your weekend? I'm still in summer mode because I'm on a working vacation. I am coming to you live from sunny Florida! Be sure to check my Instagram for plenty of beach pics. So while I'm away I'll have temporarily have captcha codes on (boo spammers) and I'll have plenty of new posts ready to go. Speaking of ready to go, I wanted to show you what's in my bag. I tend to keep my purse contents light at the beach--are you that way? Let's check out what's inside:

--Express quilted pink bag 
--GiGi New York cell phone case that I use as a wallet (with id, debit card, ElleSees business cards)
--Phone (#teamdroid I'm the only one and I accept it! hehe)
--Well-Kept (screen cleansing towelettes that remove smudges from phones, computers, tablets, lenses, and more).
--Neutrogena lip crayon (For when I need a little color)
--Nail polish (My nails were dark for fall, but I wanted something light for the beach. I grabbed this one because it dries quickly and BONUS TIP: you can remove old polish by applying a thick layer of new polish and wiping away)
--Hair clip
--EOS Coconut Milk lip balm (I have over a dozen uses for lip balm and keep some on me at all times. This one is creamier than other flavors I've tried)
--Sunglasses (not pictured because they were sitting on my head!)

Before I get into the giveaway, let me tell you more about Well-Kept. These towelettes are sold online and in stores like JCrew, plus they de-germify your phone! No more blurry selfies, no more germy phones!

But why else are these a bag essential? Each pattern has a story behind it. For example, the one pictured above gives back to ALS research. The pattern is called "Drive" and was created by Steve Dezember, who has ALS, and created the art by driving over a canvas with his wheelchair.

Onto the giveaway! The prize will be a $200 American Express card and a year supply of well-kept! There will be 1 winner, which will be announced by Well-Kept on September 30th. Enter this giveaway via Rafflecopter!

Row 1: Alex at Lex What Wear | Bekka at Palm and Peachtree |  Buffy at The Style Gathering | Courtney at Color Me Courtney | Danielle at Lou What Wear 
Row 2: Danielle at Shop Dandy | Elle at Elle Sees | Emily at Life With Emily | Grace at A Southern Drawl | Jackie at Living After Midnite
Row 3: Jen at Skirt The Rules | Julie at Julie Leah | Katherine at Style Tab | Krista at Covering The Bases | Lauren at Edit by Lauren
Row 4: Mae at Mae Amor | Paris at ParisRouzati.com | Shelby at Glitter and Gingham | Tiffany at Tiffany Style Blog | Tracy at Right Shoes Blog 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
giveaway ends Sept. 29th at midnight


  1. Yay for vacation in FL! Hope you have an amazing time!! And I've been debating on switching back to a Droid so you might not be all alone! :) And great giveaway! Happy Monday!!

    <3, Pamela

  2. I love the story behind the Well Kept wipes! have a great time in FL! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. hope you have the best time girly :)

  4. Have a great vacation!! I love carrying nail polish with me when I get chips it doesn't drive me as crazy!

  5. I love the cell phone case / wallet! I hope your vacation is a blast!


  6. A girl after my own heart - love that you always keep nail polish, too ;)

  7. That is such a cute phone case:) I would expect more in your bag;)

  8. Ah those wipes are perfect. I need them! Gigi New York is one of my favs.


  9. My friend's daughter just did a science experiment, and her mom's phone had more germs than the toilet AND the kitchen sponge. So gross. I might need to get these!

  10. Your purse is so more organized than mine! Hope you are having a great time on your working vacation!

  11. Great post!! And no you aren't the only #teamdroid, I have the Galaxy S5, looks like you do too! :) #droid4life

  12. Oooohh, good idea with the cleansing wipes!

  13. Love the pink color of your bag! I keep my purse light when I'm on vacation too!

  14. Hope you're having a great time here in the Sunshine State. Even though Central Florida is very gross and rainy right now haha.

  15. Hope you have so much fun in Florida! I love EOS lip balm!

  16. Hope you have a fabulous time in Florida! Great giveaway as well!

  17. Girl, I'm Team Android right with you! (And we have the same phone- twins!)

    Have a great working vacay! Jealous of your beach time! ;)


  18. I've been so jealous of all your gorgeous Insta pictures!
    Fantastic giveaway - I try to get rid of gross germs on my phone, but sometimes totally forget! Enjoy the rest of your trip, beautiful!


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